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Browns' second-year quarterback Colt McCoy has a third player-organzied practice slated for July 7-9 in Austin, Texas

Browns rookie tight end Jordan Cameron has been participating in the team's player-organized practices, which have been dubbed Camp Colt.

Quarterback Colt McCoy has organized three different sessions. The most recent were June 9-11 in Austin at the University of Texas. If the lockout is still in place, another will also also be held in Austin July 7-9.

Said Cameron, "You're going over the playbook and building camaraderie with teammates. You're meeting guys and you're kind of getting the verbiage and the communication down. This is a new offense for (most) of us, and it helps that Colt's running over it with us and he can fine-tune the details and the concepts of these plays."

McCoy made copies of parts of the playbook for teammates. Added Cameron, "Everyone has a little portion they can look at from what (he) photocopied. It helps because we have access to that, especially the young guys. Obviously, you're gonna learn a lot more with the coaches. But when you get home or in your free time, it helps to go over the playbook and kind of get a feel for the concepts."

A fourth-round pick, Cameron credited McCoy's leadership in all aspects of the sessions.

"He set this all up. He got the hotel rooms, took us to restaurants and kind of wined and dined us for the three days we were out there. In the meeting rooms, he's got the projector and he's helping guys out and setting up all the meetings and the workouts with the facilities.

"He's definitely shown great leadership qualities. I think guys feed off that and kind of understand that he's trying to (make) us better. It helps the team, definitely."


•VICKERS STATES HIS CASE: Fullback Lawrence Vickers believes he's a perfect fit for the team's new offense, but he's not sure what the coaches think.

"I am a West Coast fullback," Vickers said. That's what they don't understand."

He believes the team doesn't know because they selected fullback Owen Marecic in the draft.

Looking back on the time when Eric Mangini was the head coach, Vickers said, "I was on a team where they don't even use a fullback. Mangini's era wasn't really a fullback era. I played just on (the belief that) 'this person has to be on the field.' Everything I got wasn't given. I took it. Our offense was based on New England's. They don't even have a fullback."

Noting what he had to do to get on the field, he said, "Anybody that watches football knows. The last two years, I haven't caught the ball. I wasn't a part of the offense. So I made a way for me to be on the field. That's what a football player does. Anybody that can make his presence on the field without the ball is a helluva guy."

He figures he won't be re-signed when the lockout ends, but looks forward to potentially playing against the Browns.

He said, "I think people are getting away from the stud fullbacks because there aren't too many left in the league. But if you have one, you keep him. I just hope I don't have to come to Cleveland in a different uniform because it's gonna be bad."

SHURMUR FIGHTS TEMPTATIONS: Coach Pat Shurmur admitted he was recently tempted to check out the player-organized workouts being conducted by quarterback Colt McCoy.

Speaking Monday night (May 16) at a Browns backers Banquet in Akron, Shurmur said, "We made a decision we're going to follow the rules, so it was not something that we wanted to jeopardize getting ourselves in trouble."

However, he was glad to know it was happening.

"I think it's terrific," Shurmur said. "Some of our players have obviously taken leadership roles in making sure the guys get together, some of our key players, and I think that's a good thing."

LITTLE COULD BE BIG: Many mock drafts had the Cleveland Browns selecting wider receiver Julio Jones with the sixth overall choice in the draft. Instead, the Browns traded out of the pick with Atlanta. In the second round, they picked wide receiver Greg Little, who missed the 2010 season at North Carolina along with several teammates after accepting gifts from agents.

Tar Heels receivers coach Charlie Williams believes the Browns will be fine with Little.

"By not playing last year, it's going to take some time for him to develop on that level," Williams acknowledged. "He's going to have to learn on the run in terms of the speed of the game and game contact. He'll have his bumps and bruises and struggles his first year, but he should be able to play right away. He'll correct whatever he needs to, and once he learns, he's going to be good."

Williams added, "If Greg had played his senior year, he would've had big numbers. I don't know where he would've stacked up with those two guys (Jones and A.J. Green), but I truly believe if Greg had played his senior year, he would've had a chance to be a first-rounder."

COLT COMFORTABLE WITH WCO: Quarterback Colt McCoy says he already feels comfortable with the team's new offense and is taking charge at the player-run offseason workouts.

Said McCoy, "We have a new coach and a new system and I'm really the only one that has that much clue about what's going on. I've spent a lot of time in the playbook, so it was important for us to get together and study. It was a lot mental. We spent a lot of time understanding the basic foundation of what goes on in the West Coast. It's a lot different from what we ran last year."

McCoy said he finally feels 100 percent from the shoulder injury he suffered his senior season at Texas and which gave him some problems last season.

"It feels as good as it's ever felt," he said. "Throwing-wise, I definitely feel back up to speed. I'm not getting fatigued as much as what I was. I really feel good and confident, so that's always a plus."

SHEARD PART-TIME HERO: Second-round pick Jabaal Sheard, a defensive end from Pitt, gained fame as a youngster when he helped save an elderly lady from a burning building.

"I grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood," Sheard said. "It was a house that was smoking and the fire alarm was going off. Nobody reacted; everybody just watched it. I was probably about 11 at the time so me and a couple of my friends were riding bikes around the neighborhood.

"We ran over and tried to break in and then we ran to call the police and came back and started breaking in. Just as we were breaking in, the fire truck arrived. They came and got us out of the way and got in there.

"An elderly woman had slipped and was unconscious. It just so happened that we did it just in time because it could have been worse than what it was."

QUOTE TO NOTE: "We'll see down the road. But we're very, very excited and very, very happy with these picks right now." - Browns president Mike Holmgren.

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