in the chat room this weekend for the usual draft weekend madness. The chat room will be open and free throughout the weekend. Here's an edited version of last night's Browns Uncensored chat with Dave Carducci. "> in the chat room this weekend for the usual draft weekend madness. The chat room will be open and free throughout the weekend. Here's an edited version of last night's Browns Uncensored chat with Dave Carducci. ">

Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

What you see in this Browns Uncensored transcripts is about 10% of what actually goes on. Hopefully, you can join us <A HREF="" target="_blank">in the chat room</A> this weekend for the usual draft weekend madness. The chat room will be open and free throughout the weekend. Here's an edited version of last night's Browns Uncensored chat with Dave Carducci.

David Carducci Hi AB, Ram
Guest100 Dave - end the suspense - who is the pick?
David Carducci My mock draft has Steinbach for right now. Of course, it doesn't run in the newspaper until Saturday morning, so I have until tomorrow night to change it in any way
Guest100 Dave- all right!!
drumslayer This is my first draft with the Insiders, do you all do anything on line for the draft?
CP there will be people in here all weekend drum
artbtz Drumslayer, there will be people in the chat all weekend - 100 or more - and we'll have a live draft ticker that will kick ESPN's butt.
artbtz Dave, Lane, Greg Mastin, other guys may jump in.
artbtz It's always a blast. See ya
Guest100 Dave - what are the odds Steinbach will be there?
David Carducci I keep hearing that he could fall from some people I trust. A lot of it hinges on the run on defensive tackles and quarterbacks, with Leftwich going a bit earlier than originally thought
Guest100 Dave - do you think Harris will be there too?
David Carducci He could be guest100, I keep hearing he's falling. I like Steinbach more than Harris, actually. I tihnk the average tackle class had him going higher than he might have in other drafts.
Guest100 If Steinbach is gone would the Browns take Harris?
David Carducci They might. I wouldn't be completely shocked though, especially with a few deals, to see even Boss Bailey available. Again, I'm just not that high on Harris
ramllov I want a good OT with the first pick. Dave who would you rate as a good LT for the 21st pick, list please
David Carducci Ram, Harris is probably the best of the bunch right now at 21, although I think Hunter projects better down the road. I'd almost rather move up in round two for Stinchcomb than go with Harris at 21.
David Carducci I think it is more likely that they trade up for a Dallas Clark in round two, though.
ramllov Dave how bad do you want a TE?
David Carducci Ram, I'm more interested in Clark because I think he can handle the double-role of TE and H-back. I've talked to some people who played against him when he was a FB, and I guess he is a monster blocker
ramllov Dave have you heard if the Browns are pretty upbeat about the draft?
David Carducci Ram, from what Butch said the other day, this draft ranks better than last year by far. More players rated higher, with tougher grades this year because the staff thinks they have improved
Guest100 WTAM is talking about the draft muncher right now.
kj Dave, Ram and everyone who wants a TE...remember when Green blew-up in game 11 last year? Shea took the usual IR spot and Heiden replaced em'...If we got a Clark talent in 2 or 3 we'd be able to get rid of that Sorry pos Shea and make Heiden the mythical H/Back...
David Carducci I'm a huge Clark fan. I know a few people who know him personally and have played against him. The more I hear about Clark, the more I am certain the Browns should trade up for him
drumslayer Dave what realistic trades/deals do you see?
David Carducci Drumslayer, the hard part with trades is knowing the other teams. Who they are after, what they are willing to deal. Like Butch said, this week was about finding the sticker price. I think it is actually likely that the Browns will move up in round two. Just a gut feeling because I know of several players they'd like to have early.
Guest100 Supposedly the Browns sent everybody to Iowa for their work out day. Must be some serious interest in the Iowa players.
David Carducci Two Iowa guys in the first two rounds and I'd say Browns fans should be very happy
Siouxdawg What about the D Dave?
David Carducci Siouxdawg, I think a lot of it depends on who is available. It could be McDougle at 21 just as easily as it could be Steinbach.
wideright David, being from the Chicago area all the local media is reporting the Bears will take the DT Robertson. I heard on ESPN today dallas has an itchy trigger finger and will pull a trade for the pick with with two other teams, not us, if Newman is off the board. your thoughts?
David Carducci Wideright, I think it is very unlikely that the Browns would move up in round one. Look for it in round 2. I was in Chicago over the weekend and talked with a few people I trust who say the Bears may very well move out of that pick, even with how high they are on Robertson.
kj Yes Dave I saw him one time this year and he impressed me...I'm a BIG proponent of a shutdown corner...although I believe TWO GOOD corners can nuetralize ONE shutdown and one mediocre one!!!
David Carducci KJ, I agree with your philosophy. Everything I've read about him is a potential first day guy. Do you see him there in round three?
Siouxdawg Where has Weathersby fallen? If toughness is an asset, surviving 3 shots is tough enough for me. How about Weathersby in rd 2?
David Carducci Siouxdog, that's a great question. I'm not sure how far he will fall. There are always shocks like that.
kj dream draft is Steinbach, Thompson and Tillman 1-2-3
David Carducci KJ, that sounds great to me. Thompson would fit in perfectly on the weakside, but then that means moving Bentley to the strongside, which he would do just as well.
CP the radio btng station should be up and running in a few minutes
wideright David, is it your opinion the trade talk involving Couch is for real or fictional?
David Carducci wideright, I think it's a bit more fact than fiction. It's a fact that the Cowboys have made at least two offers that I know of, but I think it's fiction that the Browns would do the deal. They have no interest in moving up that high in the draft. I think they are pretty much set on coming into the year with both Couch and Holcomb.
ramllov I was pleasantly surprised that Bentley could move to the strong side
kj Aqib...we gamble for thompson in 3 and we run the risk of ALL the solid LB's being gone...Barnett(2)...then we go with fan favorite Buckeyes...Wilhelm..(NO THANX)
kj Dave...exactly...Imo Bentley could be a SOLID SSLB this year...thompson is a Small School Bailey imo
David Carducci Bentley is a talented kid. More importantly, he is incredibly smart, and could easily handle the switch. Butch said last year that they wanted to develop Bentley as a weakside backer, so that's why they didn't move him during the season. THey could easily make the move, though
Guest100 How high would the Browns have to move up in round 2 to get Dallas Clark?
David Carducci 100, I'm hearing probably top 5 picks. Considering the discussions with Dallas, that might be an option at 38
vbf Dave, on a scale from 1 to 10, where would you place odds we resign Jamir.. thanks.
David Carducci vbf, I thought a 5 about two weeks ago. Now a 6...I don't have the same impression that the Browns are becoming impatient waiting on MIller. More, I think they are willing to wait and see what happens in the next few days. If they are not able to address the LB situation, they reopen discussions.
ericthebrown What I want to know is, Which wide reciever are we taking in the 2nd?
David Carducci eric ... none!!
redright Dave, What do you know about Ty Warren. Is he a possible 1st for us? If we move down in Round 1? Trade our first for two seconds? Would this be a good time to pass on #1 for Warren and Clark and then get a OT in the 2nd round?
David Carducci I don't think Ty Warren is a possible one. I don't like the value there. But with multiple two's I'd consider it. I just like other DT's better than Warren.
BhamFan Dave, what do you think of Eugene Wilson in the 2nd? Will he be there?
David Carducci I like Eugene Wilson, but there are a lot of good corners out there, and that could force someone to take Wilson early 2nd.
ericthebrown Is there still any talk of Griffith getting the boot after the draft?
David Carducci eric, there is talk of that. They have to make some moves to clear almost $1.5 million for the rookie cap. Griffith may be viewed as expendable based on last season. A luxury the team can't afford.
ramllov Dave do you see a 9-7 team with this schedule?
David Carducci Ram, when I figured it, I guessed 7-9, but that could easily be 9-7, 10-6 or even 11-5 if Warren and CB come around, if they hit in the draft with a couple guys who can step right in, and maybe a few smart moves on June 1. To me, the first three No.1's, Warren, Brown and Couch are the key to the season. THey have to start paying off. If they do, a lot of other things will fall into place
Siouxdawg How much cap room would be cleared with Griffs departure
David Carducci Siouxdawg, I'm not sure of the hit off the top of my head. I believe there is a link on the front page
ticketblender2 does anyone besides me think that our defense could easily play better than last year without the players we released? I mean the one stat they put out about the number of interception, sacks, tds, etc.. between them says something to me! What happens if the kids at LB Butch picked last year are as good or better than Rudd and Holmes?
David Carducci Ticketblender, there is every reason to believe that Andra Davis and Bentley can be better than Holmes and Rudd. I still believe Holmes signing was an impulsive move, and obviously Rudd was a complete free agent bust. Bentley continually impressed me during the year, both with his head and with his work ethic. Andra Davis is similar. He has a lot of desire, and great instincts. He just doesn't have the experience Holmes had
BhamFan Dave, any thoughts on Piso Tinoisamoa OLB in 2nd?
David Carducci Tinoisamoa is a guy who fits the Browns style. Kind of small, but a guy who can go sideline-to-sideline. I woudln't like his value in round two, but possibly in 3. I think it was Buschbaum who projected him as a possible strong safety.
Siouxdawg Andra Davis was a beast at Florida
ramllov Dave has Andra Davis fully recovered from his injury he suffered in college?
ramllov He played outstanding prior to his injury
David Carducci Ram, he told me he has, if that means anything. Of course, I know that doesn't. Yes, I think he has. His ability to move, and his athleticism (remember the pick vs. Pittsburgh in overtime) impressed me. He's better in coverage than I expected and his playing speed is better than his timed speed
Guest283 dave is there a wildcard team OTHER than the cowboys who might come calling for couch?
David Carducci guest283, I think the teams most interested in Couch, like the Ravens, are more hoping for him as a June 1 cut, which won't happen. Even teams like Carolina would probably be more comfortable with Delhomme than making a deal for TC.
ramllov Dave can Andra Davis be a three down MLB?
David Carducci Ram, I don't think Andra was ever seen as a three-down linebacker in last year's draft. I think most would have doubted it, but again, he played very well at times when pressed into service as a nickel linebacker. The thing about Andra Davis is he is a football player. I love his instincts, and guys like that find ways to make plays in any situation
ticketblender2 I don't care what anyone says, there is no way in hell that Boss is availabe at #21
ticketblender2 course, i'd love to be wrong
David Carducci ticketblender2, it could happen. The Saints could move one of their picks. The Pats could go in any of a number of ways.
David Carducci I like Bailey, but I completely understand where KJ is coming from. In any other draft, he wouldn't be this highly coveted. He has a lot of weaknesses, but teams love his athleticism. Those weaknesses to me, in a good draft like this, make Bailey a possible reach as early as he could go. At 21, maybe it's worth a shot, but not if Steinbach is there.
BhamFan Dave , if you were a betting man, which team for sure, moves up in a big play?
David Carducci BhamFan, that's a great question. My bet woudl be Baltimore, especially if they like Leftwich as much as I've heard they do. They'd want to move ahead of the Jags
drumslayer Dave who do you seer steping up this year and motivating the Browns, being a true leader?
David Carducci drumslayer, my bet is Gerard Warren. How's that for a surprise. I think he's going to be the leader of the defense next year. He's already a vocal guy, even though he hasn't really backed it up. And with Fuller gone, look for Warren and Lang to really take control in the locker room.
David Carducci drumslayer, a lot of that is from what I saw of Warren in the last few weeks last year. He clearly wasn't happy with himself.
Greg I'm sure this hasn't been covered, but Mr. Carducci, do you agree that the Browns should deal Couch now if they are going to start Holcomb?
David Carducci Greg, I really don't. I just don't believe the Browns are going to start Holcomb
drumslayer Couch can do the job.
Greg drumslayer, I'm not debating that... Many in here already know I'm a Couch fan... but reality says that if Holcomb is the favorite to start, we may as well capitalize on potential value in Couch
David Carducci Greg, you are right if Couch does not win the job, his value next year would be greatly diminished. THat's why it is key for guys like Warren, Brown and Couch, who will take up a big chunk of the cap in the next few years, to finally live up to their expectations.
weweber3 David - don't you think Couch deserves a shot with a servicable line, a solid RB and more developed receivers?
weweber3 he got beat up for 3 solid years with NO running game
David Carducci Weweber, I am not a Couch basher. I had given up on Northcutt coming into this year. I like a lot of what Couch does now, but I still see some major flaws in his game that I think were a result of bad habits learned in the first two years with substandard talent around him.
kj IMO Tim Couch will be scrutinized like no ther QB in the history of the Cleveland Browns...If he throws 3 TD';s and ZERO picks in a WIN, the fans will STILL hound em' with every incomplete pass...he's dug a hole he cannot get outta
Siouxdawg Couch didn't fail! we made the playoffs remember
David Carducci If Couch can't get over those flaws, then at some point, the Browns might have to move on in another direction. I want to see him come out this year with a new confidence, that this is his job, and he is going to play like a No. 1
weweber3 David - what do you think those flaws are? does he have the coaching to fix them? thank you
David Carducci weweber3, I think his biggest fault is panic. He panics when things break down around him. When one guy blows his assignment, he compounds the problem. Again, a lot of the mistakes in that area have to do with those first few years. I always go back to KJ running the wrong route in the OT game with the Steelers this year
weweber3 do you think we could make the Dallas trade and try to trade the #5 to Oakland for the #31 and #32?
David Carducci I'd be against the trade, and I am very sure it won't happen. I want to see what Couch does this year.
redright Dave, Peter King said that the failure of Couch to develop was and is due to his not having a top WR. Do we have a top WR this year?
David Carducci Redright, I think we have a couple of guys who are talented enough to be No.1's in Morgan and Davis. THey aren't there yet, but with their size, speed, athleticism, and desire ... and don't ever confuse Morgan's mental lapses with a lack of desire ... they can be top WR's.
vbf Dave, id Griffin on the block?
David Carducci vbf, I don't know if Griffith has much trade value right now coming off one of his worst seasons, and a year that was filled with injuries. If they could find a taker that was worth the hit, they would probably do it.
David Carducci Again, I think Griffith was an impulsive move last year
BhamFan Dave, how many years do you feel it takes for a team to 'gel' in an offense?
David Carducci BhamFan, I think it all depends on the talent you put into that offense. If you put guys like Andre Davis in an offense, a guy who is smart, a superior athlete and very dedicated, it should take a couple of years. I think it's been more difficult here because of the constant changes in the offensive line. I don't think the line has the talent right now to win a championship, obviously, but keep it together for another year, an d it will certainly be better. Possibly much better
David Carducci The line was dramatically better in the final third of the year (take away the playoff game). I'd like to see a Steinbach added on, then allow him to gel and grow with say a Qasim Mitchell at guard and a Shaun O'Hara at center. That could be a very good interior line in two years
vbf Qasim is a BIG boy
BhamFan Who plays RG?
David Carducci I think Qasim plays RG, maybe not this year, but next. He's a big body
Greg Dave- disagree only about O'Hara... he gets manhandled on the LOS... he's the next guy that has to be moved to backup, IMO
David Carducci Greg, I actually like O'Hara as a center. I think he is far, far below average at RG. He simply doesn't have the size. But at C, I think he is actually an upgrade over Wohlabaugh
weweber3 David - I heard about a kid named MICHEAL JOSIAH, Butch said he is being moved from DE to LB? What can you tell me about him... taking Miller's place? An answer at LB?
David Carducci weweber3, we never really got a chance to see Josiah in practice, so I don't know much about him other than the fact that he's an undersized guy at DE. He rarely practiced when we were allowed to watch
howldawg Dave ,sorry if this was already asked, have the Browns received any inquiries about Holcomb's availability?
David Carducci Howldawg, I'm sure they have. I think it would be a huge mistake to deal Holcomb, just as I think it would be a mistake to deal Couch. As much speculation as there is about the two, there aren't many teams with a better one-two at quarterback. It's a luxury most teams would love to have, two guys who are battle tested and capable of winning. Plus, Holcomb is just too affordable.
kj Dave...where do u project Fowler with O'Hara at Center? C'mon man...O'hara was the WEAKEST link right in front of Stokes the Chokes....C'mon
David Carducci KJ, believe me, I completely agree about O'Hara as a right guard, but I actually like him as a center. I thought O'Hara was actually worse than Stokes last year, but he was way out of position.
ramllov I do not think Fowler is big enough to play guard
David Carducci I just haven't seen enough of Fowler yet to have a real opinion. Last year he was clearly not ready. Maybe an offseason with Buddy Morris will make him a bit more solid, and that will make him a bit more aggressive.
kj Agree again Dave...O'hara will most likel;y be the starting center come takes 2-3 years for an OL to hit the ranks
David Carducci KJ, I'm operating from the belief that Couch isn't really a possible backup. I believe that he will be given eveyr opportunity to win the job, and he will win it. The Browns will make sure of it. This is a test of Tim's ability to deal with adversity, and it could have a major impact on what direction his career takes.
crazydog Dave punters are we looking to replace gardocki?
David Carducci crazydog, I don't know that they are looking for punters actively. Although Gardocki clearly showed some age this year. It is an issue that will have to be addressed in the next couple of years
redright Dave, What value does our #21 pick have in a trade down? to whom? for what? What would you be looking for in terms of picks and likely player available in a trade down?
David Carducci Redright, it could have a hole lot of value to the right team who sees the right defensive tackle fall, or the right quarterback or cornerback. My gut feeling though is the Browns make the pick at 21, and I really believe it will be Steinbach right now. Then they move up in round two. That's what I think right now.
kj Open competition and tim will win it...hopefully the fan-base will support it
Guest100 If its true open competition. Again, how can you pay a guy $6million to carry a clipboard.
David Carducci guest100, I don't believe for a minute that it is true open competition.
David Carducci If it is open competition, and Couch loses, then the Browns have more problems than any of us even know
daddywags Do they see Steinbach as a guard or tackle? Or a guard who will eventually move to tackle?
David Carducci daddywags, I think steinbach opens up at guard in the NFL.
ramllov Ogden did, now he is an all=pro LT, so I will take steinbach at LT
ramllov future LT
David Carducci He could be a very good LT in the future. I'd like him to learn at LG, where he would make Verba a much better LT. Verba not worrying about his inside shoulder, I'd like to see what he could do in that situation
redright Dave, could we get another second? How?
David Carducci Redright, I don't know that the Browns can get another second, but it is certainly one of their top priorities to try to move up in round two
Guest283 dave why? for who?
David Carducci Guest283, my gut feeling is for Dallas Clark
daddywags Dave maybe you covered this earlier, but who would they be targeting early in round two?
David Carducci Daddywags, I like Dallas Clark in round two if they can move up to get him.
David Carducci Guys, I'm sorry. I have to run. Have to finish a story
howldawg thanks Dave bye
ramllov thanks for coming Dave

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