TFY Draft Preview was in the chat room last night, talking about the key subjects of the day: who the Browns might take at #21, Tim Couch's future, and potential draft sleepers. Thanks again to Tony and to all the dawgs who dropped by to talk football with us last night!"> TFY Draft Preview was in the chat room last night, talking about the key subjects of the day: who the Browns might take at #21, Tim Couch's future, and potential draft sleepers. Thanks again to Tony and to all the dawgs who dropped by to talk football with us last night!">

Tony Pauline Chat Transcript

Tony Pauline from <A HREF="">TFY Draft Preview</A> was in the chat room last night, talking about the key subjects of the day: who the Browns might take at #21, Tim Couch's future, and potential draft sleepers. Thanks again to Tony and to all the dawgs who dropped by to talk football with us last night!

Greg Welcome, Tony
Tony Pauline Thanks for having me
newdawg Hi Tony. Welcome back.
ramllov Tony who is your pick for the Browns at 21?
Tony Pauline Eric Steinbach, if he's there
Tony Pauline They've liked Steinbach since the Senior Bowl
Tony Pauline He really distinguished himself at left tackle
VT IF he's gone Tony do you see Harris falling there?
Tony Pauline I hear Harris could fall but even if he does the Browns are a little concerned about his head
CP ok, I'm going to be moderating this chat tonight, so I'm about to drop the hammer... send me a message to get in line to ask Tony some questions
Tony Pauline Thanks CP
VT I hear he is smart
Tony Pauline VT- Smart but flaky
CP DiamDawg is up first... everyone else can get in line behind him
Tony Pauline Bring it Diam
DiamDawg What do u think of Wayne Huinter?
Tony Pauline Hunter is an excellent long term prospect that really needs to learn the position (blocking angles, body positioning) I was impressed with his fundamentals, strength and overall play since moving from the d-line. He could start by the end of his rookie season, possibly the end of October
DiamDawg Where do u see him going?
Tony Pauline Early to mid second
DiamDawg Thanks
DiamDawg next
CP thanks Diam
KJ Let's talk small school...LB Chaun Thompson and CB Charles Tillman...Thoughts?
Tony Pauline We posted a story on how impressed the Browns were in Thompson, so much so they sent Campo to personally work him out. Athletically very gifted and when breaking him down on film you can't help but come away impressed with the way he makes plays in reverse when the ball is in the air. Excellent lateral far as Tillman
Tony Pauline I like Tillman better at safety; good head for the ball and position but best facing the QB rather than pedaling and turning back.
KJ Where do u project George Foster? and is his wrist still a problem
Tony Pauline Early second round...wrist is not a problem as much as he's green as grass and never developed fully as a lineman because of time missed on the field
KJ thx
CP thanks KJ, Lax is up next, followed by Brownsfan31
Lax Hey Tony, Thanks for being here... To follow up on that small school question, Do you know anything about Drayton Florence from Tuskgee? If so... what are your thoughts on him and where do you see him going?
Tony Pauline MeatMarketDawg can't make up his mind!
CP not unlike his namesake...
Tony Pauline Thanks for having me...Florence has outstanding size/speed numbers and is a solid corner but not as good as his college teammate Roosevelt Williams was coming out if Tuskegee. Needs time. Got burnt a lot during Senior Bowl practice.
Lax Do you think it would be worth it for the Browns to grab him in the 3rd round?
Tony Pauline 3rd round is a little early...they may want a prospect more NFL ready
Lax OK thanks
CP thanks Lax... BrownsFan31, then howldawg
BrownsFan31 What are your thoughts on the trade rumor with Dallas? DAL- Couch/White/3rd round : CLE- Coakley/#5 overall/5th round. Is this just a rumor? What's the likelihood it would happen? Sorry if this is kinda long, thanks
Tony Pauline I heard it is unlikely...Parcells wants to collect picks, not give them away
BrownsFan31 ok
BrownsFan31 wont happen but if both Steinbach and Harris are there at 21 who's the pick?
Tony Pauline Steinbach...again, the player they like but also would break into the starting line-up quicker and can play three different positions up front.
BrownsFan31 ok thanks
CP thanks Brownsfan... howldawg, followed by jpmdawg
CP howl?
howldawg whta impact does Newman's shoulder have on his draft position
Tony Pauline Not a whole lot. The guy benched well during his Pro-Day workout and played well all season
howldawg how does weathersby fair after this shooting, how far will he fall
Tony Pauline Mid-second round
howldawg sorry was a quick retype
howldawg The ohio state players any insight on where they will go and which will be the best value?
Tony Pauline Peterson late first, Doss, late first early second, Grant, late third. Nicky 4/5. Vance FA, Wilhelm, 4/5
CP anything else howl
howldawg Thanks for your time and insight
Tony Pauline Thank You
CP Tony, which of the OSU players do you like the most? which has the chance to be the biggest impact or surprise player from this draft class?
Tony Pauline I like Grant a lot and think he will eventually develop into a solid WLB. I also think if Wilhelm is put on the inside in a 3-4 defense he will be very productive. Peterson will need some time to develop. I've always liked Doss but he'll drive you nuts at times
CP ok, thanks...was my little interjection here ;-) jpmdawg, then cremdeladogg, followed by futuredawg
jpmdawg Dave Ragone -- Where do you see him going, and is the Browns' interest in him an indication that a Coach trade (Dal or even Arizona) is for real?
Tony Pauline The Browns have an interest and I see Ragone going in the late second where, with proper coaching he will be a real steal. I think it is more they are getting fed up with Couch and are preparing for the possibility of life after Tim
jpmdawg Thanks
jpmdawg thats all
CP thanks jpm
CP as a followup, anything possibly happening on a Holcomb trade front? his value could never be higher...
Tony Pauline Have not heard anything but if the plans are to wave bye to Couch as his contract expires Holcomb is an inexpensive starter while you develop a young passer. I don't think you can totally blame Couch....they drafted him but never invested in solid tackles or a running game until last year
CP ok, I personally wish we could maximize Holcomb's value, since I believe Couch is still the franchise... anyway, I digress... onto cremdeladogg
cremdeladogg Is Mount Union's Quarterback for real? Could he be available after the draft?
CP woohoo, war bringing up my alma mater! you rule cremdeladogg ;-)
cremdeladogg I noticed that Rex Grossman is listed as a player who has visited Cleveland. Is this more smoke and mirrors?
Tony Pauline Not at want to bring everyone in that may be around when you select in the first two rounds just in case.
cremdeladogg Thanks for your time Tony...Go Mount!
CP thanks crem... onto future, then lax, then browns28
futuredawg ok thanks CP
futuredawg Hey Tony, with the #21st pick, is there anybody (within reason) that the Browns would take other than Steinbach if he was available for us?
Tony Pauline I thought early on possibly Kenny Peterson but he has since slipped. No and only because they will be no outstanding DE's or LB's on the board
futuredawg ok so thats assuming that you think boss bailey won't be available, and that they'd take boss over steinbach?
Tony Pauline If Bailey falls past the Jets he'll never get by the PAts or KC
futuredawg ok thanks......last I wanna ask about brandon drumm, where do you project him going in the draft and do you think he'd fit well with our offense?
Tony Pauline KC would kill for Bailey
Tony Pauline I think Drumm is a late round choice, hard working guy but limited athlete. He'd be a good fit if they use him solely as a blocker.
Tony Pauline His offensive skills are not a threat
futuredawg yeah I'd agree with that, great blocker though
futuredawg ok thanks tony and CP thats all I've got
CP ok thanks future... lax is up for a 2nd shot at Tony
Lax Who are your big sleepers for this years draft?
Tony Pauline Roy Attieh of Kent St, Shurron Pierson South Fla., Mike Lehan of Minnesota, Ryan Hoag of Gustavus-Adolphus
Lax And who do ya think is ranked higher then they really should be
CP after Lax are browns28, diamdawg, kj, lukedawg12, and kazbone
Tony Pauline William Joseph, Bryant Johnson, Chris Kelsay, Andre Woolfolk
CP TeamTI is going to be taking over for me, as I have some unexpected things to attend to
Lax ok thanks again
DiamDawg U mentioned Steinbach as who we want .... Who are 1 - 5 on our draft board that we think will be available?
Tony Pauline Well...I don't have access to the war room but I know they like Bailey, Steinbach, Harris, Witten, Peterson from what I've heard
DiamDawg Is there any way we'll take Hunter or Foster at 21?
Tony Pauline I do not see it
DiamDawg Why a TE or DL? .. I don't understand that logic .. we have much bigger needs than those
Tony Pauline You don't always draft by have to take best player available or else you end up with players not as good as the ones you could've had
lukedawg12 hi tony. i know this must be the main question you're getting, but what are your personal beliefs on the qb situation? who's ahead. is couch packing?
lukedawg12 personally i like Holcomb
lukedawg12 couch's ability to read a defense is questionable
Tony Pauline I don't think Couch has had a fair shake as his tackles have been mediocre and his running game and his running game was paltry till last year. I would in no way give up on Couch as I feel he has talent and can lead a team. I was at the Cle/Jets game last year and came away awfully impressed and felt if he had some pass blocking tackles he'd be alright
KJ Wade Smith OL Memphis...we've looked at him hard...have u seen him play? how's his footwork and wingspan for the RT spot?
Tony Pauline I've watched Smith extensively. Terrific athlete that can be used in a system that pulls its' lineman and asks them to block in motion. He is shorter than what I like in a LT but he has solid footwork and lateral range to block the blind side if you don't mind a LT barely 6-4
TeamTI Kazbone will get to ask the last question for tonight
KJ Hold the hammer pal...i gots one more OL ?
TeamTI yes KJ
TeamTI Tony can answer yours, then Kazbone will ask
KJ RT project
KJ What about this Nimmo kid?
Tony Pauline For Smith?
KJ yeah
Tony Pauline Nimmo is an ordinary guy; limited in space and not a dominant run blocker. If Smith is going to play tackle it will be on the left side otherwise he'll be a guard, which is where I have him ranked. He can also line up at TE on occasion
kazbone I was wondering if Nick Barnett would be a wise choice in the 2nd round for the Browns if they happen to pick an OL in the 1st? If not, who would be the appropiate pick?
Tony Pauline If Barnett is available to the Browns in round two that is excellent value for Cleveland
TeamTI I want thank Tony from
Tony Pauline Thanks for having me
kazbone ty
Tony Pauline But I don't think he'll be there
AmericanPitBullTerrier is this chat going to be put on main page ?
Tony Pauline Okay fella's thanks for having me
TeamTI Thanks Tony
Tony Pauline I appreciate the way this site respects our Troops overseas
TeamTI Yes sir
AmericanPitBullTerrier thanks Ttfy
lukedawg12 thanks tony
TeamTI Thanks TFY
kazbone thanks tony
Tony Pauline Good luck to the Browns this weekend

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