Newswire: Happier Days Ahead for Suggs

Rookie camp must be like the day after Christmas for Browns head coach Butch Davis. All the festivities are over, and now he can sit down with his new acquisitions to check them out. Davis got some pleasant news yesterday about one of the new draftees, Lee Suggs, that could make an impact on the Browns 2003 season.

Today's newswire was probably one of the most pleasant reading experiences that a fan of professional football could possibly enjoy. Not only was there the possibly great news that Lee Suggs has only a partial tear of his rotator cuff, meaning that he might return as soon as pre-season, but there was the distinct sense of hope in the air.

During rookie mini-camp, we're not yet forced to read about contract holdouts, players getting tossed onto the NFL scrap heap, or quarterback controversies. Those things will come, of course, in spades over the course of the summer as they always do. Today, though, we can read about players who want to get out onto the field so badly that they are willing to play for minimum wage (Chaun Thompson, alarming his agent), and players like Dave Petruziello and Ryan Myers who are excited about the very notion of wearing a Browns helmet.

For a day, perhaps, we can forget about the negative side of the sport and revel in the possibilities of young men who long for the chance to play the game.

Suggs good medical prognosis dominates the newswire today, with Dr. John Bergfeld reporting that Suggs' injury is just a partial tear in his rotator cuff. The spin from that is that Suggs could be back as early as the pre-season, but Davis is having none of it. He continues to urge caution and manage expectations about Suggs ability to play. Davis will have some challenging decisions to make if Suggs is ready to go at the end of training camp. The problem will be of the type that most coaches like to have: too many capable running backs.

Also prominent in the news are local talents, mentioned above, who are attempting to get onto the Browns roster.

We've completed our first wave of player profiles for the Browns new undrafted free agents, which you can find on the roster page and on the right side of the home page. We will also be publishing Tony Pauline's scouting reports for a number of these players in the coming days.

Based on feedback from our folks at mini-camp, we will do some profiles for players attending rookie camp without a contract as well. If you've been on this site for a while, then you will know that we had run feature stories on Corey Parlet and Ryan Myers from before the draft. Those are well worth looking at if you want to get a better sense of the players walking onto the Berea campus with hopes, but without a contract.

Here is a list of the tryout players.

No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. College
6 Obert, Jesse K 6-0 210 Dayton
11 Cobb, Daniel QB 6-4 237 Auburn
15 Albertini, Mark P 6-1 240 McKendree
16 Heard, Rother WR 6-0 180 Morris Brown
18 Lerner, Jeff WR 6-0 190 John Carroll
35w Parlet, Corey FB 6-0 230 Condordia
36b Ordway, Jonathan DB 5-10 185 Boston College
41b Amos, Corvin DB 5-8 192 Akron
42w Zeigler, Doug TE 6-4 260 Mississippi
49w Hugo, James TE 6-7 266 Arizona
53w Petruziello, Dave OG 6-5 313 Michigan
61b Grimes, Onaje DE 6-2 250 Northwestern
65b Myers, Ryan LB 6-2 245 Akron
78w Burgess, Jackie OT 6-6 301 Liberty

- AB


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