Meat and Potatoes

OBR's Lane Adkins tells us how he sees tonight's draft playing out.

The days leading up to the NFL Draft is a crazy scheme of miscommunication Mixed signals escape from all deep, dark corners within the NFL, at times teams fool themselves with the massive over-thinking the draft process is

While the Browns have openly stated their draft-board has been set for the past two weeks, there is an element of tinkering that ensues Throughout the process of working their draft-boards (yes, draft-boards), the Browns as well as every team work through scenario's that may come to pass in the draft

This 2011 draft may be a little easier to project the top-five to seven selections Available players of true dynamic meet the ‘need' criteria for many of those teams selecting early in the draft Making the draft increasing intriguing is the depth at positions such as defensive line, which could possibly alter the draft strategy of some teams, such as the Browns

As for the Browns, a team with various needs of varying degrees, I could see the following play out --

- QB Cam Newton is a front-runner to become the first player selected The Browns are not interested in selecting a QB early in this draft Ditto for QB Blaine Gabbert,

- DL Marcell Dareus is a hot commodity and only enhanced his place in workouts and private team meetings The Browns would jump at the chance to secure his services, but he'll be off the board before the Browns select at #6 Dareus has the ability to play DE and DT, he is explosive and relentless, the type of defensive lineman this Browns team needs

- OLB Von Miller is a known commodity, and can be a presence bringing pressure off the edge The Browns like him, but again the player is not expected to be there The Browns look to upgrade their pass rush and Miller has the look of a double-digit sack machine early in his career

- WR A.J. Green has the hands, footwork and size to become a viable number-one type option at thge professional level While the Browns state they are satisfied with their WR corps, Green is a dynamic that could immediately pay dividends in the WCO

- CB Patrick Peterson has displayed the ability to be a legitimate shut-down type CB Possessing speed, quickness, physicality and mental approach, Peterson is a tough CB and can contribute in the return game The Browns like him, but will they pull the trigger if he is on the board, especially after selecting a CB (Joe Haden) #7 a year ago

After touching on the usual suspects in this draft, there is a place for those players that may be overlooked in the big picture --

- DT Nick Fairley isn't getting the press, but he is a player in this game Fairley jumped off the tape at times a season ago, and he was solid at the combine and in team interviews Fairley is a candidate at #6, believe it or not

- DE Robert Quinn on potential could be a star A team like the Browns is not really in position to live with a boom or bust draftee This aspect brings me to the conclusion he will not be selected by the Browns at #6

- Many will say WR Julio Jones won't be selected by the Browns because he isn't A J Green He may not be Green, but he has the skill-set to be a play-making type WR in the WCO -- potentially a better WCO type WR than Green I can see a scenario where Jones lands in Cleveland

- OT Tyron Smith could be a very good NFL offensive lineman, he has the ability -- but, not at #6, not with this Browns team Now, a trade-down he may get a look, but again not at #6

- DE Cameron Jordan may be the fastest rise on pundit draft boards, but he has been looked at as a top-15, some team a top-ten candidate for the past six weeks -- including the Browns

How I see the top-five shaking down with 12 hours to go --

1 Carolina --- QB Cam Newton

2 Denver ---- DT Marcell Dareus

3 Buffalo ----- LB Von MIller

4 Cincy ------- WR A J Green

5 Arizona ----- CB Patrick Peterson

6 Browns -----????????????????

My Browns pick will come later today!

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