Draft Notes: The Insomnia Files

Fielding calls, playing out scenario's and agents talking......the overnight notes leading up to the draft Thursday evening has taken on promise for the Browns.

With the clock ticking, even representatives are seeking information as to the direction teams are going to take in the draft TheOBR has spoken with representatives for two players expected to be selected early in the draft and the information is quite interesting

And you wondered where rumor mongering originates?

- There is a belief gaining steam in league circles that the Browns have a handful of options when they are on the clock From one specific agents perspective, the Browns are believed to have the legwork in place on two possible trade scenario's, as well as a potential prospective of three players they would ‘easily' utilize the sixth overall selection in the draft on

- While some reports note DE Robert Quinn and DT Nick Fairley are out of the equation for the Browns at #6, theOBR has been told that the representatives for each player have not been informed of such and as one AFC general manager tells theOBR, "The Browns need help at WR, but the enticement coming from some of these defensive linemen is too good to pass on and that team needs to stop the run and get to the passer "

- TheOBR has learned the Browns have the following players rated so closely, that though one player may be off the board, the option of taking the next at the position doesn't appear to be of concern to the Browns

The players in question are DL Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley, CB Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukamara and WR A.J. Green and Julio Jones

- OLB Von Miller hasn't been a vocal name tied to the Browns and with good reason The brain-trust in Cleveland does not anticipate Miller being an option at #6, Nearly every scenario played out lands Miller prior to the Browns selection

- If one of the top-rated QB's are on the board when the Browns are on the clock, the Browns will strongly entertain a trade (extremely likely), unless the value doesn't surpass the talent available that the Browns have locked in on

- At #6, the Browns are not going to select a QB, RB, TE, OG, LB, or S An OT, WR, CB or DL remains the areas of interest with players of very similar rating residing

- Late in the evening, theOBR has been told the Carolina Panthers with the first overall selection has narrowed its choice to QB Cam Newton and DL Marcell Dareus

- The Washington Redskins have been attempting to pry the second overall selection away from the Denver Broncos The Broncos have held firm and are eye-balling Dareus or OLB Von Miller

- The Buffalo Bills have been guarded in their discussions regarding the third selection in the draft QB was once an area of concern, but the Bills appear to be going with Ryan Fitzpatrick, dismissing QB Blaine Gabbert from consideration and focusing on OLB Miller There has been some subtle noise that the Bills are looking strongly at DL Dareus and CB Peterson

- Unless something unexpected occurs, the Bengals are expected to select either Gabbert or WR A J Green With the QB situation (Carson Palmer's trade demand) in Cincinnati, Gabbert is a sensible choice, but the loss of WR Terrell Owens and likely Chad Ocho-Cinco Johnson leaves the Bengals without a true dynamic at the position

- The Arizona Cardinals sitting in the five-hole will have one of big names drop in their lap, the question is whether it's the player they want

Due to the QB situation, the Cardinals could go with Gabbert if he falls, Miller is he slides past Buffalo or Peterson Most close to the Cardinals don't expect Gabbert to be the selection, so it's likely to be one of the defensive stand-outs

- And, the Browns are the Browns But, this general manager doesn't appear to be in the mode of those before him -- so anything goes

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