How Taylor Fits in AFC North

Browns bolster interior line, run defense by selecting Baylor defensive tackle Phil Taylor.

Just when you think you know the answer, the question changes

With so many team needs staring GM Tom Heckert in the face, the Browns' second-year general manager chose volume in trading the team's sixth overall pick for Atlanta's first, second and fourth round picks, along with adding 2012 selections in the first and fourth round

After seeing the likes of Marcel Dareus, A.J. Green and Patrick Peterson taken off the board, Heckert's decision was a no-brainer, as certainly no player in this year's draft could be considered more valuable than obtaining four extra selections

While Julio Jones is certainly a talented prospect, the Browns' overall team needs extend far beyond adding one wide receiver – as evidenced by the time their first draft was finally announced late Thursday night

In selecting Baylor's Phil Taylor, the Browns cash in one of their third-round selections to move up six spots and grab a talented, massive defensive tackle who could form an intimidating interior line core with Ahtyba Rubin  Taylor is a massive load weighing anywhere from 340-360 pounds during his time in college

Arriving in the AFC North, Taylor instantly fills a lingering need, as the Browns' expansion-age struggles in stopping opposing rushing attacks has been well documented  The addition of Taylor ideally helps to solve this problem, as well as bandage the team's needs in finding immediate inside linebacker help

In looking at the Browns' interior defensive line over the past several seasons, the depth has been alarmingly thin  Perhaps no better evidence could be found than during last December, where Rubin was essentially flanked by a series of undrafted gap filler  Consequently, Rubin wore down as the season progressed and the run defense was repeatedly gouged  The addition of Taylor should only help to aid in Rubin's potential

Beyond grabbing an intriguing defensive tackle prospect, the Browns also filled one of their many team needs at a cost much lower than the sixth overall draft pick  Financially, Taylor comes far cheaper than a top ten selection – while Heckert maintains some great flexibility heading into the remainder of this week's draft

Entering Friday's portion of the draft, the Browns are now armed with two second-round picks, along with another fourth-round selection  Certainly, the Taylor selection has to reflect this new leverage, as Heckert can now target some other key areas, such as defensive end, wide receiver and spots along the offensive line

While Taylor does arrive with some injury baggage, including a reported foot ailment, the Baylor product's size and strength are great signs of potential  Taylor has some impressive upper body strength and should easily transition to the physical nature of the AFC North  Although the pick was less than sensational – especially considering the huge vacuum of defensive end talent on the roster – Heckert has taken a step toward addressed a major problem among the defense

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