The Mirage

Once again, Brian Tarcy provides an insightful look at what has been and what will again be the Cleveland Browns. You say offense? It can happen here.

Play this game. Knowing what you know now, if Colt McCoy was in this draft would you pick him with the sixth pick in the first round? I would. I think his small NFL sample is pretty impressive considering he was throwing to Not Jerry Rice. Now imagine if he was throwing to one legitimate superstar receiver. I can. I like my imagination.

So with the sixth pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns will select... the best player on the team for the next ten years. That's the way it's supposed to work, isn't it? When the team drafts this high, it should get a superstar so it doesn't have to draft this high for a generation. Tim Couch was that superstar. I mean Courtney Brown. I mean Gerard Warren. I mean Kellen Winslow Jr. Oh, you know what I mean.

I mean that Joe Thomas actually was that superstar. For years, Browns fans screamed that the team needed to fix the offensive line. Finally, when the team began fixing the line, it turned out that Browns fans were right. In fact, "we" could be as good of a general manager as Phil Savage. Those who could not be that good should move to Buffalo.

So what does the collective "we" think now? It's very unclear because the team seems to still need quite a lot. Address one area and ignore another. What else can you do? The team needs another cornerback. It needs a defensive line. It needs an elite receiver. It needs more linebackers. It needs more offensive line help. It needs a change-of-pace running back.

But what it needs more than anything in the world is to figure out if Colt McCoy is, excuse me, the real McCoy. And so my part of the collective "we" thinks the Browns should draft a receiver with the first pick. How else will we know if Colt McCoy is any good? The disclaimer is that I don't know anything about translating college performance into NFL productivity, and so I have no idea which receiver to pick, or why.

But I know why I want to pick a receiver. I like touchdowns.

And I love thinking that the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns is the best quarterback in the league. Is Colt McCoy the best quarterback in the NFL? Not yet. But he has an actual best-case scenario where he could be. Of course, it means living up to clutch potential like a couple of other "small" quarterbacks – Joe Montana and Drew Brees. Is this likely? No. Is it possible? Well, I say we should find out.

Get the kid some weapons – specifically one superstar wide receiver. Suddenly, his other weapons will look lethal too. You know how sometimes when you remove a bad attitude from a team it is called "addition through subtraction?" Well, adding a wide receiver to the Browns offense would "multiplication through addition."

Suddenly, teams cannot just play tight to the line to just stop Peyton Hillis. The good hands of Brian Robiskie and Mohammed Massaquoi can mean a lot when they are not the primary targets. Ben Watson and Evan Moore will get more easy opportunities to stretch the chains.

And the quarterback, who showed uncanny accuracy and smarts for a rookie, will have a legitimate scary NFL offense to run. It can happen this year.

One more bit of advice from my part of the collective "we" With the second pick, take a right tackle. The offense – the entire offense - is really close to being fixed. I know this is a tradeoff against defensive needs. I have two arguments against that. One is a cliché - the best defense is a good offense. The other is a campaign slogan: Colt McCoy for MVP.

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