ATI: Browns Prep for 2011

Lane Adkins offers his latest insight as the Browns get ready to start the '11 season.

With football back in full swing, the questions are abundant. Insider members at the Orange and Brown Report have filled the exclusive Ask the Insiders' forum with those questions.

Below are a compiled list of questions from OBR insiders and answers by Browns reporter Lane Adkins.

More questions and answers can be found in The OBR's exclusive Ask the Insiders forum.

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What's going on guys?

HOPDOG: I guess my expectations were a little to high.  When are we really going to start heating up and any speculation or inside info on what the Browns will do first?

Adkins' Answer: The Browns have been fairly reserved with the beginning of FA. The organization has been talking with a few of their own FA players, as well as a handful of others noted on the frontage of the site.


Starting Safety

Lane Adkins: In the 2010 season, Abe Elam will not be returning to the Browns in 2011.


LB update

Lane Adkins: The versatile Jason Trusnik will not return to the Browns.

D'Qwell Jackson is in excellent condition and the defensive staff believes he play a key role the 2011 season.

The Browns have displayed some interest in Eagles LB Stewart Bradley.

2010 starter Matt Roth will not return to Cleveland.


Defensive Line Help?

Lane Adkins: Veteran defensive lineman Robaire Smith has had productive talks with the Browns and could be inking a deal on Friday.


Draftee Movement

Lane Adkins: The Browns are close to deals with 2011 draft selections, OL Jason Pinkston and S Eric Hagg.


Ray Edwards

10dawg: In the article below it says so and so  from Sirius Radio said Ray Edwards is raving about the Browns, ESPN thinks he could be doing it for leverage....Any clue what's closer to the truth???? d/10322/display/comment

Adkins' Answer: Edwards is a legitimate target and the interest is mutual.


Nick Barnett

houndfromhell: I just read that the linebacker for the Packers Nick Barnett may be released. Is he still young enough for the Browns to trade a low pick for, just to insure that we get him, before the Steelers or Patriots pick him up?

If I recall, he played middle backer in the 4-3, but was bumped to second fiddle when the Pack went to the 3-4.

Would you trade, say a 5th or 6th for him to insure he comes here, seeing our man D`Qwell has been injured so much, so often?

Adkins' Answer: I have heard that Barnett could be released. There has been talk of his deal being redone.

Regardless of his situation, Barnett could be a useful piece for the Browns.


Lance Moore

Tardarian: Any interest?

Adkins' Answer: Nothing yet from what I have been told.



mikehey52: another day of no news from the so called front office of browns. when will there be news decade fro now?

Fred Greetham: I communicated with the PR staff and they told me nothing was scheduled. They seem to be using their radio show to give out any news.


Free agency rumors

Tardarian: Ray Edwards and Jonathan Joseph have been rumored (on twitter) as being offered large contracts.  What's the OBR True Hollywood Story on this?

Adkins' Answer: I reported early yesterday that the Browns were engaging a DE, DB and OL......nice to see the names come out.

The Browns do not appear to be the frontrunner for Joseph and are in the game for Edwards and Colon.

I may not have set a record for the amount of information put out, but the info was dead-nuts solid.


Heckert and Holmgren

TripleS12: I keep seeing that Holmgren had made statements claiming that moves would be made in FA, and on the other hand, Heckert seems rather insistent that FA is the wrong route to go and to build mostly from the draft.

Seeing how the Browns shied away from Holmgren's "Homerun Hitters" line by drafting defensive lineman with the first two picks in the draft, and how it seems Heckert has a good amount of control on things, should I assume despite the smoke that's being produced about players like Ray Edwards that's there's little to no fire?

Fred Greetham: Every time he speaks he downplays free agency. I think he made some good moves last year and think they need to address several positions, but there has been little talk on that front. Hopefully, they will surprise us when the signings start coming out...but I'm not holding my breath.

Adkins' Answer: I am told they have three significant irons in the fire a this time.

With the monopoly money being thrown around, especially by some teams that haven't had to do so until now, getting a FA has become increasingly difficult.


Browns standing pat?

brownwarrior: Browns seem to be standing pat while the teams better than us get, uh... better-er.

Are we planning to dance with the ones who brung us to the bottom? Let the talent gap widen? What will we do with that 40 mill? Give it all to Joe Thomas?

Adkins' Answer: They are the mix for three players, that have played at a high level.


Browns front office go on vacation?

TheSpider: If so, when are they going to get back and start doing something?

Adkins' Answer: They have been busy's just Cleveland doesn't jump to the forefront for players unless the dollars far surpass another, such as a contender.


Browns UFDAs

513JB32: Any info on where our own UFA's are looking, and which ones we are actively pusuing?  MH and TH seem to be tighter than the blackout during Mangini times!!!  Is that the reason for scarcity on info.......

Adkins' Answer: In talks with E Wright that haven't been overly promising.......Mitchell is garnering interest elsewhere, while talking to the Browns.....nothing on Vickers and it appears Roth is gone.

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