Gameballs and Goats: Week 1

Editors note: We hope we got all the f-bombs, and other types of bombs. Because there were a lot of them. Hooo boy - not a good start for the Shurmur era.

SUMMARY: It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better. If you say it enough, you start believing it. Try it with me: It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better.It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better.It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better.It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better.It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better.It's gotta get better. It's gotta get better..

Player Gameballs
Joe Haden (23,CB) 224
D'Qwell Jackson (52,ILB) 190
Josh Cribbs (16,WR) 185
Colt McCoy (12,QB) 37
No One 35
Mohamed Massaquoi (11,WR) 34
Phil Taylor (98,DT) 33
Evan Moore (89,TE) 30
Ben Watson (82,TE) 28
Fans 25

Player Horns
Pat Shurmur (HC) 178
Richmond McGee (8,P) 139
Dick Jauron (DC) 98
Entire Organization 62
Entire Defense 61
Entire Offense 46
Joe Haden (23,CB) 44
Artis Hicks (75,OL) 43
Oneil Cousins (72, OL) 41
Shawn Lauvao (66,OG) 37

Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-In
GertBFrobe Big Jen The Rapist:) Offensive Line, Whole team
canvanfan Davis, Crennel, Mangini
davekolonich The Remnants of Eric Mangini's Discipline The Ghost of John St. Clair haunting the fourth quarter
whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
Rubix60 da bears who ever was responsible for the huddle
dawngregry Offensive Line
ryan78 Mancini
Joe Thomas
SpectreDawgTalk The fans for actually getting excited for this one before more of the same old... Our rotating door at RT
Tony Grossi
ovbrownsfan Head Coach
Play Calling
egillen Right side of OL
GregTNG trenches on passing downs
mike holmgrem
offensive line
The referee pushed by Shurmur
rutger Offensive line
glousterbrown offensive line
OrangeandBrownLoyalty Defensive line and linebackers Right side of offensive line
Walldog O-line
houndfromhell You got to be kidding? Any fans that try to spin these losses as fixable
ohiostatebucks123456 Entire Offensive Line
mtsames Art and his Baztard son
Offensive line
roscoe2009 No gameball's for the Clowns. Al Lerner.
MeatAndPotatoes 0 seconds on the game clock, alcohol, Miley Cyrus Did I mention Hicks? How about Hicks?, Moore's hand.
JerseyBrownFan Fans Only The lack of any Cleveland Cheerleaders
Muddy Eric Steinbach
TheJamDawg The US of A Bill Leavy. Today's Official was the Official in Super Bowl XL.
just thinking... offensive line
Offensive Line
swalidawg Lawrence Vickers Joey Porter
offensive line
Aqib Roger Goodell
IkoIko Oneil Cousins
Entire O line
rambodawg entire defensive coaching staff
brownatic The Offensive line
Here we go again! 4th quarter defense
None, note when you lose. Entire Organization.
Eric Mangini - Miss him yet?
tmac4 learn to call timeout!!!!!
GTownBrown dick Jauron
olomoust Jim Donovan
gilewicz Offensive Line
Defensive Huddles
DixieDawg Mark Barron Bruce Arians
houndfromhell Tony gets paid for nothing Pashos. Any fans that are left. roll over and die already.
BeerMan13 Tuesday Try Out Punters
My gut for feeling every year that this year is the year the Browns will improve
Big4Bill2k8 Pittspuke
None Browns Players, Coachs & Management
entire defense on 3 and 12
None Whole Team
salemdog Offensive Line
AZDawg54 Heckert
redright Benard The usual suspects
dudewheresmygleam Jim Donovan
dp10451 nap count.
Number1BrownsFan OL
D'Qwell Jackson Special Teams
FLADAWG1 Massaquoi had a nice catch
jdlang O-Line
sargent3 Ben Watson
MuskieBuck Lerner again
NewJerzeDawg Mike Holmgren's gut


Gameball Comments
Fan Gameball Comments
GertBFrobe Nothing good about this day except the good drunk I'm enjoying. And the fact that the Squeelie Rapist Bastard had 5 turnovers alls by his self.
canvanfan For being fired.
davekolonich The last game ball was the one that slipped out of Colt McCoy's hand.

I feel as if I'm being extremely generous giving out gameballs to anyone on this absolutely horrible f***ing team.

No Game balls for for this cluster F

Haden was incredible, now only if the whole team decided to get out of the huddle on time......the crap TD could have been thrown to anyone on bungles!
SpectreDawgTalk Had a few really nice performances in this marred by the debacle that is the 2nd half. Hopefully they use this game to shake the rust off and show up next week.
fishman Josh was the only one out there that looked like a pro out there.
BulldogDad Considering the O-Line's poor play, Colt did well. Peyton was solid, and held onto the ball. Joe Haden was everywhere: Green's TD wasn't all on him.
BrownNotes Defense looked very good at times. Better than expected.

Thank goodness for beer on days like today!!!
rutger Haden, Jackson and Cribbs

Defense has potential
houndfromhell Typical Browns effort all around. If a team is ailing, they smile and snicker after they see the Browns play them on their schedule.
Thanks Dandy Randy Lerner for showing zero intrest in the team that your Daddy bought and handed to you, even though you show everyone by your actions that you know nothing and despise the game of football and the team you have been stuck with.
At least one player shows effort, thats Cribbs and only Cribbs.
mtsames Losers get Nothing

Gameballs? GAMEBALLS?

G A M E B A L L S ????? !!!!!!!!

It takes balls to ask for gameballs after this embarrassment!

Its a strecth to give any gameballs, but Josh is still our best player, Hillis is a beast but may struggle in with our depleted line and loss of Vickers due to front office ignorance. Watson is the best free agent signing weve made in years.

Sorry no game balls for players only for the Browns Fans who have to watch this kind of game once again.
yogi8 Haden played great, he did get burned for that TD but that seemed to be an entire D problem, none were ready to play. Welcome back DQ and Hardesty and gameballs for being effective and walking off field.
JerseyBrownFan Sorry no game balls for players. Only for the Cleveland Browns Fans who have to watch this kind of game once again.
TheJamDawg Watson and Moore get Gameballs for some nice Catches. Cribbs gets one for dealing with the new, stupid kickoff rules by think "AWW! F*CK IT! I'M TAKING THIS OUT!"
PhotoCityDawg Welcome back Jim Donovan!
Aqib Joe Haden was all over the field breaking up passes. Haven't seen a corner like that ever.

Cribbs's big kickoff return swung the momentum of the game, at least for a while.

I am not sold on McCoy. In fact I very much doubt McCoy. However, he did have 2 huge throws.
IkoIko DQ played a hulluva game. Stay Healthy!

DQ was all over the field. Momass had a pretty good game after coming off an injury. Josh was Josh.
brownatic Joe Joe Haden in the Pro Bowl for this game. I know you can't put someone in for one game but if you could he would be the man.

Another Ground Hog Day.
chowdogg We need more Cribbs on our team

Haden is a player

Atlanta lost
DixieDawg None. No one.
houndfromhell Damn, add Pashos with the 3 Browns type probowlers I listed above, How could they ever possibly lose?
Now they got Joe Thomas jumping offsides and false starting. Guess he dont want to be out done by the grade schoolers that make up the offensive line with him.
Sign Dandy Lerners wallet up as a O.T. Couldnt move any slower.Once an Expansion team, always an Expansion team, and Dandy is our Expansion team owner extroidniar. GO DANDY RANDY, KICK THAT SOCCER BALL.....
BeerMan13 Tuesday better be the day we find a better punter
Big4Bill2k8 IF we can clean up penalties and mental errors, there's enough talent on this team to give Browns fans hope. This is a young team, but they're professionals, fans need to see this team improve week in and week out.

redright Liked McCoy and Haden and Cribbs, they played. Bernard makes four.

Jackson and Massauquoi had good games, Cribbs always provides a spark on special teams, have to get him more involved with offense
dp10451 Two words describe Joe Haden.......All Pro! Good to se e DQ back. He had a good game. Taylor is a great complimentary player to go with Rubin.

Cribbs looks healthy again and provided plenty of sparks to rally behind; Haden may be the best CB in the league; Watson made a number of big plays when called upon.
DawgHowl Josh Cribbs gave the team a much needed spark with his kickoff return in the second quarter, also had a nice punt return and gave a great effort on his attempt to down a punt at the 1 yard line.

Jackson was all over the field making plays against both the pass and run.

Haden completely shut down his side of the field, aside from the fluke TD to Green.

I am also gonna add the two rookies, Taylor and Sheard. I thought they were both very active, got good penatration and made some plays behind the LOS. Not a bad start for the two rookies

This one needs to go to the fans that had to stomach watching that pathetic showing of a PRO team. Joe Haden & T.J. Ward are the bright spots on this team. One of these days we'll get Joe Thomas and Mack some real help on the line. Steinbach was missed as well as Vickers!
FLADAWG1 Surprised Colt is still standing. The OL needs quick improvement and has to protect the QB. Opening holes for the RBs would help as well.
froggy60 solid game for D'Qwell

for jump starting the team with return

CCClay57 Great job Joe, you played a great game. Same with DQ, hope he stays healthy. Hardesty was getting positive yardage, he should have played more. Enough of taking it easy.


Fan Goathorn Comments
GertBFrobe We are the laughing stock of the NFL, that's all.
davekolonich Even with a five yard head start, Phil Dawson can still barely reach the end zone on kickoffs.
vadawglb Team was not ready to play and the offensive play calling was pathetic

Defensive scheme was terrible

Boneheaded mental lapse cost us the game!!!!!!!

F*** the NFL, and F*** the Cleveland Browns for ruining football season every year.

WTF... I'm already longing for Daboll's play calling and Ryan's Defense.

Heckert, thanks for making a move or two in free agency to shore up our RT position knowing Pathos was going to go down....

Mr mcGoo may be the worst punter in the history of the franchise

What happened to the momentum????? Nothing like playing to the level of the competition. This team needs to quit looking at the score board to figure out how aggressive they should be. Keep playing lights out until the clock reads 0:00. Do not take your foot off the gas and try to conserve fuel and coast to the finish.
SpectreDawgTalk Shurmur looked like a rookie head coach today. Lousy 2nd half gameplan, getting flagged for running over a ref and not calling a timeout on the freebie TD to Green. Our RT situation is pitiful. I really hope Colt isn't this bad all the time in the rain or it's going to be a very long season. Only Cleveland could find a way to lose like this.
fishman Colt looked confused. We are talking about the Bengals D, he is going to face much tougher ones. I am back to square 1 with this kid.
BulldogDad Hicks was horrible at RT; Pashos, just retire - I don't think you really want to play. Why is Robiskie even on the team?
TpostDawg I surely will get flamed for this but Mangini and staff
WOULD NOT have lost this game.
First off there would NOT have been all
Those penalities and Seely would not have this
egillen Welcome to Cleveland Coach Shurmur, where we lead the NFL in finding unique ways to lose football games, even to former third string Brown's QBs who come back to beat us with smart school-yard quick-count plays.

Ya better fix the right side of your OL or you'll be auditioning 3rd, 4th and 5th string QBs this fall.
BrownNotes FFS Shurmur, run the damn ball. Now I know why Vickers was kicked to the curb. He won't call runs.
GregTNG No pass pro and no pass rush.

How do you not call a timeout when the offense is on the ball, and your D is in a huddle? That was humiliating, shameful, and completely unprofessional.

It's gonna be a long season if the O-line doesn't GREATLY improve over the Colt McCoy's life threatening performance we saw today!

With "improvements" like these, the Browns should be contending by 2020. God awful coaching and preparation, Shurmur. Pushing a referee? A new low.

rutger Wow, do we need a punter! And if the OL doesn't protect McCoy better than that we'll need a lot more QB's on this roster too.

Offense completely broke down, the Browns are going to wish they had this on back later in the season.
glousterbrown Honestly, that was some of the most pathetic football sandwiched around a couple of decent quarters.

Sorry, I voted twice. First time, I totally forgot to vote for Little as a goat. Don't know how I missed that one so I had to come back and vote just for Little. Nice block Greg.
OrangeandBrownLoyalty No comment needed. They were terrible!
Walldog No offensive line play + no defensive line play + sudden attack of the dumbs= LOSS.......AGAIN!!!!
houndfromhell No effort from either team. The Bengals have their superstar in R.B. Benson, he at least trys hard. The Browns got an overrated McCoy, offensive
line, and no widereceivers at all.
Just our typical 13 year old Expansion Browns, only with less talented players and coaches. Manningless Colts will destroy this team next week, and watch out, its on national t.v., after the game, Dandy Randy will want to fire everyone AGAIN, and restart from Expansion leftovers so they can be prepared for another 5 year plan. For the 14th year.

Whote Defense for falling asleep at the wheel! This team never ceases to amaze me with the creative (code word for pathetic) ways they find to loose a game! UGH!
mtsames They really sucked today.

Colt McCoy will never become a good QB if he's scrambling for his life. Pashos better have a REAL good excuse for not suiting up in Indy! T J Ward needs to knock off the swagger and focus on his job. Hamstring, smamstring! Lead, follow, or get out of the way! This is our version of a strong safety? Please!

We had one of the best fullbacks in the game, fullbacks are cheap, Marecic couldnt block in an elementary school game. Did Sheldon Brown get old that fast? Mangini is still available right? Could we trade Dallas for Rob Ryan? From the looks of this team they will aspire to be the 5-11 team they used to be, but they wont reach there goal.
roscoe2009 The real Browns are in Baltimore and we have the Clowns, nothing has changed since 1999.We get the guy that flew Art to Baltimore and it's been downhill ever since.West coast offense, looked like the same s*** we watched for last 12 year's.Our team need's are still Quarterback, head coach and a new owner, that care's. With all the proven coaches out there, we take a first time head coach again, he looked lost on the sideline's . We had all the money under the salary cap and spent none of it, as long as we go to game's and spend money $30.00 parking,$8.00 hot dog and $8.50 beer they won't be any change's that will make us winner's. Another f***ing lost season.
yogi8 Jaron has to have that D ready, Shurmur had a bad game, playcalling, and getting team ready to play. McGee? as Elaine said to Soup Nazi, NEXT!
JerseyBrownFan Very disaapointed I must say once again. Already gave up my Direct TV NFL Package as I said after last year. Wasn't going to waste another $350 to watch crap again. Well today Direct TV had a freebie to anyone who subcribes to Direct TV so I said what the heck let me catch the Browns first game of the year to see what we have. Wasn't impressed one bit playing against a team such as Cinsy. As I have been saying over the years there were plenty of nice Sunny Sundays that I sat home watching the Browns lose. Sunday was overcast and as I said the game was a freebie so I stayed in and suffered the consquences once again. Been there done that and I am real tired of it. Once again this team is lacking something. Ok I guess we can have some accuses being the team only practiced for about a month but so did Cinsy lead by a rookie quarterback. Browns blew another one. Will they ever learn how to play the game correctly. How many penalites was that? Can't blame Mangini now could we fellows. Remember that Mangini Browns team really impressed us with showings against the Patriots and Saints last year where we gave them a run for their money and beat them bad. Although we didn't win the game against the Jets that was one hell of a game in 2010 and the Jets had a hell of a time beating the Browns if all remember it could of went either way. All I want to know is what happened to that team? To all my friends here next Sunday I will be doing something different maybe take one of my Hot Rods out for a nice Sunday Cruise and listen to some oldies some going back to when the Browns were a real football team and other teams feared them including the Squealers.

TheJamDawg Richmond McGee was such a lousy Punter that I gave him Two Goat Horns. The Defense Gets one for falling asleep.

Browns were not disiplined or organized. Coaching has to be a big part of that embarrasement.

the offensive line is not pro caliber. the worst pass blocking i've ever seen.
Aqib Hey Greg Little, try not to hit your own teammate when he is carry the ball.

Was Brian Robiskie even there today after the pregame introductions? Did he leave to make sure he turned off the gas before leaving the house? Why is he even on the team? In fact Robiskie should retire because he is just stealling money at this point.

One area the Browns have been solid in since coming back into the NFL has been the punting game. First Gardocki, than Zastudil, than Hodges. McGee isn't holding up that tradition.

Lastly I attribute a lot of the sloppiness including the INEXCUSABLE false starts and illegal formation penalties to a new coaching staff not having an offseason to implement their system. For that I blame Goodell.

not prepared at all to play
IkoIko Next time call a time out when the other team is lined up and you D hasn't broken the huddle!

Offensive play calling was nothing like it was in the first 2 preseason games. Coach did not have this team ready fo this one.

offense looked great in the 2nd quarter, did nothing the other 3. Defense played a solid game for 55 minutes, then fell asleep, then fell apart. Hey Pat and Dick, you are allowed to call timeouts from the sideline when you see the offense ready to snap it, and your defense is not lined up

the team did not pursue a right tackle prospect in the offseason.Instead they decided to rely on the one legged pashos thanks heckert and holmgren
SacTribe Shurmur or Jauron can call a timeout from the sideline when they see the offense is set and the defense is not lined up. Guess they were as asleep as their players. Moore stabs at the ball with one hand a lot. two hands evan, two hands
rambodawg apparently we take the fourth quarter off?
NaplesRBR Looked bad! Getting too old to watch an inferior team. Seven penalties in the 1st quarter. Still they take the lead, then stall like a manual car driven by a fifteen year old girl.
mes92658 Another punter, and get him FAST !!!!!!
Pugz1 McGee gets three sets of horns for those three horrible punts. No wonder that guy couldn't make a roster.
brownatic I understand the injuries but they looked awful.

Shawn Lauvao was jumpier than than a caffeinated grasshopper

Another Groung Hog year and I am sick of it.

Never seen an NFL team so unready to play football. But at least the coaching staff make them feel like "men". So they got that going for them, which is nice.
chowdogg Owen needs to be taken off the field untill he matures as a blocker ...He will get our better players hurt. After a missed block he went through the motions of saying oh shucks with his arms.

The punter needs cut....or one more game and then shot...he looked like a scared puppy

we are losers
The defense was just not ready for a play....oh man are we a bunch of losers

I can't even fathom how bad we are as a team
GTownBrown Hey Dick thanks for giving your old team a win. Get the plays in

holmgren,heckert, and lerner=the 3 stooges

A penalty on the Browns for Shurmur running into a ref? Really?? Clearly not intentional - can't believe they called that!!
Games23 Tony Pashos never plays. What a poor investment he's been. Having him as a starter implies your backup rt will start over half your games. Sweet.
Appraiser Didn't need an experienced wide receiver or a decent right tackle? It is one thing to get younger, but it is just dumb to not get the help you need. And the coaching, poor effort.
DixieDawg Well, this should be a fun season. Again.
houndfromhell Ohio Expansion foosball at its best.
The team full of players that Been gal`s
and a team of Brown S***. That last one being the Ohio Expansion team.
Manningless Colts 45, Ohio`s Expansion team 3. Will Expansion Dandy Lerner go watch his team Sunday? Hell yes, they play at home v.s. the Liverpool soccer team. Expansion Dandys favorite sport. Great job running your Dead Daddys team Expansion Dandy Lerner.
BeerMan13 McGee, 11 yards sucks. I can kick that barefoot in my backyard. I hope you don't make it past Tuesday. Field Postion is key and you hurt us most. Cousins now we know why Baltimore cut you you should be playing in some Semi-Pro League in Thailand.
Pipehitter09 Loss is a loss, looked like a preseason game, the penalities were disgusting, Cedric Bensons running touchdown was worse the A.J. Green....Mangini would have coached the team better.

The word pathetic would be a compliment on how the Browns played Sunday against the Bengals

The accountability for this and future 2011 debacles must rest with Lerner, Holmgren, and Heckert. Good job gentlemen, you were beaten by Mike Brown. Thank You.
Big4Bill2k8 Too many penalties, too many mental lapses, not enough fire, passion, or sense of urgency. ESPECIALLY in the 4TH QTR, its not over until the clock reads 0:00.

The Browns can't field a better RT than Hicks? He was the worst OL for the Redskins last year, and now we are going to play him. Mind boggling!

I Hope Colt, Haden, and the rest get used to losing cause that's the only thing the Browns have been consistant at for the last 40+ Years and from what I've seen, these guys are no different. Same Old Browns, Just Differnt named Losers. The Browns don't just find ways to Lose, THEY INVENT THEM! They Should be ashamed of themselves. Quit Embarassing the City.

We are the perfect Solution for Indianapolis, They Don't need a Quarterback to beat the Browns. The Browns Beat Themselves! ABC = Anybody Beats Cleveland! Welcome to Cleveland, Shurmer Thanks for carrying on the Losing Tradition!
AZDawg54 Went into the season with rookie punter and Pasos at tackle. Both of them were high risk decisions
redright Big change this year. We go from giving weekly goathorns to Mangini to now writing in Shurmur....progress. And Heckert...thanks for Cousins,Greco, Pinkston, Marecic, McGee. And Robo is going to do,,,,,,,,,,what?

coaching staff lost this one, learn how to call a timeout!!!

On the TD pass to Green, the receiver on the other side was open also. Sheldon Brown was at-least 10 yards away from that receiver too!

let a top 5 fb go, and waste 2 4th round picks on nobodys
dp10451 In a word, McGee sucked. Lauvao needs to pay attention to the snap count. Where were all the fans? This was the season opener for christ sakes. I'm embarassed by some of these "fans".

TJ Ward looks like Roy Williams - always going for the kill shot & couldn't cover Gresham at all. After a promising start his career looks to be in decline already. HICKS NEEDS TO BE CUT NOW. Shurmur was outcoached bad a very poor coach. I sure hope this isn't just Daddy's boy
DawgHowl Richmond McGee: some of the worst punting I have ever seen.

Pat Shurmur: I know its his first game as a Head Coach but the team look flat and undisciplined to start the game and completely unorganized late in the game. He had better get that crap cleaned up.

Jauron: may as well throw him in here as well. He has been coach for a long time in the nfl even a head coach and still failed to take a timeout or have his defense ready to go on the TD pass to Green, unbelievable!

Right Side OL: The right side of the OL was horrible, we need a RT in the worst way!

Offensive line was just plane offensive!!! Has been for many years. They made John St. Clair look like an ALL pro. You can give us fans the spin about how our recievers are just as good as any other NFL team but they are non existant. Nobody respects them except our front office.
FLADAWG1 The FO needs to find some additional LBs and Pass rushers. We still suffer from allowing QBs way too much time. HS & college 101, offense does not need to wait for the defense to line up! Get to the line and be ready. Taken to school by a rookie QB and WR shame on the defense!

You cant tell me Richmond Mcgee is the best punter available. Kind of sad that as bad as the team was, McGee was the worst player on the field imo. Pretty sure most highschool punters are better.
BrownsDawg19 Get Pasho's out of here already.
froggy60 horrible offense calling

going to sleep and not being ready to play.


Ho hum@@ Same old product with new packaging. What else is new??
MuskieBuck I don't blame Holmgren and Herkert for the Sunday debacle-I blame the guy who hired them. It must be nice making $10 million/year like Holmgren and putting such a miserable product out on the field.

Same old crap, just another year.
CCClay57 Robo got a great start to his higher production...oh wait, that's right, it must be someone elses fault.
Way would you sign a punter who hasn't punted in the NFL? Nice job FO.

Hey C.B.S. how about covering the game and not be so obsessed with getting your pre-determined talking points out.You did not explain/show the penalty on the referee interference,the personal foul on Ward,or the reversed call on Cincinnati illegal substitution that Marvin Lewis successfully argued out of.
I dont need to hear continual conversation about whats coming up at half-time back in New York.

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