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Browns look promising in preseason opener. Now, it's time to get back the Great Lakes Classic title!

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Berea Report: Hardesty Set to Return Thursday: Browns injured running back expected to play in team’s third pres… http://t.co/HdqhFke

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Aug. 21
Don Delco on August 21st, 2011 AT 4:06 PM

(Opening statement)- "I know who (Mike Holmgren) the boss is (joking). I'm well aware of it, I'm glad he is by the way. Coach, for the record, he's been a huge, huge help to me on a lot of different topics. From things that happen game day to how we do things. I've got a lot of respect for that and I appreciate everything he does. Today, nothing knew really to add to the injury list from Friday. Today, Josh Cribbs tweeked his hamstring just a little. He finished up his day when he felt that hamstring tweek so we'll see where he is with that. Other than that there wasn't anything to report from the other night. If you have specific questions I'll answer them. Practice was good, just like the last two games we put them in pads and I felt like they responded well. We did some good work, ended with a couple two-minute drills. Which are good because it makes them think and respond to the quarterback and I thought we had good competition."

(On if he is concerned that Greg Little is going to become a high maintenance situation)- "No, not at all. We talked about that during the game and we've talked about it since. You get in a situation, I think he's a guy that can be a playmaker for us. He loves to play the game. When the lights are the brightest he's one of those guys that just gets into it. We as coaches will help him in those situations that cropped up Friday night. No, I don't have any concern and I thoroughly enjoy him. He's working hard, he's practicing hard and when he gets in the game he loves to play. We'll just help him with the other stuff."

(On if Little has knocked off all the rust from his one year layoff)- "I tend to think as a young player he's got a lot of growth to make. I don't know in terms of the rust, but there are still some things that he needs to work on that I think he can get better at. That's what we're working on here in practice. When the games start and he gets going, he does some good things."

(On if Evan Moore has a concussion)- "Evan has what I think is considered a mild concussion."

(On injury updates with Eric Steinbach and Brandon Jackson)- "Eric's feeling better. We're hopeful that he'll be back here real soon and then Brandon Jackson is having his toe evaluated at this point."

(On being concerned with guys having injuries as we get closer to the regular season)- "The injuries and they are coming in spots now, I think some guys were a little bit knicked up and then they came back and then we've got a couple other guys. I think we're just going to have to see how it plays out. The one's that we have for the most part now won't keep some of these guys from being there Week 1. We just have to deal with the injuries day-to-day in most of these situations. That's part of it, unfortunately that's the reality of training a team to get ready for the season. You just hope the ones that you get are not season ending."

(On if he is looking forward to having Montario Hardesty back)- "I am. I'm looking forward to it. Each day we've talked about him a great deal. Each day he looks better and better. He took a lot of reps today, you saw him working after practice as well. He's anxious to get back. I'm looking for him to compete."

(On Hardesty trusting in his knee)- "I think so. We put him in there and he was in the 9 on 7 drill, he did some things in team where he was running in traffic as well as catching the ball out on the perimeter. It appears to me like he's getting more and more comfortable with the knee."

(On how Jason Pinkston played against Detroit)- "He did a good job. He stepped in, he didn't start the game, but I want to say he played 47 snaps. He played most of the first half and into the third (quarter). I think he showed up pretty well. Really, for a first big load of work I think he handled it pretty well."

(On D'Qwell Jackson putting his injury in the past)- "I don't know. Again, I wasn't here a year ago. I think he's playing really, really good football right now. He's the leader of that defense. He's been very productive. I don't know about injury in the past, but I feel like he's doing a good job. He's playing a healthy brand of ball right now."

(On Jackson being made for the 4-3 defense)- "I think so. He's a guy that can move real well. He's very instinctive. He can slip a block as well as take one on. He's nifty enough to match up in pass coverage. I feel like he's a terrific fit for the way we play."

(On Colt McCoy's performance against the Lions compared to the Packers game)- "I think he made some improvements in some areas. Each game is different either how we're trying to attack a team or how a team is trying to defend us. There were some things he did in that game that I thought were good. There were some mistakes that he made that were either new mistakes or ones that we felt like were very correctable."

(On how close Mohamed Massaquoi is to returning)- "I think he's very close. My understanding is that he'll be out there running here in the next couple of days."

(On if he needs to see more of Massaquoi before he can play Thursday)- "I would say he's probably not going to play Thursday."

(On Dimitri Patterson's performance and the competition at his position)- "I think that group of corners is very competitive. All of those guys, you see them at practice, and they're a fun group to watch. I think Dimitri challenges well. He's obviously got more playing time under his belt than Buster (Skrine). But in terms of competing, I think they're very comparable. There's good competition there. As you know, you have to have multiple corners to play in this league. I feel good about at least the direction we're going with that group."

(On if Moore might not be ready for this game)- "My understanding is he's feeling fine today. I don't know exactly. I haven't heard anything to say he's not."

(On Joe Thomas)- "Joe is a steady guy, which you need from an offensive lineman. He's a guy that comes out here every day and works. Every once in a while he can be vocal, I wouldn't say that's his nature to just be exerting himself verbally. There's time within a practice or within a day when something needs to get said and he'll step right to the front and say it. I have a great appreciation for what he is as a player and a man."

(On if experimenting with James Dockery at safety is a thing of the past)- "No, I think he's a guy that will probably get some reps there as we go. With our situation in the game, we needed him there. We had three safeties that weren't playing. He did a fairly good job."

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RT @FredGreethamOBR Cribbs with trainer. Holding left hamstring area.

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RT @FredGreethamOBR Hardesty catches a pass over the middle from McCoy in 7 on 7.

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B jackson octavien not practicing.

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P mcgee throws left handed to cameron on fake fg.

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Watson practicing makes nice catch.

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Haggerty makes nice catch. Not standing out like last year.

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Sheard wearing 97.

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Sheard wearing 97.

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Hillis back full go busts up the middle.

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Hillis back full go busts up the middle.

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RT @fsohiozjackson: So, The Barge stays in Detroit? That will keep Pat Shurmur humble and hungry for next year.

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E Wright b mcdonald mike bell jerome harrison v. Browns tonight

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@lionsinwinter Same to you! #practicefootball

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Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Aug. 16
Don Delco on August 16th, 2011 AT 3:13 PM

As provided by Browns’ PR staff.

(Opening statement)- "As usual, I'll start with the injuries. Jabari Fletcher wasn't out there and Chris Gocong as you know he had the stinger. Scott Fujita has a bruised thigh. It's going to take a little bit of time to settle down. Eric Hagg had surgery yesterday, as far as we know it went well, cleaned up some cartilage in there to the best of my knowledge. Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) was out here in a shoe today. He's been running in the pool and he's making progress. Carlton Mitchell, we talked about the finger. Ben Watson and Usama Young, Ben has a hamstring issue and we're just settling down, the same with Usama. Guys that you saw practicing were (Montario) Hardesty. He got a pretty good load of reps today, which was good. Everybody else, there's really nothing really to report. It was a spirited day. We had a couple move the ball periods. I thought the guys competed well. I told them after practice there were plays being made on both sides. They were challenging and it was fun. On another note, I would say we had a lot of celebrities here today. Jim Tressel was here with Dave Adolph, a former Browns assistant. Then you have Lloyd Carr. We had the former Ohio State and former Michigan coaches here. Then we had Chris Grant and a big contingent from the Cavs were here as well. It was fun. I enjoyed visiting with Lloyd Carr and Jim Tressel. They are guys that I've admired in coaching. Actually, Lloyd tried to recruit me out of high school so I've known him for a long time. It was good to see them. I'm glad they came out and enjoyed practice."

(On why Tressel and Carr visited today)- "They picked a good day. No special reason I think it's by coincidence. We like to see coaches come watch us practice."

(On if Michigan had any chances in recruiting him coming out of high school)- "Yeah they did. I actually was born on campus there. My dad was a student when I was born. You could say they had a chance. It's a great place, I just chose Michigan State. I kind of liked it better."

(On the experience of offensive line)- "I would say there's a mixture of experience there. We've got guys on all sides of their career. We've got older veterans, we've got some younger guys fitting in and I think he key to the offensive line is that they get to play together. Which, fortunately we've done for a few weeks now. I feel like I see progress there. There are a lot of very talented guys that seem to be working well together."

(On Jordan Norwood performance Saturday)- "He kind of showed up like I thought he might after being around him. He finds a way to get open and he can make guys miss. I think he showed that the other night."

(On if Norwood has an edge to make the roster based on his body type)- "I wouldn't say it's because of his body type. As a receiving core here, we have a set of big guys. He ends ups sticking out because he's a little bit leaner. But, he's quick and finds a way to separate. I wouldn't necessarily say you're looking for a different body type. You're just looking for guys that can beat bump-and-run, get open and catch the ball. He's found a way to do that."

(On how much Norwood's punt return ability helps him)- "First, as a punt returner, you have to have great courage which he's displayed. Then you have to have the talent to be able to catch a punt. That is a hard task which he can do. Then he has the skill and ability to make people miss. I think all of those things are important for a punt returner."

(On if Jim Tressel installed the virtues of the punting game with him)- "We were talking more about quarterback play. It was fun. I've known Coach Tressel for a long time. Funny, I relayed a story to him. When I first got here to town, I went to a restaurant and they really didn't recognize me. Well, somebody in the kitchen said it's the coach out in the restaurant. So the waitress came up, embarrassed, and said, ‘Oh my gosh. I didn't know you were here. It's nice to meet you Coach Tressel.' That being said, I've worked very closely with a couple of assistants that worked for him that are great friends of mine. We had a nice conversation."

(On if he enjoyed being able to pick Tressel's brain)- "I do. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but I know how to ask questions. I really do love to interact with other coaches. There's a natural wisdom that a lot of guys have. When you visit with them, it may not be obvious, but you learn things."

(On if Norwood will be able to relieve Joshua Cribbs of his return abilities)- "I don't know about giving guys breaks. I will say this, we're going to put the best guys on the field. There may be situations where Jordan's a returner, but right now Josh Cribbs is our returner. But, you're always developing guys that can do things and do them well and I think Jordan's a guy that can return some kicks."

(On Colt McCoy meeting up with Brett Favre during the offseason)- "I just think that speaks to what Colt is. He puts two and two together. In an offense where you had a player that was tremendously successful, he took it upon himself to go see him and I think that's great. I've got a lot of respect for Brett. I consider him a friend of sorts. I've always followed him and admired what he's done. First of all, I'm thankful that Brett would spend time with him and then I think it's great on Colt's part that he would take the initiative to go do it."

(On Titus Brown being a fun guy to be around)- "He goes in that category of guys like Joe Haden, when they're out there practicing and no matter how gritty the day is, no matter how tough the drill, he's got a smile on his face and he's got a little something to say. He's got one of those fun personalities that you hate to see just total drudgery. Even though that's what they're feeling, he finds a way to not express it."

(On if Brown is a little bigger than D'Qwell Jackson)- "Yes, I think he is"

(On if there is a preference at linebacker for bigger players)- "I think they're two different body types and I think they can be equally successful. Titus is a guy who's kind of a run-stopper type body type and he still does a fine job in coverage."

(On how Jason Pinkston has done thus far)- "It's been understated and really not talked about, but he's a guy that's got a chance to be a good player. He's working through training camp. He's done some things that you need to see in an offensive lineman as far as coming off the ball, finishing blocks. He's a real heavy body, lower body guy, he's got an anchor. He knows how to play the game. We're pleased with his progress. We'd like to see it keep going."

(On if he likes Pinkston at the guard spot)- "Yeah, he's doing a nice job at guard. He's playing mostly at left guard right now."

(On if he eased of Hardesty today with his amount of reps)- "No, not intentionally. We had some two verses one and one versus two. We had a pretty steady rotation in there. But, no I wouldn't say that. It looked like to me that he was in there pretty steady throughout the practice."

(On if Hardesty responded well)- "Yeah, he responded well I thought. There was a little bit of banging and knocking around and I think he handled it pretty well."

(On if Hardesty will be able to play Friday)- "I can't say that yet. I wouldn't be able to say that yet."

(On how Jabaal Sheard looked)- "Good, I though he did a good job. He's an explosive type player. Again, he's also working himself through training camp and what it does to your body. I think he's doing a good job."

(On what he sees in Brian Smith)- "I think he's another, he's kind of a heavy handed linebacker, a big guy. He's had some really good reps on special teams as well. I'm pretty certain he's going to get more work this coming week. He did a nice job Saturday and we're hoping that he can build on that."

(On if James Dockery is an undrafted guy that has caught his attention)- "No question, he's a player that right now has flashed. Which, you need to have happen at corner. He's got some size. He's got what I would consider to be a really good start to this training camp."

(On how vital their roles are on specials team is in order to make the roster)- "I think a position like corner, being involved in special teams and being one of the core guys is important. We've seen him do that as well."

(On Branndon Braxton)- "He's battling. The advantage he has in some regard, he can play tackle. He's primarily a tackle. He's done a good job. Again, these next three preseason games, we'll talk about it tomorrow, but the ones kind of play a half. The two's and three's go in there during the second half. He's still going to get a bunch of reps, which are going to be important."

(On if Armond Smith's skill set intrigues him)- "I think really fast guys have a place on the field and that's what he's displayed. He can run, he's a fast sucker, he can get going. He seems to be able to hold his speed throughout practice when guys tend to get tired. He's done a nice job and he's getting a chance to play quite a bit. I think he's making the most of it."

(On the defense in the passing drills today)- "As I mentioned, they challenged some things today, which was good. I saw some plays made on defense."

(On if he would miss camp enough to where he were to visit someone else's camp when he's older)- "Football is a passion for me. Hopefully I'm working, so I don't have to, but I would go visit camps. It's a great way to see old friends. I would imagine that most of us as coaches know people on almost every staff. To hit a nice day like this and come out and watch us practice is fun for them."

(On if he had any follow up talks with Billy Yates)- "No, not after yesterday morning. We went through the process of making the move roster wise. I will have some follow up here as we go. I think it's important. As I mentioned yesterday, I like Billy. I think he's a fine man. He was a good, good player for a long time. For a guy that really wasn't a high pick. He was a guy who was undrafted and he fought it out in this league for 8-plus years. That's a lot to be said for a guy."

(On if any of the guys who have missed practice have been ruled out for Friday's game)- "We haven't officially ruled anybody out. I'll have more information on that tomorrow."

OBR Newswire updates for August 15th through August 16th
OBR Newswire on August 16th, 2011 AT 12:00 PM

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Billy Yates retires: Hot News for OG Billy Yates http://t.co/ESrrmQr

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Aug. 15
Don Delco on August 15th, 2011 AT 3:18 PM

As provided by Browns’ PR staff.

(Opening statement)- "First, before I get to the injuries, I'd like to apologies to the fans. We had so much rain yesterday and it was raining this morning. The forecast said it was going to rain even further. When we got here this morning, I made the decision we we're going to go inside. Well then, after the morning meetings, I came outside and walked around and found out that our fields actually held up and absorbed the water a little better than we thought they would, which is credit to Chris Powell and his crew. It's always better to practice outside if you can, so that's why we did it that and it was unfortunate we couldn't have the fans here today. Some of the guys that you didn't see out there today: Ben Watson felt his hamstring a little bit, nothing there just precautionary. Scott Fujita with a thigh, again precautionary. T.J. Ward had something with his tooth and he's at the dentist. Brian Schaefering got his foot stepped on today. You might have seen him limping or not taking as many reps at the end. Montario (Hardesty) was out there today. I know that's always been something we've talking about. It looked like he took some reps and did a good job. Firsts for everything and first for this team, especially the young guys, the day after a day off after a preseason game. We put them back in pads. It felt, naturally, a little slow getting started, but I think the paced picked up. There was pretty good banging. I think we got a lot of work done. As you can see there all out getting their extra stuff now. This is an important day, tomorrow and Wednesday of course to use them as padded days. As we get closer to Friday, we'll take them out of pads."

(On Hardesty getting back in to the mix)- "It was good to see him out there. He made a couple nice runs. He caught the ball out of the backfield in some of the passing drills. He actually made a real nice catch. He was running away and the ball was a little behind him so he pinned it on his fanny and then brought it around. He did a good job. It was good seeing him out there. I think he enjoyed being back at practice. We'll go in now and evaluate how he did and move forward."

(On Hardesty playing Friday)- "If he's ready to I would say. Right now, I don't want to make that commitment. I think there's a chance he might not."

(On if he has no apprehensions about Hardesty's knee)- "I'm not convinced of that yet. I think he's got to fight through that. I think you get that way by practicing."

(On if Hardesty being out affected any plans for Hardesty and Peyton Hillis playing in the backfield at the same time)- "No, we train the backs who are in the game. Again, who's in the backfield changes at times based on who is up and who is down. He'll get in there with our package with two half-backs. What it allowed was for those other guys to get more reps, which helped them."

(On his assessment of the game Saturday after watching the film)- "I think It was a good start. I'll just say that. There were plenty of mistakes in there. There were some times where the ball bounced our way. It was a good start. I just feel like there's some stuff to build on there. Behind the scenes, more things come up when you see a play that wasn't executed quite properly. On the field, you don't know if it was called that way or if guy's blew a gasket or whatever. After watching the tape some of those issues got cleared up. I have a better understanding of what exactly happened. I would still say it was a good start, but we have a long, long way to go."

(On Armond Smith getting 10 carries against Green Bay)- "He was playing in there with the three's and he was at the stage of the game in what we would call our ‘four-minute drill' so we were mounting clock and running the ball. He benefitted from that and I think he played fast. You could see on the sideline he was excitable and enjoying the experience. He did a nice job."

(On evaluating Shawn Lauvao's and Tony Pashos' run blocking)- "I don't necessarily want to be right-side dominated. I thought they did a good job for the most part. Anybody you ask, they'll probably tell you they have a handful of mistakes they have to clean up. There were a couple of runs in there that after they watch it now, if we re-ran those runs, we'd get more out of them. For the most part, the battled in there pretty well."

(On Billy Yates not being at practice)- "Billy Yates, again I wanted to finally go through this when I went inside. Billy Yates came in this morning and is contemplating retiring. We had that conversation this morning and he talked to me, he talked to Tom (Heckert). My understanding was he had thought it through. Before I mentioned anything I wanted to give him the respect of a couple hours to see if something had changed. Unless something changes, I think that this is the way it's going to go. I wasn't trying to hide it from anyone. In my mind, I didn't think it was quite final and there would have been a [press] release, I'm sure."

(On if Yates' conversation surprised him)- "It always does because Billy is a pro, a nine year guy. It surprised me a little bit. I like Billy. Billy's been doing a good job for us. From that standpoint it does. We all have to do what we have to do. I think he came to me with a clear mind. I was just going to give him these last couple hours to change it and go from there."

(On Mohamed Massaquoi being out of the boot and his expectations for practice)- "The next move is for him to be in a shoe moving around. However long it takes for him to then say ‘okay,' he's in there. We're hopeful soon."

(On his impressions of Colt McCoy after the weekend review)- "I thought he was efficient. I would stick with what I said after the game. I thought he saw what was going on extremely well. He was pretty accurate with his throws, pretty solid with his decision making. Again, once you have what you would consider to be a solid performance then it's all about consistency and I think he was right back on the stick this morning getting better at some things."

(On if Titus Brown is only a middle linebacker)- "Backup linebackers, and he's listed as a backup right now, tend to be a little bit where they have to play inside and out. I think in a pinch, yeah. He's a big heavy handed guy and he's a good MIKE linebacker."

(On if guys were energized today by their performance Saturday)- "Typically, after a game you get sore, then we gave them a day off and then they come out here in the morning and we throw them back in pads. I don't know if they're energized, but it sure was like moving cattle around to begin with (joking). It's just the way it is. I think they fought through it, but they needed a little bit of encouragement. There's a lot of ways to look at it, but there was work that needed to get done today. I feel like we got that work done. Hey, we're human, and there are times where that body doesn't want to go so well and I think they fought through it. Again, they're trying to do what we ask them to do and they call us coach for a reason because we push them through it."

(On Eric Hagg's surgery and how long he'll be out)- "Eric's slated to have surgery now or real soon so we'll see."

(On what happened to Carlton Mitchell's finger)- "He had a broken finger and they put some screws in there to stabilize it."

(On signing a safety as a result of Hagg's injury)- "If Hagg's going to be out, we're hoping not for a long period of time. We'll bring him in and see how he does."

(On D'Qwell Jackson's performance coming off all the missed time)- "He played in a game like I would have expected him to. He's been very sharp in practice. For the most part, he made his plays and he really directed the defense pretty well."

(On if T.J. Ward will only be out for a day)- "I think so. I'm going to get more of an update. He came in this morning with what I think they said was a tooth. But, then you have to go see the dentist, so we'll see. If you didn't know anybody, you'd think he got punched in the chin."

(On Carlton Mitchell returning by the regular season)- "We're hopeful. My understanding is it will be a couple weeks at the most. It's a matter of getting that finger settled down so he can get out here and compete."

(On if anything surprised him about calling the plays)- "No, I felt like we put together a plan the players could execute. I've worked the communicator before and I thought there was good communication with the coaches as far as moving forward and the plays that we wanted to call. I didn't sense anything there."

(On his thoughts about Joe Haden)- "He's enjoyable. I really enjoy being around him. He's challenging. You saw today he challenged and made a play on Greg (Little). Then Greg feels challenged and they go back and forth. He's fun. Regardless of how he feels he has a smile on his face and he's out here working. I think that's great."

(On if the expectation level raises for the other linebackers with Chris Gocong and Scott Fujita out today)- "Without really having a meeting, they slip up in there. They understand the urgency to perform well."

(On if they are thin at the linebacker position)- "I don't. I think we have guys in there competing that have a chance to make this team. From that standpoint, you're always factoring in guys that get banged up a little bit with the idea they'll be back."

(On if one of the young guys will break out at the wide receiver position)- "We're hopeful. I think you'll look for that in the games. I wouldn't say last Saturday there was anything too surprising from that group. There were guys that have been making plays consistently in practice that showed up. For the most part, I thought that crew did a good of job catching the football. Greg Little, there were a couple plays in there were he did a real nice physical job of blocking. You're always hopeful a young guy will shine. That's what we're waiting to see."

Montario Hardesty Quotes, Aug. 15
Don Delco on August 15th, 2011 AT 1:28 PM

Montario Hardesty

(On if today was a big day for him)- "It was fun to get back out here and to start getting back to football mode and get things going again. I had fun."

(On if he thinks about being hit in his knee)- "I am really just out there planning on football. I am really not thinking about that. I think of the things we have been doing in the last couple weeks, all the extra running, cutting, just getting into my comfort zone with spins. I was doing cuts that you might do every week in a game. Coming back out here on the field, everything is feeling natural."

(On if he was surprised he was held out for a couple weeks)- "I'm not saying it was a surprise, it was just going with the plan that was set. I felt like I've been getting good work in all of these days of training camp. What is this day 12? We're just going to keep going on the up and up."

(On if he feels like a rookie)- "I don't know if I feel like a rookie but I definitely had the jitters, just getting back out to practice and getting with the guys. I get the jitters before every practice and every game. It's fun."

(On if he has full trust with his knee)- "Yes, like I said, I have been doing a lot of work this whole offseason. Just getting ready for the season and to come back this year stronger and ready to go. I feel good."

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Browns awarded Brett Johnson: Hot News for FO Cleveland Browns Organization http://t.co/a7XJp5g

Browns Claim DB Brett Johnson
Don Delco on August 15th, 2011 AT 9:11 AM

The Browns officially announced a roster move on Monday morning. The team claimed Brett Johnson off waivers from Seattle. Here is Johnson’s bio, according to the Browns:

Originally signed by Buffalo as an undrafted free agent in 2010, Johnson also spent time with Philadelphia and St. Louis before being released prior to the start of the regular season. He was signed to the Bills' practice squad on December 22, where he remained for the rest of the 2010 season.

A four-year letterman at the University of California (2006-09), Johnson appeared in 49 games with 22 starts in his collegiate career, posting 107 tackles, three interceptions, eight passes defensed, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one blocked kick. A native of Henderson, Nevada, the 6-1, 194-pound Johnson attended Green Valley High School in Las Vegas.

He will wear uniform number 33.

Training Camp Closed Monday, Aug. 15
Don Delco on August 15th, 2011 AT 7:50 AM

This morning, the Cleveland Browns announced training camp will be closed to the public because of inclement weather.

The team will be practicing indoors in Berea at 10:30 a.m., but those are not open to fans.

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