Heckert's Pre-Draft Quotes Ring True

Browns GM discussed a possible trade-down a week before the 2011 NFL Draft.

BEREA — On April 21, one week before the 2011 NFL Draft, Browns general manager Tom Heckert was asked if trading down was worth doing

"I think it's more of what we think of the risk-reward," Heckert said last Thursday  "What we can get for that pick The only way that would affect it is if you are trying to move down a few spots then obviously, you aren't getting as much in return, so then you have to think about who's going to be there The further you trade down, you just aren't going to know who's going to be there, so you are looking at the rest of the picks or anybody else you get in that Really, it's not going to affect us with who is there, I don't think "

Is there a drop off in talent if you trade down?

"That's what I'm saying, but it depends on what you are getting back," Heckert said "You are still going to get a good player, but you are getting let's say, three more players out of that deal, then is it worth doing it? That's what you have to weigh "

Apparently, Heckert felt the Browns could plug several holes with the extra picks this year and next

The Browns potentially, have a chance to add two more players this year (second round 59th and fourth round 124th) in the trade with the Falcons and two extra players in 2012 (first round and fourth round)

Heckert also said in the pre draft talk that he had his eyes on several players in the lower rounds

"I don't know if there is a group of let's say the fourth round, a bunch of linebackers," Heckert said last Thursday "There are players that we think are going to be in the fourth and fifth round that can help us, not at a certain position, but there are guys that we like in those rounds, there really are "

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