Miller Still An Option For Browns

With the Browns preparing for the draft, talks with free agent linebacker Jamir Miller have been placed on hold.<br><br> While the Browns say they have put negotiations with Miller on hold, that position could change at a moments notice.

Jamir Miller appears to be in no hurry to get a deal done, and that's just fine with the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns continue to say they would love to find a way to bring the free-agent linebacker back to Cleveland, but for now, they have decided to put all negotiations on hold.
"I think what we are going to do is put the Jamir Miller matter on hold, and it's time to for us to pay attention to the draft," said team president Carmen Policy.
Miller has been in a holding pattern of his own for the last few weeks, mulling over offers from both the Browns and Baltimore Ravens.
"We have had some negotiations and conversations that have taken us to the point where I really thought the deal either could have been done with the Browns or with someone else, but that doesn't seem to be the case," said Policy. "There seems to be no sense of urgency on the part of Jamir and his agent (Leight Steinberg) ... If Jamir is not of a mind that this is a situation that has to get done, we feel that we are willing to (go along) with that attitude. It actually lends itself to our schedule as well to put it off until after the draft."
According to Policy, Miller's hesitation in getting a deal done with either team could have to do with being shocked by the lack of interest teams have shown in acquiring his services.
"I think Jamir is a little surprised that the market turned out to be what it is," said Policy. "I think he anticipated the market would be far more aggressive for his services than he has experienced. Maybe there is that sense of dealing with reality, trying to understand what it is he may be able to obtain in a contract and be able to accept the huge difference between where he thought he would be and where he is from a market standpoint. I think it is a matter of coming to grips with that reality."
Policy said he believes the Browns offer is "more than has been offered by any other team."
That could change, however.
"The problem is, when you start a negotiating process and it takes on some legs and gets heated up, you make some moves that are probably even beyond where you thought you should be," said Policy. "Normally, that is when deals get done and when deals should get done. When all of a sudden another stall enters the picture and you are in that state of suspended animation for a period of time, you start withdrawing back ... I would say the likelihood of this deal getting richer is not very good."
The Browns released Miller in late February as part of a series of moves to get under the $75-million salary cap. The team is currently less than $1-million under the cap and needs another million and a half cleared after the draft for this year's rookie pool. That means getting a deal done with Miller would mean releasing or reworking the deals of other veteran players.
While the Browns say they have put negotiations with Miller on hold, Policy admitted that position could change at a moments notice.
"If we have a sense of some enthusiasm (from Miller) and he has a desire to get the thing done, quite frankly we could have it done tomorrow," said Policy.
"The simple fact of the matter is we want Jamir Miller on the team. The coach has made it clear that he ahs some ideas on how to use Jamir that would be very, very good for the future ... not only for him from a competitive standpoint, but also  from a longevity matter of speaking."
Butch Davis said he has explained to Miller several times of his desire to have him back in a Browns uniform in 2003.
"Once we met in my office where we sat down way after the season was over with and talked about his role," said Davis. "That was right after the hiring of (defensive coordinator) Dave Campo. We talked about what would be his status and how we would use him.
"He has had any number (of phone conversations) with the defensive coaches, myself, Pete Garcia, to reiterate to him our position as to the role he would play, that we would like to have him back on the football team and hopefully something positive would come from it."

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