What We've Been Told

OBR's Lane Adkins offers insight into Browns' 2011 draft plans.

In three days, we'll gain the insight as to how this Browns team will continue to be constructed in year two of general manager Tom Heckert's reign.

With Heckert calling the shots a year ago, the Browns secured numerous players which are being counted upon to be core members of the roster for years to come.

For the Browns in the 2011 college player draft, the sixth overall selection should undoubtedly bring a player of talent to Cleveland, in hopes of improving this Browns franchise.

That being said, below is what we've been told in the hours leading up to the draft:

- The Browns would love to be in position to secure the talents of defensive lineman Marcell Dareus. I am told the Browns see Dareus as a lineman that can play end or tackle effectively, and potentially of a disruptive caliber.

The Browns see Dareus as a tremendous caliber athlete and football player. In the eyes of the Browns organization, Dareus hasn't hit his ceiling and could be a force in the tough AFC North.

- Defensive back Patrick Peterson is the highest rated DB, from what we've been told. The Browns have Peterson rated as a player of true interest with the sixth overall selection in the draft.

Some will say there is no way the Browns go CB again with a high first round selection. Say what they will, Peterson is solidly on the Browns radar. A season ago the play of the CB's taught them a great lesson, as top-level caliber pass coverage players are a premium that cost the team a season ago.

- Some teams are wary of DE Robert Quinn, but the Browns are not one of them. Quinn has not been excluded as a candidate at No. 6, dependent on how the draft falls to them.

The Browns have no concerns about Quinn sitting out the 2010 college football season in a football sense. I have been told the Browns love his explosiveness and he excelled with some limited coaching-up prior to his workout. It's unlikely Quinn falls out of the top-ten, and the Browns have been locked in on him.

- Quietly, the Browns have conducted significant research on DT Nick Fairley. While Dareus and OLB Von Miller keep gaining exposure, Fairley could be flying under the radar to Cleveland.

- Speaking of Miller, the Browns have him rated as the top OLB in the draft, but do not expect him to be on the board when the Browns are on the clock. The Browns like his ability to get off the edge, but his run recognition needs work -- but pass rushers are a premium.

- The WR position has been a widely speculated spot for the Browns. Due to the team struggling offensively, void of true playmakers, A.J. Green and Julio Jones have gained plenty of exposure as potential draftees tied to the Browns.

The two receivers have been extensively evaluated and Green appears to have a leg-up on Jones and it comes down to two facets of their respective game -- hands and feet, and Green is deemed simply the better prospect.

Because of his size and all-around skill-set, Green is believed to be the top-rated WR, I have been told. Witht the Browns looking seriously at the position, the Cincinnati Bengals could make a play for Green in the opening round of the draft, removing one possibility for the Browns in the first round.

- QB Cam Newton has elevated himself into position to be the first QB, if not the first player selected in the draft.

I am told, the Browns have no such interest.

But, the Browns do have interest in Colin Kaepernick of Nevada and Ricky Stanzi of Iowa and Mentor, Ohio.

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