WWBT; 22 Hours and Counting

The season may be starting, then again it may not. Either way, the 2011 NFL Draft is on and the Browns have been busy in the days leading up to the event. With that, theOBR has the latest on the Browns.

With the 2011 NFL Draft hours away, the stream of information pouring into theOBR is endless. Some believable, while some not so.

In attempting to weed through the smoke, this is what theOBR has been told.

- The Browns have no interest in trading up in the draft.

- The Browns have entertained numerous trade discussions -- all of which point to the Browns looking at trade down scenario's. One reported rumor, which has the Browns discussing a trade down with the Minnesota Vikings is believed to be not occurring. But, the Browns have been linked to discussions with the Houston Texans, Washington Redskins and New England Patriots.

- The Browns have no interest in selecting a QB early in the draft, though the Browns have shown interest in QB Colin Kaepernick of Nevada and Ricky Stanzi of Iowa. Both QB's are rising according to draft pundits, while league general manager types theOBR has spoken with have Kaepernick with a third round label and Stanzi a fourth/fifth tag.

- With a need at WR, the Browns have been pegged by many draft experts to have locked on A.J. Green. While Green is the top-rated WR on the draft-board, the separation is so minimal between he and Julio Jones that the Browns don't have an issue with selecting either. Within the scouting staff, some like Green better, while others prefer Jones. In either case, if the Browns go WR with the #6 selection in the draft, they will have selected a player that they truly believe can make a difference.

- As for other WR's in this draft, the Browns like Jerrel Jernigan in the slot and Greg Little's size -- just something to note.

- Defensive lineman Marcell Dareus and cornerback Patrick Peterson are pegged at the top of the Browns draft-board. The expectation is Dareus will be off the board when the Browns select at #6, but Peterson could be sitting there for the taking. If Peterson is on the board, the Browns are expected to field numerous calls, as many teams have Peterson rated the top-player in the draft.

And, the Browns have a legitimate interest in Peterson as well.

The Browns have also spent significant time on CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska) and are impressed. Amukamara is rated only behind Peterson and the distance between the two players is not significant.

- CB Aaron Williams (Texas) is arguably the fourth or fifth rated CB in the draft. The Browns see Williams as a potential safety, while Brandon Harris (Miami, Fla.) has received attention from the Browns.

- TheOBR has been told DT Nick Fairley remains solidly in the mix at #6, while DE Da'Quan Bowers is not being considered with the #6 selection -- but is an option if the Browns trade down.

- Keep an ear to the ground on OT's Tyron Smith and Nate Solder, the Browns like both offensive lineman and they could come into play, especially Smith in a trade down scenario. Regardless of the situation, there is plenty of smoke surrounding Smith and the Browns.

- Another defensive lineman the Browns like is Cameron Jordan. Coming off film evaluation, workout and personal discussions, Jordan is highly regarded by the Browns.

- DE Robert Quinn (NC) remains in the hunt early in the draft. The Browns love his ability and potential and not playing a season ago hasn't derailed his stock. The question on Quinn is, are the Browns willing to take a chance -- one slightly more than usual on draft day. This is the dilemma on Quinn, which theOBR has been told is leading toward the Browns possibly passing on the pass rusher. With less than 24-hours remaining until the draft, Quinn is the one player that leaves this organization intrigued -- that intrigue leaves the Browns front office on the fence with this prospect.

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