Cribbs big winner in Gameballs and Goats

Browns fans pegged the return man as the MVP against Colts

SUMMARY: We hoped it would get better... and it got better! Thank you, Indianapolis Colts! Thank you, Peyton Manning's neck! Thank you, Mr. NFL Schedule Maker! You won't see any of those things winning the vote in this week's Gameballs and Goats, but let's give them all a nodding acknowledgement as we hand out this week's Gameballs and Goats.


Player Gameballs
Josh Cribbs (16,WR) 168
Peyton Hillis (40,FB) 145
Colt McCoy (12,QB) 96
Jabaal Sheard (90,DT) 90
Joe Thomas (73,OT) 38
Phil Taylor (98,DT) 37
Ahtyba Rubin (71,DT) 31


Player / Thing Goathorns
Brian Robiskie (80,WR) 55
Anything Pittspuke 46
Montario Hardesty (31,RB) 35
Artis Hicks (75,OL) 32
No One 30
NEO Steeler Fans 28
Sheldon Brown (24,CB) 23


Fan Gameball Write-In Goathorn Write-in
PlaysWithSwagger Brad Maynard
Peyton Manning Me: for turning down last minute tickets
lurp2k Kerry Collins
Hillis on my fantasy team and the young guys on defense Rightside of the o line
basler ENTIRE DEFENSE Prevent Defense
dawg317 Entire Coaching Staff
Entire Defense Peyton Hillis and Maynard the punter Whoever made to decision to not bring Lawrence Vickers back.
Walldog O-line
egillen Lauvao
OutlawJesseJ The dumbass colts fan who trash-talked me in the restroom, there are some places...
BuckeyeInDenver Run defense
Entire defense Offensive line
GertBFrobe Rubin O-line
The Entire Defense-Red Zone Defense spectacular Right side of the offensive line
Ravens fans at my Browns bar
brad maynard punter
southwestohiofun2000 special teams Ignoring the Oline RT side the last 2 offseasons
Phil Taylor
ronfel Colt Mc
RabidDawg The Offensive Line
ronfel Colt McCoy
Keith322 Joe Thomas Brian Robiskie
Pat Shurmer
Josh Cribbs
Brad Maynard
Cooper7 Marecic None
O=Line LB corp= weak
Peyton Manning
DAWGDC Alex Smith, Usama Young, Joe Thomas, Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor
mtsames The entire Modell clan
TpostDawg Colts G. M.
BernieKosarRules Art Modell -- just because he is still alive
yogi8 Jabaal Sheard
BulldogDad Coach staff
froggy60 arizona cardinals
dawgonit0207 Pat Shurmur for staying with the run whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
swalidawg Joey Porter
Phil Taylor
T.J. Ward
MuskieBuck Jayme Mitchell
DixieDawg Phil Dawson Bruce Arians
Colt McCoy
Joe Thomas
Writerdawg D line (especially Taylor and Sheard) and Maynard, who had several excellent punts.
Coach Shurmer Myself
Dawgpoundr Peyton Manning Colts Fans- Welcome to our world
houndfromhell Punter Brad Maynard. Montario Hardesty, only cause of his fumble.
rottnmoore O line
chowdogg Maynard
Evan Moore
The J-Lo commercials. PLAY IT AGAIN!!
IkoIko David Veikune (Because you still suck)
Defensive line
Peyton Manning..
cascadehops Brad Maynard Front Runner Colts Fans
thrillbat Joe Haden (23, CB)
Colt McCoy


Fan Gameball Comments
PlaysWithSwagger Nice to not have to worry about the punter yet again.
Manningless or not, this was a big win for the Browns: coming from behind and then hanging on for a victory.
hats off to Colt for helping the OLINE great bounce back by the oline my hats off boys great job
Getting better not worse
Great job by the D-line and the bend but don't break of the defense, great leadership and poise by Colt McCoy and finding his WRs, Cribbs once again breaks a big return to spark the scoring, so nice to have a professional punter again!
egillen I'm glad I was wrong about the OL crumbling vs. the Colts. I know the D played very well but 27 points is really nice. I love the 3rd and six call and run by Hillis for a TD.
BuckeyeInDenver Congrats to Coach Shurmur not only on picking up that first win, but on taking care of a lot of the problems that plagued the team last week. There's still plenty of work to be done with this team, but I feel a lot better about the man in charge than I did after last week's fiasco.

Peyton was a man today, although the fumble still worries me a little, and Jabaal Sheard played a heck of a game (but no more ridiculous laterals on fumble recoveries, young man).
The "growing pains" of the young guys are getting a little more palatable. Let's hope they keep progressing each week.
GertBFrobe Cribbs does it again. Playmaker!
D-line played well today. Our rookies are looking pretty good.
Not EXACTLY the way the WCO is supposed to work, but it is getting better. The true surprise is how quickly the defense is coming together. But for last week's lunacy of not lining up for a play, the defense would be the talk of Browns' fandom.
Not enough gameballs to go around. In addition to the obvious, P.T. Bruiser came up big as well as Rubin. Alex Smith was consistent. I would have chosen Peyton but he fumbled, but he's still "the man". Also, good job by Maynard.
RabidDawg With one notable exception the offensive line shut down the Colts pass rush and opened up just enough holes for Hillis
Keith322 Hillis stayed tough all day, Taylor, Rubin, and Haden played well today, McCoy and the receivers played well today. Joe Thomas played well after giving up an early sack.
Good effort to beat a Manning less Colts! We are out of last place!
If it wasn't for Cribb's returns we wouldn't get a jump start to our offense. He has enough soul to carry this team! Enough said!
Jabaal Sheard, Phil Taylor, Athyba Rubin honorable mentions
Cooper7 Good, smart kid, glad the light is coming on.
DAWGDC Coach Shurmur for his first win...Congrats. Colt still has problem with holding on to the ball too long, but all in all he played a descent game. Josh Cribbs aka "SPARKS" he finds a way to give us that spark we need. Evan Moore for catching another touchdown. Alex Smith for his blocking ability I think that was an excellent move by coach in the 2 TE set and he caught a few too. Joh Thomas All-Pro Freeny got the 1 sack but he is the best #73 in a long time. Usama for the pick and Sheard and Taylor will be beast for a long time to come.
mtsames Good job guys. Now let's beat the Fins
Pipehitter09 Way to finish the game!!! Improvements like this will gain momentum week in and week out...record could be around 8-8.
TpostDawg Think that Shurmur did a good job this week getting
this team ready to play.
NaplesRBR Joe Thomas gets a ball for his two fumble recoveries.
yogi8 GBs to Hillis for get 2 and 3 yards when there was NO hole. McCoy for a smart efficient game and Patty Shur for his 1st win as HC. I also added Sheard for his play on the DL.
BulldogDad Tough game to hand out only 4 gameballs. Josh Cribbs was big, as he is in almost every win. Colt McCoy was intelligent, efficent, and accurate. Sheard was a force. Only 3 penalties: kudos to the coaching staff. We have evidence in-game and out-game adjustments are made.
froggy60 hillis for a solid game

cribbs for exciting returns

thomas for keeping freeny at bay
Cribbs sparks this team with his daring returns and should have broke the punt return for a TD.

Hillis is just a beast that needs the ball.

Mo saved McCoy from a costly interception near the goal line with that great catch.
dawgonit0207 Overall nice effort.
glousterbrown Shumur did a good job if fixing penalties, and changing starters from game to game.
Big4Bill2k8 Quote:"Don't let perfection get in the way of improvement". Good progress vs week1 performance, Defense stiffen in the 2nd half instead of faded. Colt was solid and O-line kept hime upright for the most part.
MuskieBuck The DE's were a big key to the win yesterday. And the move of Sheard to the other side of the line was way overdue.
DixieDawg Bring on Miami!
Writerdawg I want to give some kudos to Shurmur and the replay staff. They were on the ball the whole game, as shown by the success on their challenges. A refreshing change from past staffs.
Way to get the men ready to play. Congrats on your first win. You deserve it!
houndfromhell Entire defensive line did solid job, only one or two descent runs against them, and they applied pressure for the D.B.`s.
Colt did O.K. He played back to a new rookie level, eyeing the intended receivers all the way, and not seeing his wide open receivers when they were way open.
Hillis didnt have the greatest average per run, but he ran hard. The only brain fart was his fumble.
Cribbs is still the heart and soul of this team.
D.B.`s did a solid job. Good interception for Young. I think that Joe Haden has overrated himself, and it`s gone to his head. He must actually go to the pro bowl in order to be a pro bowl level player, just talking about it wont work.
Let`s never forget to mention, Mr. Cleveland Brown himself. That`s Phil Dawson, highest scorer in Browns franchise history, and still kicking butts.
Question. Did Evan Moore get severly injured on his T.D. catch? Never
heard his name mentioned after that. Or
is that the coaches limit????ha,ha?
Almost forgot about T.E. Alex Smith, nice game dude, where you been hiding?
vick Why don't you give gameballs to all the unsung heroes the ones that go out there and do their jobs for the team but you never hear about them
chowdogg with a good punter we would be 2-0 against 2 bad teams
dp10451 Hillis runs like a real Cleveland RB. Colt is stepping up and showing well. Cribbs is a sparkplug out there.
I would like to see are (NEW) Coach to open it up more!!!! 1st DOWN RUN 2nd Down RUN and 3rd LONG PASS!! not good at all!!! Doug in Roch.
IkoIko Great game by Sheard, whatever became of the 2010 Bitching about Josh Cribbs anti-Fan Club? Thomas simply gets it done, shut down Freeney with the exception of one play, and that sack was mostly on Colt.
Hillis's fumble kept him from getting a game ball, and Sheard's flip back kept him from getting one.


Fan Goathorn Comments
Still need to develop something other than Hillis offensively: Hardesty earlier than late fourth quarter would be nice, and Robiskie just seems to be taking up a roster spot at this point. Secondary play was very sketchy at times.
Gotta stop the run better before we play Pitt and Baltimore
I really miss Vickers' run blocking and I bet Hillis does too! Why can't you stay healthy Tony Pashos?!?!
BuckeyeInDenver The run defense has got to improve if we're to compete in the AFC North, and with Taylor & Sheard being rookies, I think it will.

And screw Pittsburgh and their degenerate fans.
Second week in a row the O line has stunk it up. Hillis made his yardage through sheer determination. Blocking was very poor. Almost no push against a very suspect Indy D line. They really need to step it up if they're going to run the ball at all against the likes of Pitts and the Ratbirds. Pashos needs to play or retire SOON. Can't figure out why Robiskie (ZERO catches in two weeks) is still on the field. Get Greg Little more reps and replace Robiskie completely with Carlton Mitchell as soon as the young guy is healthy enough to play. Those guys are the future. Robiskie's ship has sailed -- this is his THIRD year and he can't get open. Enough!
GertBFrobe O-line is swiss cheese on the right side.
Tom Heckert fix the right side of the offensive line, NOW!!!
Noone really stood out but since I have to choose goats I picked the two RT's and Hardesty for his fumble.
Keith322 Fujiita looked old and slow, Hardesty fumbled inside the 5, lucky a team mate (Thomas)jumped on it, note to Sheard, fall on the ball rookie, let the offense take it from there. Note to Robiske, if you can't get open McCoy won't throw the ball in your direction.
A win is nice, but discipline, timing, and the little things still hurting more often than not.
No Goats!Nice Win!
Cooper7 First win euphoria, no goats this week.
DAWGDC Sheldon...looked slow today and Peyton for fumbling that's about it!!!
mtsames Art and his Baztard David
TpostDawg How they could fail to have a viable QB back up is
all on the Organization. But to our benefit.
NaplesRBR Pashos is another Sidd Finch. A fictional character made up by the front office.
yogi8 No GH. We won.
BulldogDad Tough game to hand out goats. Two fumbles from the backfield: Peyton and Mario, ball security dudes. Joe Haden needs to clean up the interference calls.
froggy60 shurmur what were you thinking putting ih hardesty after young int?

pitt and their fans period

cardinals for not beating the falcons
Shurmur needs to stop getting so conservative with the play-calling with a lead.

Colt needs to learn to get rid of the ball quicker and not take the sacks.

Haden struggled at the beginning.
Some of the O play calling I thought ManGenious was somewhere around. Please, please no more then 20 flat passes that gain 2 feet each time
Shurmur should have had Hillis in on 1st down on the drive where they got they the field goal.

Robiskie didn't catch a pass.
Haden for pass interference.
no one gets horns this week, solid improvement
dawgonit0207 Montario, 3 carries, 1 Fumble, enough said.
glousterbrown Linebackers need to do a better job. Nothing like a RB getting 4-6 yards before he is touched.
MoMass needs to learn to catch the ball with his hands, He drops to many balls, allowing them to get to his body
MoMass needs to learn to catch the ball with his hands, He drops to many balls, allowing them to get to his body
Big4Bill2k8 Does anyone else miss Lawrence Vickers? O-line needs to open some holes for Peyton.
MuskieBuck When is Robiske ever going to be a factor at WR? Did McCoy ever even try to throw to him? I think he reached his potential as a Buckeye and is too slow footed to even be on an NFL team at this point, let alone start. Not impresssed with Massaquoi, either. WR is our weakest position.
DixieDawg The Steelers suck.
Writerdawg No real goathorns for a road win -- but an "almost" to Shurmur for running Hardesty off the bench cold on the goal-line. It almost was very costly. Don't over think first downs and short for a TD. Just run Hillis.
For Being So Critical Last Week. We Browns Fans Don't have much patience left after the way things have been run into the ground so many times. Way to show us we were wrong about Coach Shurmer and the rest of the team. Go Browns!
houndfromhell I dont know if I can really say that Tony Pashos and Brian Robiskie are the 2 most worthless players on the depth chart or not. It`s hard to evaluate them
when they never play. Shoot, Robiskie was on the field for 20 plays, and still didnt play.
Last time I went to a Colts game, was in 1994, v.s. my Browns. I got a police escort out of the building after the 3rd quater, over something I had nothing to do with.
Some girl sitting a few rows ahead of us, (we were in nose bleed section, 3 rd row from the very top.) said someone spilled beer on her, and ran off
not apologizing. I was just comming back from the toilet, when I sat down, theres 10 cops, pointing at me, useing finger to say come here.
This girl was a college type pretty thing, half crocked, and of course, had on her Colts jacket, that was now, soaked with beer. She told the cops "I`m
almost sure they were the ones", the people behind us, that watched the whole thing happen, were all talking at once, telling the cops, that we wernt even there when it happened.
While standing by this main cop in charge, he and the girl were both trying to listen to what everyone was saying, then she said, I`m really not sure, but I think they are the ones.
Next, he looks at her and ask, do you want to press charges? She said, "I dont know, I guess so". Off to the exit we go, cops all around us, escorting us away from something we had no knowledge of that happened, and in the mean time, I look up, on the Jumbo screen is us, being taken away, and thats when all the Colts fans stood up, and started yelling at us and applauding.
When we got by the exit, the main cop talked to us for a minute, he noticed the girl and none of her people came down with us. He said, sorry, something had to be done, said he actually beleived us, then said, just go to your car and go home. He did say, if they caught us trying to sneak back in, then away we would go, off to the Indy cop shop.
It`s funny now, but at the time, I was ready to declare war on the City of Indy. Oh yes, the Browns lost in O.T.
vick To the ones that deserve it
rambodawg get rid of the PREVENT defense
dp10451 No goats in this game, only inept Colts
Please Dick Jauron GO BACK TO Buffalo if you are going to be a BAD Coach!!!!!
IkoIko Time to trade Robo for a 6th. Perhaps to the Phins where he can hook back up with Dabol Dude just can't get it done in the WCO.

Veikune still blows and has the distinction of protecting Robo from the "biggest bust of '09 draft" tag.

Good Old Marv the Perv needs to remember which sport he his calling the play-by-play on.
Has Robiskie been a decoy so far this season? He is on the verge to break a record for a starting receiver, 0 receptions for the season !!!!!!!! In the name of Fair Hooker, cut him


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