Free Agency News and Notes

The OBR's Lane Adkins relays exclusive free agency news.

As the NFL's rapid fire version of free agency heats up, the OBR's Lane Adkins is keeping up with the fray. Here's what Lane has heard.

At the present, it appears the Browns have targeted two defensive linemen, a defensive back and an offensive lineman in their initial free agent player fury. Names will hopefully soon follow.

The wide receiver position is one the organization has debated in adding a veteran free agent. Presently, the Browns are putting feelers out regarding potential targets. Sources say that both Vincent Jackson and Terrell Owens are out of the question.

As for the defense – throughout the offseason, the Browns have evaluated and ultimately determined that any veterans who can play at a high level would be beneficial to defensive coordinator Dick Jauron's scheme.

Buffalo safety Donte Whitner could be one of these types of players. According to sources, Whitner would love to join the Browns and it does appear that there is mutual interest.

As for other players, the Browns are attempting to retain the services of defensive end Jayme Mitchell.

Finally, nothing official has been reported, but the Browns are planning to speak to either Jake Delhomme or his representative regarding his roster and contract status.

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