Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Browns Uncensored chat regulars know that mysterious forces often shape the transcript. Everyone's spelling gets better overnight, for example. This particular transcript is about 10% of the actual conversation from a very active chat room last night. It was an interesting chat, which we've boiled down to something that is hopefully readable within a reasonable period of time. Enjoy.

David Carducci Hi Ram, AB.
KJ High Mr Carducci
David Carducci hi KJ.
ramllov Dave how did you like the draft and have you revised your opinion in the past week to 10 days?
David Carducci Ram, I have not really changed my opinion. I still think it's not going to help a bit next year. I'm convinced we will all love Faine down the road, but they didn't address any immediate needs.
David Carducci I think we'll all love Thompson as well, and Suggs is a nice addition on day two. But the Crocker pick really shocked me.
David Carducci I thought he was a day-two guy. I saw him play in person this year, and saw nothing particularly special.
ramllov I tend to agree with you, Dave, I noticed ESPN and USA Today, have dropped Cleveland from a top 12 team to 20+
David Carducci Knowing a lot of MAC coaches, I asked about Crocker and what they thought of the pick, and to a man, they all said it was a big surprise
Lou Yeah - if he can play corner so well why did Marshall stick him at safety?
David Carducci It's a great question Lou.
David Carducci I'm still of the opinion that I can't really grade it now. Even though I have a good deal of experience covering the NFL, guys like Butch Davis will always know more than I could ever learn. It's one of those things where you just have to wait and see, and anyone who wants to give it an F right now is guessing
ramllov the best reading on this draft was someone gave it an incomplete
ramllov I liked that
sutterback Do you think Butch and Company can get carried away with athleticism, without regard to actual skill? That they can be coached?
David Carducci Sutterback, I do worry about that. It seems like the first thing out of Butch's mouth when talking about a pick on draft day was going over his measurables, 40-time etc.
superfork2002 I thought our draft was a C maybe a C+
superfork2002 Thats my guess now
BUFFALODAWG 3 years, then give it a grade.
ramllov It takes three years
ramllov Look at 2001 and 2002, those are turning out to be measurable drafts
ramllov or gradeable drafts
sutterback Yes, Dave, much more to being a player than size, speed or strength.
David Carducci I said on draft day that I'd like to see just one scout watch film and attend games all season long, work on his player ratings, then go on a long vacation during the combines and workouts. Then return two weeks before the draft and see how his evaluations differ from the other scouts
David Carducci Seems that would be more valuable in my opinion
David Carducci Hi Lane
superfork2002 hey lane
ramllov Lane, what is your opinion on the draft, free agents etc?
Lane Adkins Talking with people whose responsibility is to evaluate players, the general feeling is that the Browns did not do badly. They did draft athleticism, but there are some skills involved with these players that the belief is with proper coaching, they could be successful in the league. Like some of you have said here, it takes two/three years before anyone can actually evaluate a draft.
sutterback The Browns did have several scouts seeing the potential draftees. Let's hope they know more than we do.
Lou Sounds like Butch has taken the philosophy if you've got the athletic measurables they can coach and teach them to be a productive football player.
David Carducci Lou, I agree. And that philosophy can hit in big ways. It can also lead to some big-time busts.
superfork2002 The first QB school how many of the rookies will return?
David Carducci Superfork, I'm not 100-percent sure. Depends on graduations, etc. I haven't talked with anyone in Berea this week.
superfork2002 what do u mean graduations, they can't attend unless graduated
David Carducci Superfork. If they are still in school, they have to be allowed to attend during the week. That's why Sanders missed all of the QB schools last year.
KJ It was said that all rooks will be done with classes, that's why it was moved back a bit from last year
David Carducci Good deal. Thanks KJ. I hadn't checked on it
ramllov What is your opinion Lane?
Lane Adkins From what I have viewed or haven't viewed, I don't have an opinion at the present time that I am comfortable with. I certainly don't have the issue with the draft as some in the business do.
ramllov That is fair Lane, when you develop that opinion let us know.
Lane Adkins If you like athletes, purely on numbers, then this draft is better than anyone is giving the Browns credit for. Now, does that mean we have some new ""FOOTBALL"" players on the roster? Time will only tell.
Lou Looks like the Browns made a run at all the good udfa punters and struck out on all fronts - why?
ab_CalmingDown I think Gardocki scares them off, Lou
David Carducci The general belief, as I understand it, is that Gardocki is winding down. Next year, those punters would be wise to come in.
superfork2002 How is our kicker doing in NFL Europe?
ArtBtz Not all that great Superfork.
Lane Adkins Not very well, doesn't appear to be a threat at this time.
ArtBtz Taylor is working exclusively as a punter and not doing impressively.
Siouxdawg How about Mustard?
ArtBtz Mustard and Pearson are doing the best. Mustard is catching some passes. I haven't heard anything about his blocking.
ramllov Does anyone know who is getting invited to the May 16 quarterback school?
Lou too bad we couldn't have gotten Groom
BUFFALODAWG Peter King said on a radio show in Buffalo that they took Faine because he was a can't miss Starter and a very safe pick, he also said the JETS where also very high on Chaun Thompson as where a few other teams.
David Carducci Someone asked about Chaun Thompson. I do not think he will be a bust. I had him rated as No. 3 on the board in my newspaper at OLB. Talked to several scouts who love the guy. I think he's going to develop into a very nice player. He may be for now a reach in round two, but in years to come, you'll love the pick
superfork2002 Hey how heavy is Mitchell really 330, 335, 350, or 380 lbs. anyone seen him yet?
David Carducci Superfork. That's something I can check on next week during QB school.
shanebrowndawg What is the word on Miller? He still dragging ass on the decision?
David Carducci I talked to another reporter who knows Jamir a bit better than I do. He said he honestly believed there was a 50-50 chance of his retiring rather than hurt his ego by returning to the Browns
ramllov I like the comments I have read over the years, as long as these guys run around in short they are all potential pro bowl players
ramllov Wait until the hitting starts
David Carducci Agreed Ram. Too many people in my business, and some are very good friends of mine, fall in love with a player because he looks good at this time of year.
Aqib are QB schools open to the public?
ArtBtz QB schools are not open to the public
Lou What's the latest on Jamel White?
David Carducci Lou, I don't have any new news on Jamel. Maybe during qb school.
Siouxdawg How long does QB school last?
David Carducci Three days. They are all in the middle of the week
ArtBtz I've got all the QB schools on the web calendar.
BryanK If Jamir doesn't come back, do you think Hambrick is resigned?
David Carducci BryanK, they may consider resigning Hambrick anyway. It's a decision that can be made at a later date.
ramllov Do you
ramllov think that Parcells really wants Tim
ramllov Couch
ramllov ?
David Carducci Don't believe the rumors with KJ. They happen every year.
Aqib yeah there is not a big rush for Hambrick
BryanK Would Hambrick only be insurance against the 2nd year guys not working out?
David Carducci BryanK, that's probably a good way to look at it. I think they'll give those guys as many reps and as much face time as possible during the next month or so, then see what's out there June 1, then make a few decisions. Hambrick could be one of the decisions
Guest12 Is Crocker going to be expected to play this year
David Carducci Guest12, you would hope to see a third round pick like Crocker produce fairly early, especially considering they have no value from Butch's first two 3rd round picks. But I just don't see Crocker going from average MAC safety to a productive NFL corner in one year.
David Carducci I could be wrong though.
Guest165 with Courtney back and the exchange of players I think our defense will be much stronger. What your take???
David Carducci Guest165. I hope so. In my mind, Courtney, Gerard and Tim are the absolute keys to the season. They are the big investments from the first two years, and none have paid off the way you would like.
robdawgie Dave, How frustrated is Q now that KJ is still on the team?
David Carducci Rob, I know Q pretty well, and I don't think he is the type who would be frustrated to have KJ around. The two seem to be pretty good friends. (more coming)
David Carducci Q doesn't seem to be a selfish guy to me. I think some of his frustration has been misread by some fans, other media members and even a few coaches. He just wants to be productive, and when he feels he isn't given the chance, he gets frustrated.
David Carducci I think he sees himself as a guy who can be a No. 1 receiver and a nice complement to KJ, who ideally is a No.2 or possession guy
ramllov Dave, do you see the Browns as having two accomplished receivers and the others as developing? KJ and Morgan?
Siouxdawg Dave, does Q pity KJ for having such limited athletic ability?
David Carducci KJ is actually a heck of an athlete. He's a very good basketball player. He is faster than some people think. What people don't understand is that he actually has some problems similar to the ones that plague Q. KJ allows his mind to wander and misses a lot of assignments.
robdawgie Thanks....Does he have a good head on his shoulders? I question that sometimes
David Carducci Robdawgie, I think Q does have a good head on his shoulders in a lot of ways. He is a very hard worker. He desperately wants to improve. He is willing to shoulder the blame for mistakes. There are some things he just doesn't get yet. I think he sometimes has this ""everyone's out to get me mentality"" even when people are there to help him. He is a guy who misunderstands and is misunderstood. Hopefully it's something he will grow out of...
robdawgie Awesome stuff
robdawgie Thanks
redright Has Couch paid for the WRs mistakes?
David Carducci redright. Couch has paid for the mistakes of his WR's, his line and his RB's in the first few years. The problem with Tim is he has compounded the mistakes of his teammates. He doesn't always have a cool head under pressure when a teammate blows a play, and he's developed some very bad habits in my opinion. Now that he has some talent around him, I'm hoping he works out a few of these problems
ramllov Dave, do the receivers realize they have a great receiver coach, do you expect them to continue to improve?
David Carducci Ram, they clearly understand that Robiskie is a great guy to learn from. They all seem to have a great relationship and credit him for every positive step they take in learning how to be an NFL receiver.
BryanK What about TE; is Sanders going to be given the shot to be ""The Guy?""
David Carducci Bryan, I think Sanders has to be given that opportunity, at least now. I have to admit, I see more in him than I ever thought I would. I was never very impressed by Sanders at OSU, but I saw a few things in practice with him that I really liked. He does have better hands than I believed, and I think he can be a very good blocker.
robdawgie He Dave thanks a ton!! I'll shut up so other people can pump you for info!!
robdawgie Thanks!!
shanebrowndawg Dave, Is what Mort said about Holcomb true? Thanks
David Carducci Shane, which comment by Mort is that?
shanebrowndawg mort said Holcomb has an edge going into camp
David Carducci Shane, I don't think he has the edge, necessarily. I think the Browns would love to see Couch finally step up and develop, but I'm not as confident in his standing with the team as I once was
ramllov Dave, is there going to be veteran insubordination on the team this year? Has the bad guys gone away?
David Carducci Ram, there are still some guys in the locker room who are questionable in that respect, but on the whole it's not a bad locker room.
redright Dave, what about our DBs this year?
David Carducci Redright, there are obviously some big questions in the defensive backfield. I still wonder what will happen with Griffith. I don't like the addition of Crocker. I have my doubts about Henry and Sanders, although I think both are talented enough and have outstanding measurables as corners. Henry doesn't seem to get it. He has the skill, but I don't know if he has the head to be a shutdown corner.
howldawg Dave if Couch doesn't win the starting job is he gone right away?
David Carducci Howldawg, I don't think he'd be gone right away simply because it's a difficult move to make. I think if he doesn't win the job, and I still believe or at least hope he will (simply because it is best for the team), I believe a move would be made in the following off-season.
howldawg my hopes as well thanks for confirming
Siouxdawg Dave, if Henry doesn't get it, how did he manage 10 ints as a rook?
David Carducci Siouxdawg, not to put down his 10 picks, but some were gifts. Most also came playing a different role as a special-package DB in the nick and dime. I think he has outstanding skills, but he makes some very basic mistakes.
Guest229 Dave, have you heard anything regarding Quasim Mitchell's progress? Will he contribute this year for us?
David Carducci Guest229, I've heard a lot just in terms of the fact that the Browns really believe he was a find, and that he could be a factor in the battle for positions on the line this year.
Guest229 Dave, I still find it hard to believe that Mitchell never got drafted, it may be a great find for us
David Carducci Guest229, it really could be a great find. A lot of people on this site, including several of you, had him rated pretty highly before the draft, and were hoping he'd be added as an undrafted free agent
robdawgie Here Dave...I have a great question
David Carducci what's that rob?
robdawgie If the Browns wanted Qasim sooooooooo much why didn't they draft him in the seventh??
robdawgie It doesn't make sense to me
David Carducci I'm not sure Rob. I only know that they did like him, but made a decision in another area. You can like a guy, and work it out on draft day to have him agree to sign if he is not drafted. That's what they did, and then when they got him in, they liked what they saw
David Carducci Since then, they've been even more impressed.
David Carducci There are a lot of guys like that. Zeus was that kind of guy
Guest229 Dave, with Frisman at WR, any chance we will move KJ (Is it true Davis doesn't like him?)
David Carducci I don't think it's so much that Davis dislikes KJ. I think it's more that he is frustrated by him.
David Carducci Frisman is still a project who can become a nice player and still fills a role on special teams
ramllov Dave could Q. Mitchell play RT? He is a big guy
David Carducci Ram, I think he's looked at only as a guard right now. Davis is very happy with Tucker (now that his Lou Gehrig streak of fall starts ended)... and Mitchell's size and strength just makes him a very interesting option at RG
ramllov Dave do you see KJ as having more upside?
redright I like KJ a lot. I just wish he would play up to his potential on every play.
Siouxdawg yet he is still thrown at the most despite his inability to make anything happen after the catch
KJ wait till 2004 when Morgan is a'll see how overpriced he is
Siouxdawg KJ is far, FAR too selfish to be a team leader
redright Kj can be a team leader because of his ability. Agree he has head problems Sioux
David Carducci There are some things about KJ that I don't like, but I think he can be a more athletic receiver than people think. He does have very good hands. He is faster than people believe, and he can be better in the open field than people believe. Selfishness is actually a legitimate question
shanebrowndawg Dave, you have anything on Courtney? Is he ready?
David Carducci Shane, I don't have anything new on Courtney, but I'm looking forward to seeing him and talking to Campo et al as we get going. It's one of those things where you have to wait and see with him. Like I said, I think he is a big, if not the biggest, key to the season.
redright Dave, Is KJ a coach killer? Terrific and then disappearing (mentally)
David Carducci Redright, I don't think he is a coach killer in the traditional sense, because he's not the type who could cost a coach his job. I do think he frustrates Davis. I know for a fact that Butch was extremely frustrated on several occasions by KJ, most notably after the first Pittsburgh game.
David Carducci Interesting, too, that they used one of KJ's biggest mistakes on ESPN on draft day in illustrating problems with Couch.
howldawg Dave wasn't that about blocking ?
David Carducci I believe it was Jaws who showed the clip on ESPN.
David Carducci (Jaworski is a golfing buddy, so I don't want to rip him) but Jaws was wrong
ramllov Is the reason why Holcomb goes to Morgan and Northcutt more than KJ because they are more reliable? DAVE?
David Carducci Ram, I don't think that's the case. I think Holcomb is a system guy who goes where the play dictates.
redright Thanks Dave. I thought it was a poor shot at Couch, seemed agenda driven,
David Carducci The play they showed on ESPN, KJ failed to alter his route on a hot read, then Jamel picked up the wrong blitzing DB. Couch compounded the problem by making a poor decision, but he didn't have many options. KJ also missed a big chip play earlier in the game that would have given William Green a touchdown reception.
ramllov Dave will Tim Couch know the system this year, it will be the third year?
David Carducci Ram, I hope so. I think he knows it now. He needs to be more comfortable in the system and a bit more natural with his reads
redright Dave did the guys run better and more disciplined plays with Holcomb? less ad lib than with Couch?
David Carducci Redright, I don't know if that is the case. I think it is possible that Holcomb made some players a bit more comfortable simply because he was more comfortable in the offense and possibly even more comfortable in his own shoes. Tim is a guy who seems to let things get to him, and I don't mean that he gets down when he hears the boos or questions his ability, but instead feels too much pressure to respond by making the big play. Holcomb lets the game come to him. I still think Couch is the better quarterback.
Siouxdawg Dave, how good can Willie be this year?
David Carducci I think William Green can be outstanding. Like everyone, I was more than impressed with the way he developed in the second half of the year. I'm hopeful even with just the change of Faine, that he will get even better. The bulk of the Browns linemen have finally had a chance to work together and stay together (for good or bad), and that at least should help.
ramllov Dave do you see Jamal White signing a four year contract?
David Carducci Ram, I'm not sure. I thought it would happen by now. Jamel is very, very sensitive.
Siouxdawg Do you think that the coaching staff is more free with the playbook with Kelly. He seems to change the play at the line more than Tim.
David Carducci I'm not really sure about how free the staff is with Holcomb, compared to Tim. I don't think they see Holcomb as ""the guy"" either, even if Tim does not win the job. He would really only be a stopgap
redright Can Faine provide the push? what happens to Fowler?
David Carducci Redright, I'm starting to think Fowler is leaning towards bust. He certainly is not going to play guard this year if Qasim wins a job. There is no way they start the year with three guys who are for all intents and purposes rookies in the interior line. That means going into year three in 2004 with nothing out of that first-day pick
Aqib Dave why would White want to sign a 4 year deal if he wasnt a chance to start somewhere
David Carducci It's a good question Aqib. There are still some questions with Jamel, though, around the league. For one, some scouts say he can not play on turf. He's not comfortable (which I don't understand. He seems like a guy who would be ideal on turf). But that is the perception, and in the NFL perceptions are hard to break. It's the reason the Colts cut him. Plus, as shortsighted as the thinking is, teams still see him as an undrafted free agent, and would rather give other players a shot first
redright Doesn't fowler have good mechanics?
David Carducci Redright, actually Fowler seems to have some decent mechanics, and he could have the skills to one day be a fine guard in this league. The problem is, the Browns for now don't appear to be prepared to give him a shot. They seem to be most interested in Mitchell, and for better or worse (probably the latter), Davis seems to love Stokes.
David Carducci That means it's hard for Fowler to get his chance here, making him a potential bust
newdawg Dave, will Jameson win a starting job this year?
David Carducci Newdawg, I'd like to see it. I like Jameson a lot. I like his speed, and I like some of the things I've seen. Really like his attitude and work ethic, and I think the Browns have some tough decisions to make in that secondary with the cap
t-dawg29 Dave how will the scheme of the defense differ from last year? more or less aggressive?
David Carducci T-dawg, my guess is it won't be very different. Davis and Campo have the similar backgrounds. Campo was brought in as a guy Davis could trust to implement what he wants (something he didn't have before). It's not something they are going to tell me. We'll just have to see what develops, but my guess is they are going to play a lot of cover-two and rely on pressure from the front four.
Lou Although they want to put all the blame on Palmer/Clark, the Butch Davis crew also made some dumb free agent decisions that helped get them into this salary cap mess.
David Carducci I agree Lou. They made some dreadful free agent decisions.
newdawg since Jameson is probably playing for minimum, that should set up up well.
newdawg How does Andra Davis' speed compares to Earl Holmes?
David Carducci Newdawg, from what I have seen, Andra is faster. Speed was the big question for him coming in, but he ended up showing some nice instincts and athleticism in pass defense when he was pressed into duty as a nickel linebacker. He doesn't have the experience, so he may be a bit slower than Holmes in reading and reacting as a starting MLB, but again, Davis is a guy with a great attitude, a willingness to learn and work hard, and I see him as a very real factor at middle linebacker
David Carducci Guys, I'm sorry. I have to run. My old college roommate is in town from Charlotte with his new son (my new godson). They drove in tonight, and got in during the chat. I need to spend some time with them
David Carducci Thanks guys
redright thanks Dave i learned a lot tonight.
David Carducci you all have a great night

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