Swerb's Draft Notebook, Part VI

Swerb finishes up another spring of draft commentary with his final mock draft before the real thing. Check out some of Swerb's choices - some of which are real surprises.<BR><BR><I>Opinions expressed by fan commentators may not neccessarily reflect those of Bernie Kosar or BerniesInsiders.com</I>

After months of tinkering, I offer up the final version of my mock draft.  The NFL Draft is so special because we've all watched these guys below play for the last 2-4 years.  We've envisioned them filling certain roles for certain NFL teams.  Unlike the European/high school laden NBA Draft, and too-boring-to-televise baseball draft, the NFL's version is a very entertaining event adored by many.  I'm thoroughly looking forward to hours in front of the tube this weekend, and the immediate analysis of who our Cleveland Browns…and the rest of the league for that matter…ended up with.

It's been a pleasure talking draft with all of you who have taken the time to write.  Feel free to send me your questions, comments, and gripes via e-mail to swerb@berniesinsiders.com….


  1. Houston (acquires #1 pick for Cincinnati in exchange for the #3 pick, as well as a 3rd and 6th round selection):  WR Charles Rogers, Michigan St-It's no secret that the hapless Bungles are looking to deal this pick, and there are few, if any, teams willing to give up anything of significance for it.  Shortly before the start of the draft, they send the pick to the Texans, who are looking to jump ahead of the Lions and select Charles Rogers.  Rogers has a rare combination of size and speed and possibly the best hands of any WR in this draft…and will make for an ideal target for David Carr to grow old throwing to.

  1. Detroit:  CB Terence Newman, Kansas St-The Lions are sent reeling when the Texans trade up to select Rogers.  The pick now becomes a decision between Terence Newman and Andre Johnson.  Millen wanted Quentin Jammer last season, and will take Newman here figuring that a pretty solid wideout will be available for them at #34 or #66.  After talking Millen off the ledge, he claims that Newman…the draft's top defender…is the guy they wanted all along.

  2. Cincinnati (acquires this pick as well as a 3rd and 6th rounder from Houston for the #1 selection):  QB Carson Palmer, USC-Although disappointed they couldn't parlay the top pick into more…the Bungles actually pick up a couple picks here and will still get the guy they need at #3.  As snake bitten as they remain from The Akili Smith Experiment, not even Mike Brown could be stupid enough to think that Jon Kitna is the man to return the team to the glory days.  But we must remember that with the Bungles, anything is possible.  Their time on the clock each year is true entertainment and we know to expect the unexpected.

  1. Chicago:  DT DeWayne Robertson, Kentucky-Da' Bears seem to be zeroing in on Robertson, and for good reason.  He possesses massive size and brute strength and runs faster than many tight ends.  If I'm Jerry Angelo, I take Byron Leftwich here but he seems intent on selecting who they view as the top defender left on the board.  The Bears have been infatuated with dominating DT's ever since great seasons by Keith Traylor and Ted Washington keyed a 13 win season for the Bears in '01.  This pick instantly improves the Bear defense and makes Brian Urlacher an even better player.

  1. Dallas:  DE Terrell Suggs, Arizona St.-Although Newman and Trufaunt have been the trendy predictions for Big D, the team has a much bigger need for a true pass rusher from the edge.  Although Suggs has had some shaky workouts and some legal troubles, he is by far the best pass rusher available in this draft.  The Tuna has never been one to draft off of 40 times and bench press reps…and Suggs could very well become the next Charles Haley in Dallas.

  1. Arizona:  WR Andre Johnson, Miami Fla-The Cards get a gift when Johnson drops to them at #6.  With David Boston in SD, Frank Sanders about to land in Crackmore, and no established receiving threat on the roster…the Cards jump on the big, strong, fast Hurricane receiver.  With just Jeff Blake and Josh McCown as options at QB, passing on Leftwich and Boller could be a decision that haunts the Desert Birds for years to come.

  2. Baltimore (acquires #7 pick from Minnesota in exchange for their #10 pick and their 3rd round pick, #77 overall):  QB Byron Leftwich, Marshall-The hated Ravens, knowing that Leftwich will likely not make it past Jacksonville and Carolina at #8 and #9, deal up with Minnesota to #7 to take Leftwich off the board to be their QB of the future.  Leftwich has the best arm in the draft and can make every throw from any angle.

  1. Jacksonville:  QB Kyle Boller, Cal-While the Jags contend that they are happy with David Garrard as Brunell's backup…new coach Jack Del Rio will end up putting his stamp on this team with the selection of the Cal QB that has shot up the charts due to his chiseled physique and strong arm.  It will be very tough for the Jags to pass on Trufaunt here…but in the end the fact that Brunell is so close to the end of the road will result in their selection of the last blue chip QB prospect left on the board.

  1. Carolina:  OT Jordan Gross, Utah-The Panther offense needs improvement in every area.  With the 3 top QB's and top 2 WR's now gone, the decision to go with Gross becomes an easy one.  The Panther offensive front was anemic a year ago, and tackle Chris Terry was let go this offseason.  Gross should step right in and start at LT immediately for John Fox.

  1. Minnesota (acquired #10 and #77 picks from Baltimore for the #7 pick):  CB Marcus Trufaunt, Washington St.-Knowing that Baltimore is going QB, and that Carolina is selecting offense as well…the Vikes have nothing to lose by dealing down to #10.  Even if the Jags were to take Trufaunt off the board, Jimmy Kennedy will still be there for them.  Both end up being available and the Vikes snag Trufant…giving them the true shutdown cover corner the Viking defense has so sorely lacked as teams have thrown on them at will for the past 3 seasons.

  1. Seattle:  DT Jimmy Kennedy, Penn St.-The Seahawks are looking DT all the way here barring a slip of one of the QB's.  Expecting to be targeting Sullivan or Joseph, the ‘Hawks jump all over Kennedy…who they expected to be gone by now.  Kennedy fills a huge gap in the middle of the Seattle defense and will get to learn the game from John Randle for a season or two.

  1. St. Louis:  OLB Boss Bailey, Georgia-The Rams weakness at OL and LB spelled their demise a season ago, and with Turley in the fold from New Orleans…the Rams target The Boss with their #12 overall selection.  Martz and the Rams are obsessed with speed on both sides of the ball, Bailey seems to be a perfect fit for a linebacker deprived squad that plays on a fast track.  They feel he could play either inside or outside, and were heavily represented at the freakish workout where The Boss posted a 4.3 forty and displayed a nearly 4 foot vertical leap.

  1. NY Jets:  DT Kevin Williams, Oklahoma St.-The Jets have had a glaring need at DT for a couple seasons now and are said to be targeting the quickly rising Williams at #13.  Despite weighing nearly 300 lbs., Williams has 4.8 speed and could also be used as a pass rushing DE on 3rd downs.  With DT's expected to start flying off the board here, the Jets will take their pick and address their other needs at #22 and #53 overall.

  1. New England:  DT Jonathon Sullivan, Georgia-The Pats desperately need another solid DT to plug in next to '01 #1 pick and fellow UGA Bulldog Richard Seymour…who went to the Pro Bowl in just his 2nd season last year.  Belichick is likely to address defense with both 1st round selections, and in order to get one of the top flight DT's…he'll have to do it here.

  1. San Diego:  DT William Joseph, Miami Fla.-William Joseph may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer (dude scored a 10 on his Wonderlic test), but he represents great value for the Chargers at #15.  Once thought of as a surefire top 5 pick, Joseph was disappointing at times this season for the Hurrigangstas…but came back to impress with a solid performance at the combines and his pro day.  San Diego has always prided themselves on a strong front four, and they reside in a division with Priest Holmes, Clinton Portis, and Charlie Garner.

  1. Kansas City:  DE Chris Kelsay, Nebraska-Kelsay played his way into the 1st round with a very productive senior season, and a stellar performance at the Senior Bowl.  The Chiefs need all kinds of help on defense and their lack of an edge rush and the presence of 1st and 2nd rd DT selections (Ryan Sims and Eddie Freeman) from a season ago make Kelsay the pick here.  Wide receiver and defensive back are also possibilities in this slot for the Chiefs.

  1. New Orleans:  CB Andre Woolfolk, Oklahoma-The Saints dealt for former Patriot safety Tebucky Jones a couple weeks back…but he'll simply be replacing the departing Sammy Knight.  The Saints still need some additional help for a secondary that was amongst the leagues most anemic a season ago.  Woolfolk is a great athlete, and should be able to step in and help the Saints immediately. 

  1. New Orleans:  OG Eric Steinbach, Iowa-Kyle Turley is gone, and the Saints were looking for another OG before he left.  Steinbach can play both positions, and was coached by one of the country's top offensive line teachers in Kirk Ferentz.  Much like phenom 2nd rounder LeCharles Bentley a year ago, Steinbach is seasoned enough to be able and step in and contribute right away…giving the Saints a nice young base to their offensive line in the process.

  1. New England:  ILB E.J. Henderson, Maryland-Belichick rejoices when Henderson is still here and his gamble to take the DT off the board first pays off.  Belichick likes to send LB's out there in waves, often playing 7 or 8 regularly.  E.J. can play inside or outside, and is a playmaker.  Maybe he doesn't run as fast as some guys, or isn't as strong as others…but he's a helluva football player.

  1. Denver:  DT Jerome McDougle, Miami Fla.-Denver is getting old on both lines of scrimmage and they are more than happy to still see McDougle here at #20.  Probably the 2nd best pure pass rusher in the draft behind Terrell Suggs, McDougle is a perfect fit for the Broncos here at #20.  McDougle is already the 3rd Hurricane to be selected.  A total of 11 have a chance to get taken this year.

  1. Cleveland:  OT Kwame Harris, Stanford-If the Browns stay at #21 and the draft progresses as I have predicted thus far…the Browns options here will be Harris, Michael Haynes, Kenny Peterson, Jason Witten, or Terry Pierce.  There's no CB worthy of being taken this high left, and I can't see Butch and Pete taking a safety in the 1st round.  On need and potential alone, Harris is the most viable of those options.  At 6'7, 310 lbs. and still growing…Harris has the ability to develop into one of the league's top tackles.  If they select him, they will likely groom him to play left tackle, even though he's been strictly a right tackle his entire career.  Depending on how the first 20 picks progress, this could very easily be the best defensive player available as well.

  1. NY Jets:  WR Kelly Washington, Tennessee-Like the selection ahead of him, Washington is loaded with too much potential for the Jets, a team with no go to WR and a young developing QB, to pass on.  A former minor league baseball player, Washington has physical tools on par with those of Andre Johnson, but has a little more baggage.  Washington has struggled through injury problems, but could be the steal of the draft if he finally lives up to the hype.

  1. Buffalo:  DE Michael Haynes, Penn St.-The Bills dealt Peerless Price to Atlanta for this pick and will use it to help repair their porous defense.  The Bills lack of a pass rush contributed heavily to teams throwing on them at will last season, and Haynes is one of the few pure pass rushers (also Redding and Pace) left.  Haynes does not work out as well as others, but simply produces results each time he is on the field in game situations.

  1. Indianapolis:  S Michael Doss, Ohio St.-Everyone has the Colts taking another defensive lineman here, but I feel the team has more pressing needs.  The interior of their offensive line was weak last season as well as their pass defense.  I just get the feeling that Dungy will pluck one of the two elite safeties off the board here at #24.  While this is a bit too early for Doss to go, the Colts know he will not be there for their second pick.    And Tony Dungy gets a new QB for his defense…ala John Lynch.

  1. NY Giants:  DE Kenny Peterson, Ohio St.-The Giants defensive line needs serious help, and I'd be highly surprised if they don't address that need here late in the 1st round.  Peterson's ability to play inside or outside make him the selection over guys like Redding, Warren, Eason, White, and Pace. 

  1. San Francisco:  WR Taylor Jacobs, Florida-Also looking for help along the offensive and defensive lines, the 49ers are not able to pass on a WR as talented as Jacobs here.  Both JJ Stokes and Tai Streets have been disappointments and will likely not be back.  And the Niners desperately need someone to take the pressure and constant double-teams away from TO.

  1. Pittsburgh:  S Troy Polamalu, USC-The Steelers usually subscribe to the best player available theory, but this season…I simply feel their need in the defensive backfield is too great to ignore.  While many have Grossman going off the board here, methinks that the Steelers go after one of the big 2 safeties here at #27.  Polamalu was impressive in his personal workouts and should be able to step in and immediately replace the departed Lee Flowers.

  1. Tennessee:  C Jeff Faine, Notre Dame-The Titans have had a huge hole in the middle of their offensive line ever since iron man Bruce Matthews retired.  In Faine, Tennessee gets a guy they feel they can immediately plug into the middle of their line and return stability to that area of the team.  Faine is smart, tough, and plays with a mean streak and enters a rare class of centers selected in the 1st round.

  1. Green Bay:  QB Rex Grossman, Florida-This pick just makes too much sense and Green Bay has not been shy about expressing their interest in Grossman as the heir apparent to Brett Favre…who may be entering his final season.  Green Bay also needs help at DT and ILB…so Ty Warren and Terry Pierce are also very strong options here at #29.

  1. Philadelphia:  TE Jason Witten, Tennessee-Witten slips a bit and the Eagles are the benefactor down at #30.  Witten will serve as an ideal weapon for the Philly west coast offense that thrives off of the short passing game.  The Eagles like Witten's ability to block as well as catch, and they caught a break when New Orleans signed Ernie Conwell in free agency…which will likely allow Witten to fall to them

  1. Oakland:  RB Justin Fargas, USC-The Raiders are likely to select a young RB and young WR in this draft, potentially as early as the 1st couple rounds.  Here, they will use the first of their back to back picks to end the 1st round on the quickly rising USC tailback that has wowed scouts with his brains, speed, and agility at the All-Star games, combines, and personal workouts.  Fargas is lightning in a bottle, and will provide for a nice alternative to Charlie Garner, who is coming off a career year yet is not getting any younger.

  1. Oakland:  DE Corey Redding, Texas-The Raiders use their second selection on one of the draft's last available bona fide pass rushers.  Redding is a terror off the edge when motivated, and will serve as the heir apparent to the ageless Trace Armstrong when he finally decides to hang ‘em up.



  1. Cincinnati:  ILB Terry Pierce, Kansas St.

  2. Detroit:  WR Bryant Johnson, Penn St.

  3. Chicago:  RB Larry Johnson, Penn St.

  4. Houston:  RB Lee Suggs, Virginia Tech

  5. Arizona:  CB Rashean Mathis, Bethune Cookman

  6. Dallas:  QB Chris Simms, Texas

  7. Jacksonville:  CB Sammy Davis, Texas A&M

  8. Minnesota:  DT Ty Warren, Texas A&M

  9. Baltimore:  OT George Foster, Georgia

  10. Seattle:  DE DeWayne White, Louisville

  11. St. Louis:  OT Wayne Hunter, Hawaii

  12. Washington:  DT Nick Eason, Clemson

  13. Carolina:  WR Tyrone Calico, Middle Tennessee St.

  14. San Diego:  OG Vince Manuwai, Hawaii

  15. Kansas City:  S Ken Hamlin, Arkansas

  16. Buffalo:  CB Eugene Wilson, Illinois

  17. Miami:  OT Jon Stinchcomb, Georgia

  18. New England:  RB Willis McGahee, Miami Fla.

  19. Denver:  OT Brett Williams, Florida St.

  20. Cleveland:  OLB Nick Barnett, Orgeon St.

  21. NY Jets:  OT Tony Pashos, Illinois

  22. New Orleans:  DE Calvin Pace, Wake Forest

  23. Atlanta:  WR Brandon Lloyd, Illinois

  24. NY Giants:  DT Rien Long, Washington St.

  25. San Francisco:  DE Tully Bata Cain, Cal

  26. Indianapolis:  C Al Johnson, Wisconsin

  27. Pittsburgh:  QB Dave Ragone, Louisville

  28. Tennessee:  RB Onterrio Smith, Oregon

  29. Philadelphia:  ILB Gerald Hayes, Pitt

  30. Philadelphia:  DE Tyler Brayton, Colorado

  31. Oakland:  WR Sam Aiken, North Carolina

  32. Tampa Bay:  TE Dallas Clark, Iowa



  1. Cincinnati:  CB Kevin Garrett, SMU

  2. Detroit:  RB Musa Smith, Georgia

  3. Houston:  OG Torrin Tucker, Southern Miss

  4. Chicago:  S Terence Holt, NC St.

  5. Dallas:  CB Donald Strickland, Colorado

  6. Arizona:  DE Antwan Peek, Cincinnati

  7. Minnesota:  WR Kevin Curtis, Utah St.

  8. Jacksonville:  DT Kenny King, Alabama

  9. Seattle:  CB Drayton Florence, Tuskegee

  10. St. Louis:  WR Justin Gage, Missouri

  11. New England:  OLB Cie Grant, Ohio St.

  12. Carolina:  TE Bennie Jopru, Michigan

  13. Minnesota (pick acquired in deal with Baltimore):  OLB Chaun Thompson, West Texas St.

  14. New Orleans:  S Julian Battle, Tennessee

  15. Buffalo:  OG Montrae Holland, Florida St.

  16. San Diego:  OG Derrick Dockery, Texas

  17. Washington:  OT Ben Johnson, Wisconsin

  18. Denver:  TE Donald Lee, Mississippi St.

  19. Cincinnati (pick acquired in deal with Houston):  RB Chris Brown, Colorado

  20. Cleveland:  S Todd Johnson, Florida

  21. NY Jets:  DT Jarrett Johnson, Alabama

  22. New Orleans:  WR Teyo Johnson, Stanford

  23. Miami:  QB Brian St. Pierre, Boston College

  24. Houston:  OLB Shurron Pierson, South Florida

  25. San Francisco:  CB Rod Babers, Texas

  26. Indianapolis:  DE Jamal Green, Miami Fla.

  27. NY Giants:  WR Doug Gabriel, Central Florida

  28. Pittsburgh:  CB Torrie Cox, Pitt

  29. Tennessee:  DT Eric Manning, Oregon St.

  30. Green Bay:  ILB Clifton Smith, Syracuse

  31. Philadelphia:  OLB LaMarcus McDonald, TCU

  32. Oakland:  S Antwoine Sanders, Utah

  33. Tampa Bay:  RB Domanick Davis, LSU

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