Draft Day Notes from Berea

The Browns bold move of drafting small-college LB Chaun Thompson in the second round doesn't preclude bringing back Jamir Miller. The Browns continuing talks with Miller and aggressive pursuit of undrafted free agents are discussed in Dave's latest notes from Berea...

BROWNS STILL WANT MILLER ... Ironically, the college coach of second-round pick Chaun Thompson said the Browns' newest linebacker reminds him of the recently released Jamir Miller.

"That's a logical statement," said Davis. "(West Texas A&M coach Ronnie Jones) was an assistant with Arizona when the Cardinals drafted Jamir, and he remembers him as a tall, very, very fast outside linebacker type. It's a natural assessment ... They are not the same guy, though."

And the Browns are not counting on Thompson taking the place of Miller. At least not right now.

"We would still like to add Jamir Miller to this football team," said Davis. "Right now, the ball is in his court. We have made a pretty considerate offer. We have been the pursuer. We have been the team that has been the most persistent. We have been the team to make the greatest financial offer. We are the team that has a history with him. So, time will tell."

Following the Ravens' selection of defensive end Terrell Suggs in the first round, the Browns believe they are the only team actively pursuing Miller. The Ravens were considering Miller as a candidate to move to defensive end.

On Saturday, Policy suggested Miller should not take much longer in making a decision on whether or not he wants to return to the Browns

LAST YEAR LOOKING EVEN BETTER ... According to Butch Davis, the lack of depth in this year's rookie class of linebackers validated the Browns selections of Andra Davis, Kevin Bentley and Ben Taylor on the second day of last year's draft.

"If you put Andra Davis, Ben Taylor and Kevin Bentley in this year's draft and think you are going to get them in the fourth or fifth round, you'd be kidding yourself," said Davis.

Davis also suggested the decision to pick of William Green with the 16th pick in last year's draft came with the knowledge that they probably wouldn't find a back of his caliber this year.

"The No. 1 pick in the whole draft this year went 23rd overall (McGahee, and he had a blown-out knee.

ROOKIE FREE-AGENT HUNT ... The Browns hope to sign 11-to-15 un-drafted rookie free agents in the next 24 hours to fill out the 80-man roster.

All of those free agents would have to have "some dimension that would give them a chance to make the team," Davis said.

Davis is not a believer in signing rookie free agents "just for numbers," meaning he doesn't want to bring in a player with no chance of making the team just to fill out a depth chart.

"I'd rather have less at one position and bring in someone with great speed or hands as a receiver, or someone who brings a dimension to camp," said Davis.

Browns rookie minicamp is set for May 2-4. No veterans will attend.

"With maybe 15, 18 or 20 rookies, that will give us a chance to really focus on teaching those guys," said Davis.

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