TSX: Don't be shocked if Browns drafted a QB

Mike Holmgren is not shy about drafting quarterbacks and Nevada's Colin Kaepernick may be this year's target come the second round.

The Browns are serious about adding a quarterback from this draft, and one they are considering taking is Colin Kaepernick, the strong-armed passer from the University of Nevada.

Kaepernick visited the Browns in late March. He does not have the marquee power of Cam Newton, who also visited, but the Browns like him nonetheless.

The Browns might have to use their second-round draft pick on Kaepernick if they are truly interested in him. He is rated seventh among quarterbacks by NFLDraftScout.com. He is intriguing because he completed 36 of 38 passes at his Pro-Day workout, which was attended by representatives from 25 NFL teams, and because he threw the football 59 mph. That was more heat than Newton of Auburn (56 mph), or Ryan Mallett of Arkansas (58) displayed in their Pro-Day workouts.

Kaepernick, 6-5, 233 pounds, is a former Major League draft pick by the Chicago Cubs. They liked him because he could throw a fast ball 94 mph.

Kaepernick is the only player in NCAA history to pass for 10,000 yards and rush for 4,000 yards, but NFL teams are wary because he had such great production in Nevada's "Pistol Offense." He was in a spread formation most of the time.

"I had a chance to see him last summer at Peyton Manning's Passing Academy," NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said. "I spent three days watching the kid throw the ball with Peyton and Eli. He's got a huge arm. He's a great athlete, and he's got a big frame - the kind of guy you want to buy into.

"A lot of people thought he was a third-, fourth-, fifth-rounder heading into the (2010) season. Now, he's probably a second-round type of guy."

During a press conference last month, Browns president Mike Holmgren said he was interested in quarterbacks other than Newton and Blaine Gabbert from Missouri, considered the top two quarterbacks in the draft.

Kaepernick is considered at least a year away from being ready to play in the NFL, but that doesn't mean he will last beyond the second round. Some teams, like the Browns, can wait for him to develop.

The Browns have three quarterbacks under contract - Colt McCoy, Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme.

McCoy is locked in as the starter after impressing the front office last season despite a 2-6 record. Team president Mike Holmgren and head coach Pat Shurmur are confident McCoy will blossom in the West Coast offense Shurmur will run.

Wallace signed a three-year contract for $9 million shortly before the lockout began. Wallace played for Holmgren in Seattle, so he knows well the offense the Browns will be using.

The riddle for the Browns is whether they bring back Delhomme at $5.4 million to sit on the bench. They would not need a fourth quarterback, but Holmgren says he wants to add a quarterback. With Delhomme, 0-4 as a starter last year, making a decision is more than financial. He has proven an excellent mentor for McCoy; often they rode to and from practice together last year. McCoy used the opportunity to pick Delhomme's brain.

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