Greetham: No QB at No. 6

With question marks still surrounding Colt McCoy, OBR's Fred Greetham expects team president Mike Holmgren to stick to his M.O. and take a quarterback at some point during this year's draft.

As the NFL Draft approaches, there has not been much buzz about the Browns taking a quarterback with the sixth overall pick.

And that's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned.

The Browns have made it clear that Colt McCoy is their choice heading into the 2011 season—if there is one. If Cam Newton and or Blaine Gabbert are available, I don't believe the Browns will go in that direction.

The Browns have a lot of needs and although McCoy has not yet proven he is the long-term answer, his pedigree would indicate that he has a chance to be. His 70 percent completion accuracy in his college career indicates that he has a chance to be very effective in the West Coast offense if the Browns surround him with some weapons.

Mike Holmgren has said he likes to draft a quarterback in most years and I would expect the team to look at one in the latter rounds. With McCoy as the starter and Seneca Wallace a solid backup, it would not make sense to use a high draft choice to draft a quarterback to develop into a backup or the third quarterback. Most of us don't expect Jake Delhomme to be back, but even if the Browns don't draft a quarterback, rookie Jarrett Brown was signed after the season and could be groomed to be the third quarterback.

Newton and Gabbert are considered to be the top quarterbacks available, but I would argue that McCoy has done more in college than Gabbert or Newton did because he did so over four years. With that being said, I'm not saying McCoy will have a better NFL career, but Newton had one great year at Auburn .

The Browns have worked out several quarterbacks who would be considered either latter round draft choices or even undrafted free agent candidates.

Don't be surprised to see the Browns select a quarterback, but hopefully, it won't be with the first pick.

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