All-Pro Scouting visited the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night, and offered his opinions on the Cleveland Browns draft strategy and many other topics. Your questions and Matt's to-the-point takes on draft prospects are captured in this transcript..."> All-Pro Scouting visited the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night, and offered his opinions on the Cleveland Browns draft strategy and many other topics. Your questions and Matt's to-the-point takes on draft prospects are captured in this transcript...">

Matt Gambill Chat Transcript

Matt Gambill of <A HREF="" target="_blank">All-Pro Scouting</A> visited the Bernie's Insiders chat room last night, and offered his opinions on the Cleveland Browns draft strategy and many other topics. Your questions and Matt's to-the-point takes on draft prospects are captured in this transcript...

Aqib VT is up first
AllProScouting hi VT
Aqib this is my first chat like this so bear with me
VT Can you give me any word on the status on Weathersby? and his draft status?
AllProScouting He will be fine. Nothing major as far as the gunshot wound, but it certainly doesn't help his already struggling stock. Most teams were nervous about taking him and now this may have him in the second day.
VT Who do you see the Browns taking?
Aqib Matt VTs last question was who do you see the Browns taking
AllProScouting I have the Browns taking Wayne Hunter in my latest mock. I think Dallas Clark, Jerome McDougle, Eric Steinbach or MAYBE a trade down are all possibilities
Aqib anything else VT?
VT no that it
Aqib new jersey you're up
NewJerseyDraft hey matt
AllProScouting hi NewJerseyDraft
NewJerseyDraft What do you think of Roy Atteih and Tony Racioppi, any chance of these guys being drafted?
AllProScouting I don't see either being drafted, but Attieh will get into camp. Tony may get in based on size and production. Both are developmental guys. Attieh is a bit of a nut though
AllProScouting I like Roy as a NG
NewJerseyDraft Any chance of the Shaun Rogers to the Jets actually happening, if so which pick?
AllProScouting not likely
AllProScouting all of these rumors sound like crap to me
AllProScouting but I never rule anything out
NewJerseyDraft Who is the latest sleeper to shake up the draft?
AllProScouting Sam Williams of Fresno State is really climbing fast....He's a big, athletic LB who can also play RE. Alot of upside here. Maybe a 3rd-4th rounder
NewJerseyDraft Did they find any health problems with Antonio Garay at the combine recheck?
Aqib anything else NJD
NewJerseyDraft Those are my last two questions, im just waiting for the answer
AllProScouting The only thing everyone finally realized about Garay is that he is best suited as a DT and not a DE
Aqib ok
NewJerseyDraft Thanks alot Matt
NewJerseyDraft peace
AllProScouting he's 90%
AllProScouting you're welcome
NewJerseyDraft ok
NewJerseyDraft so long
Aqib Jmazz you're up
jmazzulo920 Hey matt, thanks for coming, a couple questions, first how do you feel about E.J. Henderson and do you think he would be a good fit in cleveland?
AllProScouting thanks for having me
AllProScouting I don't see him as a good fit in Cleveland at all. He's another two down LB who can't cover. The problem with EJ is that while he puts up 12-13 tackles/game, he makes a lot of them from behind. He takes some bad angles and struggles covering backs and receivers
AllProScouting He may be a second rounder
jmazzulo920 also, as far as Jamel White possibly being traded, I have seen that the Browns had Avon Cobourne to Berea, how do you see him doing in the NFL
AllProScouting You can keep Cobourne in WVA because he is small and slow
AllProScouting I don't see anything other than production in his game
AllProScouting he has decent hands as well
jmazzulo920 finally, what do you think about Dave Ragone, and what do you think about the Browns interest in him?
AllProScouting I don't know what their real interest is in him, but he is one of the toughest players in this draft. Big kid, big arm, mobile when he needs to be. I think he MAY get looks late in the first, but is a solid second rounder
jmazzulo920 Thanks Matt, aqib that is all
Aqib ok dwags youre next
dwags Hi Matt, Any chance of Terry Pierce dropping to the Browns in the 2nd round. Also, are you hearing anything on Jamir Miller?
AllProScouting I don't think Pierce falls that far, but he hasn't been too impressive this post-season. I have heard that Baltimore is interested and may have offered Jamir a contract, but I have been so busy with the draft, I am not certain
dwags Also, what is the latest you have Eugene Wilson at?
AllProScouting Eugene is a 4 on my board, but he could go as high as the 2nd or 3rd on Saturday
dwags One last question -- Antonio Gates from Kent State is a guy I am intrigued with -- will he get drafted, or only a FA siging??
AllProScouting he'll be good in Cover 2
Aqib those of you in line have your questions typed and ready
dwags Thanks Matt, that is all I have tonight.
AllProScouting I don't know much on that player.
AllProScouting Didn't bother to review him on the KSU film I have
Aqib ok Lax you're up
Lax Hi Matt... I just have to ask, who do you think is better between Steinbach and Harris, and who do you think would be a better fit for the Browns?
AllProScouting well, I have Steinbach listed as 1a. at tackle, so he is clearly rated ahead of Kwame. I like Eric's versatility to play LT and LG. He's a better athlete, better pure blocker, better fundamentals, etc. Kwame is a RT. I would say Steinbach is CLEARLY the better fit
Lax And 1 more question... What are your thoughts on Chaun Thompson and Drayton Florence??? Do you think they will be good NFL players?
Aqib Butch likes multiple position guys which favors Steinbach plus HArris didn't perform well in the interview with the Browns
AllProScouting Well, I was the first site in the America to rate Chaun Thompson back in October and had him as a HIdden Gem in July. He is currently rated as a top 3 LB on my board and I gave him a second round grade, althought I think he'll be a 3. Both are small school kids with enormous ability. Florence is big time, but has to be coached. He is 6'0"" 198, with 4.3 speed and strength(17 reps) . I love em both!
AllProScouting Both should be first day guys
AllProScouting if the NFL knows what they're doing
AllProScouting By the way....Cleveland is IN LOVE with Chaun Thompson
MacDog31 Hi Matt...Do you think the Dallas Browns trade will happen? And if so could it be for the #5 Pick? (Realistically)
AllProScouting they gave him a VERY HIGH grade
Aqib McDog you're up
AllProScouting I doubt that happens. There are too many rumors out. The ONLY way Dallas parts with the 5th pick is if Newman is off the board
MacDog31 If the deal includes Coakley do you think he would be a better fit than any of the linebackers in the draft?
AllProScouting It's unlikely it happens, so no need to really think like that. It would surely be a solid pickup if something like that occurs, but don't look forward to it happening
AllProScouting BUT....NFL teams do strange things
MacDog31 Thanks!! Thats all
Aqib ok browns 28
browns28 who do you think the browns can go after in day 2 and be a real gem or steal in rounds 4-6?
Aqib after that its kazbone, 251, ram, 515
AllProScouting well, there are a number of players at different positions. I like LB's like Tracy White at Howard, Shantee Orr at Michigan (who can also play DE), guys like that. Also, in the secondary, guys like Calvin Carlyle at CB from Oregon State and Terence McGee from NOrthwester State in Louisiana are guys to watch closely
AllProScouting and one of the OT's to look for is Tim Provost from San Jose State
AllProScouting 6'5"", 300, athletic...needs to add strength
AllProScouting good upside and can play RT and LT
browns28 what do you think of the de from louisville? sorry can't remember his name.thanks matt
AllProScouting just needs coaching
Aqib anything else browns28?
AllProScouting Dewayne White
browns28 yes
Aqib ok
AllProScouting he's okay. I see nothing special in him. He's a solid third down rush end IMO. I see him as a 2nd or 3rd, but I graded him as a 4th
browns28 yes dewanye white
browns28 thanks matt
Aqib all set?
browns28 i'm done
Aqib Kazbone up at bat
Aqib followed by 251, ram, and 515
Aqib anyone else private message me
kazbone Hello Matt, I have two quick questions for you tonight! My first one is, Do you think Kwame Harris has a Legit chance to be available for the browns at #21!
AllProScouting I happen to think he is a lock to be there at 21
AllProScouting I don't see any need for a RT going before that pick unless NE takes him at 19
AllProScouting but that won't happen
kazbone Okay, and Do you think picking Drayton Florence in the 2nd round would be a gamble for the Browns?
AllProScouting I think that's a little bit of a reach. He could go that high, but I see him as a third if you want REAL VALUE. No need to reach on guys too much
Aqib anything else kazbone?
AllProScouting I grade the draft and how teams do based on the avlue of their picks and the needs addressed
kazbone okay thank you matt that is it!
AllProScouting Value is VERY important to me
Guest251 Is wayne hunter good enough to start immediately or do u see the browns taking him in the 1st based on need and future potential?
Aqib 251 then Ram and 515
AllProScouting He can play immediately, but that doesn't mean he will see success. He needs to develop some, but I see his upside as being as high as Steinbach's. He can play and is strong as an ox. Good looking kid and may be the most flexible lineman in the draft
Guest251 Also who are the top fullbacks, what round, and are the browns interested?
AllProScouting and look at my positional rankings.
Guest251 One more question who do u like better leftwich or palmer? thanks matt
AllProScouting not sure if they are looking FB in this draft
Aqib they are waiting for human clonging so we can clone Moose Johnston
AllProScouting Well, Palmer has been my #1 QB for months now. There ya have it, LOL. Check the site homie! The answers to your questions are all there and then some
ramllov Hey Matt, a few questions, How many defensive linemen go before 21 in the draft?
AllProScouting Suggs, Robertson, Kennedy, McDougle, Sullivan, Williams, Joseph
AllProScouting 7
ramllov How do you rate Butch Davis and Garcia as draft pickers? We rate them high, but I would like your opinion.
AllProScouting I love BD and I know Pete pretty well and think they do a great job
ramllov What about Brett Williams OT, does this guy have an upside and where does he go in the draft?
AllProScouting solid front office now that Dwight is gone
AllProScouting LOL
ramllov Last question, How do you see the Browns drafting OT CB OLB/
ramllov Thanks\
Aqib anything else Ram?
AllProScouting I see him as a potential two, but I graded him a 3. He's got upside, but has had some nagging injuries to his shoulder and had some knee issues
ramllov Thanks again
Aqib ok 515
Guest515 Thanks for your time, Matt. I've got two things here. Kinda long winded. First, kind of a consiracy theory idea. Last year, Butch Davis and Co. made a lot of William Green's stomach condition, apparently to get him to fall (everyone thought we'd take duckett). Could the same be the case with Kwame Harris and the ""space cadet, flaky"" claims they are making about him? Or is that just out in left field? Also, are you a fan [msg continues in 20 secs]
Guest515 of Eugene Wilson, or could the browns do better at corner in the second? [msg complete]
AllProScouting I think they go OL/CB/LB/S in that order with the first four picks.
AllProScouting LB and CB could be switched
AllProScouting depends on who is there
Aqib woo hoo OL in round 1!!!!!
AllProScouting Chaun this kid. Pete and Campo LOVE him
AllProScouting and as is Cleveland's design, they had him investigated by a PI
AllProScouting as they do for all the prospects they like
AllProScouting ok now I'll get to 515... give me a sec
Guest515 take your time, matt
AllProScouting I am not a Eugene Wilson fan at all. In fact, I can't stand him as a person or a player. I see limited pro potential as a man corner, but he could see success in a cover 2. It's all a poker game now man. Kwame is well-liked by the Browns as is Steinbach. It will be interesting to see where they go
Aqib For those interested the Bachelor selected Tina, Kirsten, Chirstina and Jen
AllProScouting I would give Steinbach the nod on versatility and polish
AllProScouting LOL
AllProScouting Thank God
AllProScouting haha
Guest515 Steinbach fan myself...who might pick him ahead of us? I see Denver on a lot of mocks, but I thought they would focus on D
Guest515 thanks, all done
AllProScouting I have Eric going to New England with my FINAL mock that comes out later tonight. NE/St.Louis/Denver are all possibilities
Aqib ok VTs torrest syndrome is behind him so we'll give him another shot
Aqib 325 is next
Aqib after that private message me to get in line
VT Matt I have not been a big fan of Wilson either
VT Tell me about Florence?
AllProScouting Florence is a 6'0"", 198-pound corner from Tuskegee. He transferred in from UT-Chattanoogas because he was dimissed for fighting, but all of that has been cleared. A fabulous natural athlete who has enormous upside, but needs to be coached up
AllProScouting he can also be used on special teams
VT I know you are busy with the draft.
VT Do you see Henry as a good cover CB for the Browns
Aqib all set VT?
AllProScouting I liked Anthony coming out of USF, but I think FS is where he needs to play to take advantage of his range and his anticipation skills. The problem is that he was never a good ""in the box"" guy at USF. So that may hinder his ability as a FS
VT Brennan Curtin where do you think he will go, and is he any good?
AllProScouting Brennan is a good looking prospect at RT or RG. I like his size and arm length, but he needs to add strength in his upper and lower halves. He's a 5th-7th who is a developmental kind of player
VT Nnamdi Asomugha, Ken Hamlin, and Julian Battle who will be the best of this bunch?
AllProScouting I think it will go Battle, Nnamdi, Hamlin
AllProScouting I love Battle and Nnamdi's ability to play both CB and FS. Both are huge players with speed and strength
AllProScouting Love em
AllProScouting I like Hamlin too
AllProScouting good centerfielder
Guest325 do you think the couch trade with the cowboys will come true and if so do we take newman at #5
AllProScouting That won't happen
Guest325 how about ej henderson or boss bailey will they slip to 21
AllProScouting I addressed it earlier. I think it's just another rumor. The Cowboys will only deal out if Newman is gone
AllProScouting Ej will
AllProScouting Boss should be gone
Guest325 do we take ej if he is there
AllProScouting EJ isn't a good pick at 21
AllProScouting No
Aqib all set 321?
Aqib I mean 325
Guest325 thank you for your time matt take care
octane47 just one question, i see the colts are interested in both Tracy white and Robert Mathis, whats your thoughts on these two players could they be good late round LB's?
Aqib ok Octane and then Ram comes back to bring it home
AllProScouting I like both Mathis and White. Tracy will make a really solid weakside backer. Mathis is a transfer from Auburn who alot of teams like as a SAM or MIKE. Both have speed and both can run sideline to sideline. Mathis played DE, but is too small to do so in the league
Aqib anything else Octane?
octane47 no im done thanks matt
ramllov HI, Matt! What is your opinon on Hank Milligan? Safety, Houston? Is there a good RG or LG in the fourth or fifth round and who would they be? Does Matt Wilhelm MLB, Ohio State have a good shot at starting in the NFL at MLB or SSLB?
AllProScouting I have Matt as a SAM backer and I think that';s where he needs to be. The problem is that he is stiff as a damn board. Milligan is a solid player. 3rd-5th round. Goodd size and range. I like Greg Schindler (Stanford) and Sean Mahan (Notre Dame) in that area. Also, keep an eye on Rex Richards from Texas Tech
ramllov Matt, can Bentley play SSLB, we drafted him from Northwestern? How do you rate this draft solid through the fourth or fifth round?
ramllov Im done thank you
AllProScouting Richards may be more of a 6th/7th guy but he can play
Aqib Last question Matt, the Saints were 7-3 under Blake and are 19-19 under Brooks why is Brooks so hyped up?
AllProScouting I think this is an average draft at best. Not many real special looking players, but you can bet money that a few kids from day two will be All-Pro. Bentley can play SAM for sure. I like his ability to play all 3 LB spots actually. Some liked him to play middle last year. We'll see
AllProScouting he can do a lot though
AllProScouting because Mickey Loomis is an idiot! I can say that. I'm a die hard Saints fan. Don't even get me started on how badly we f'ed up free agecny. The only good thing was Tebucky Jones and we unloaded 3 draft picks and almost $30 million. It's a mess.
AllProScouting I'm a nervous Saints fan right now
AllProScouting trust me
Aqib Well thats all we have time for tonight thanks Matt for your time and guys for more of Matt's knowledge go to
* Bassline (Plays Sound: applause.wav) applause
AllProScouting Thanks everyone for coming out! It's been another year completed and I am sure you all are looking forward for the weekend as I am. Good luck Cleveland and I'm sure I'll be back again next year. You guys are great!
Aqib Thanks again Matt
* kazbone (Plays Sound: 3rd-beer.wav) 3rd-beer
AllProScouting Oh I have a pimp site
AllProScouting LOL
AllProScouting You boys ( and ladies?) be good and I'll see ya soon!
Aqib I already pimped it
* kazbone (Plays Sound: bark2.wav) see ya matt
* chuckwildcats MOTIONS/scared.gif
Mack Thanks Matt

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