Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

May and June can be the dog days (no pun intended) of NFL football, but we'll talk Browns 365 days a year around here. Here is the transcript from the latest Browns Uncensored chat with David Carducci and Lane Adkins.

Lane Hey guys
ramllov Lane, have you heard anything good from the past two days?
BryanK Hi guys
ramllov Hey Bryan
Lane I have heard absolutely nothing on the QB school
ramllov It just drives me nuts
Lane It is the way that they do things
Dave Ram, I was out of town on assignment that weekend, but you can never tell anything from rookie camp and usually you can't tell anything really from minicamp. They are more teaching sessions than anything else. Plus, there is no hitting. It's training camp when you really get a feel for the new guys
FunkyDawg Did Suggs have his surgery yet?
BryanK I heard Suggs can't have the surgery 'til he's done with school
Dave Suggs won't have the surgery until later in the summer
ramllov Lane, Dave, Art, do you expect very many changes to the offensive plays this year?
Dave Ram, probably not. I think you'll see the same basic style. They could use a fullback, they could use an H-back, but really it doesn't change the basic scheme of things
ramllov Do you see the two rookie defensive backs making the club this year?
FunkyDawg Possible fullback after June 1?
BryanK Dave, do you think Q will be the focal point of the passing game? What about KJ's role?
Dave I'd like to see a fullback after June 1. There is still a chance that RJ Bowers could fit into that role
FunkyDawg I forgot we have Bowers....or did we cut him?
ramllov I was wondering if the Browns would work on an inside running game this year in practice. It is something they did not have last year
newdawg Butch doesn't seem to want to spend much time searching for a fullback.
Dave Bryan, I think Q needs to be more of a focal point in the offense, and Andre Davis as well. While the scheme will be basically the same, I wouldn't be surprised to see Q and Andre's role in the offense continue to grow over KJ's
Dave We still have Bowers
Dave the Browns still have Bowers, I should say
BUFFALODAWG It seems to me that if we could open some holes inside that it will play into greens running style.
Dave Newdawg, you are right. It's more, ""If one falls into our laps, as JJ Johnson did for a bit, then we'll give it a try.""
Dave I think so too, Buffalodawg, but then we keep hearing about how White is more comfortable in a one-back set.
ramllov How soon do you think the Browns will find out if Mitchell will be the right guard this year. Is it going to be an August thing or June?
Dave I think the Browns come in to June hoping that what Mitchell has done in the last year, both in the weight room and the room with his position coaches, translates to the field. He'll get his first shot at proving himself in minicamp, but ultimately the position will be open going into training camp with the team hoping he continues to improve and wins the job
ramllov I was reading that a number of the college players may be attending some of the quarterback school classes. I realize they cannot play until their class is graduated. Do you have a source that can reveal when these players become eligible?
Dave Ram, I might be able to find that out. I'll see what I can do
Fairwayseeker Hey Dave, 1 question for you - Will we need to cut someone before we can sign another linebacker, if needed? How were we going to sign Jamir, since we appear to have no cap room?
Dave Fairwayseeker, it's a good question. Theya are going to have to make a move somewhere. I know they have talked to a few players to renegotiate, and there is still the possibility of another veteran or two getting the ax.
ramllov Do you see Barry Gardner as the starting SSLB this year? thanks Dave
Lane From talking to Gardner, he expects to be the SAM
newdawg so does taylor.
ramllov Some Browns source (ha, ha, I think I read it in the plain dealer) that none of the unsigned free agents will be coming back is that accurate?
Dave Ram, nothing surprises me with this team
newdawg it means a pretty slow linebacker crew.
Dave Newdawg, that's a very good point. Gardner's big problem in Phily was speed. He is a vet, and right now, that would be the plus to having him out there with a very young crew of linebackers.
Fairwayseeker If you were to venture a guess as to who could get the ax, who do you think? Lane, what do you think?
ramllov Dave, can they afford to cut Griffith, since he is the only veteran in the secondary?
Lane Indications are that the team would love to move Griffith's salary, but the depth and experience in the defensive backfield will not permit it at this time
ramllov Thanks Lane
Dave Ram, you would think it would be tough, but he was a disappointment.
Dave I know the company line at the end of the year was ""let's see what a healthy Griffith can do.""
newdawg yes, and davis is no speed burner either.
newdawg there is little.
ramllov How fast is Ben Taylor?
BryanK Will Faine help Big Money become a better player? Hopefully his demeanor rubs off on GW!
ramllov Lane, who are the candidates to provide money for the rookie cap.
ramllov Dave same question
Lane The linebackers, outside of Thompson and Taylor are not speed players, which may cause this defense some issues in the 2003 season if this is the group we'll start the season with
BUFFALODAWG Peter King said on radio show in Buffalo that davis is willing to let Griffith go.
Lane I would only be speculating at this time Ram, give me a few days and I will see what I can find out
newdawg Taylor is not fast. he ran a 4.76 at the combines which is average. Bentley has some speed.
ramllov So, if the guy is not a June cut, would he be an August cut?
BUFFALODAWG but it is Peter KIng?????
Lane I'm far from sold on them moving Griffith, but it was something that was an option prior to FA
Dave Like I said before, nothing would surprise me with this group. Experience is, as Lane said, a big question if they release Griffith. Considering the fact that the Browns have shown a willingness to go with youth and to possibly take a step backwards this year to get the cap in order, that move would not surprise me
ramllov So, if Thompson is going to be the WSLB about mid year, and Bentley starts at the WSLB, why not start Bentley at the SSLB, no due to injury history?
Lane will all begin to shake out in camp, right now there is nobody here that knows what this team (Davis) intends on doing
Dave Injuries are a question with Bentley. I think they'd rather have Bentley's speed to start out on the weakside, with Gardner's experience on the strongside. Bentley has only worked at weakside in his first year. I don't think they are completely sold on Bentley as a starter
newdawg can bentley play sslb?
Dave Newdawg, he did not do it, even in practice last year, but he could.
newdawg that's surprising since bentley is probably the best of the lbers from last year.
Lane Agree with Dave, Bentley is far from locked in from what I've been told and the scenario that Dave laid out follows the line of what we know
ramllov The seems to be more questions on the defense than the offense. Don't you find that surprising due to Butch Davis history with the defense?
Lane The major moves on the defensive side of the ball has dictated the discussion.
ramllov Lane, Dave, what upside do you see with Henry, Sanders and Jameson?
Dave Not really Ram, considering the fact that Davis has shown he is willing to overhaul the roster to fit what he wants in the defense. He is done tinkering and trying to win with the roster he inherited.
ramllov Is there an upside?
Lane Davis has the coaches surrounding him that he is comfortable with and he is going to build a defense from the youth of players that he and Garcia bring in
Lane Davis had really gotten the most out of the roster of players that really did not fit into his game
Fairwayseeker Is Hambrick out of the picture at this point or is he in a holding pattern until they see how the current 5/6 guys play out?
BryanK But what about the people he brought in (ie Lang, Rudd, Griffith)? Did they just not live up to expectations?
Lane Henry scares me, although they are using the excuse that he gained too much weight and it cost him in coverage, Sanders has yet to prove that he can stay healthy, and Jameson hasn't done it on this competitive level
Dave There is an upside. Henry's problems in his second year to me were more mental. He and Sanders have an upside if for no other reason their size and athleticism at the corner. I still want to see what a healthy Sanders can do once he's had some time in the system. I liked so much of what I saw from him as a rookie. Jameson is harder to say, simply because I haven't seen that much of him. I like his speed, and from talking to him, I like his attitude 
ramllov thanks
Lane The majority of the FA's signed have had a minimal impact
Lane As the same can be said for the majority of the draft selections
Dave Fairwayseeker, I think it's a holding pattern. The Browns want to see what they have in the young guys. Give them all the coaching and all the reps in minicamp, let them benefit from the work. All the while, they know they can find a Hambrick or a guy like Hambrick to come in during camp
ramllov Do you find that the level of talent has improved on this team and the final players in September could be surprising?
newdawg How athletic is Henry. He is not fast for a cb.
Fairwayseeker thanks, Dave
Dave He is pretty athletic. He has a nose for the ball, though, and that's something you can't always teach. I like the way he uses the sideline. He just made a number of mental mistakes that cost him last year
newdawg and he can't tackle.
BUFFALODAWG What about a Tight end,this Offence is made to give a TE 50 rec.
ramllov Lane, Dave, how much can be accomplished in the Quarterback school? really?
Lane Really the QB school gets these guys in here to take reps, etc. The nake or break at the position will not be solved heree at this school.
Dave Ram, a lot can be accomplished in terms of teaching and just getting more comfortable in the system and with teammates.
Fairwayseeker Will we take a look at K. Brady?
ramllov Where will the Browns find the money for Brady or a blocking TE?
T-Dog Hey all.
ramllov Hey Art, can't you get a helicopter and get some pictures on the Quarterback club?
T-Dog Has how the Browns are going to sign their draftees come up yet?
Dave I don't think they can afford to go out and sign a high-priced tight end. They like Sanders, and he might just have a season to audition for the job
Lane Actually players like Barnes and Booty seriously benefit from the school. Also, a QB that may not have a total grasp of the offense may use this time as a learning tool.........we'll see how it pans out
ramllov Thanks
ramllov Is there 100%% attendance to the Quarterback school?
newdawg could they sign brunner and play him at H-back.
BUFFALODAWG 57 players
BUFFALODAWG out of how many????????????
Lane Not all are in attendance
Lane Be right back......
ramllov who is missing? anyone important?
artbtz If you take a look at the roster on our site, there are over 80 players right now, I believe
newdawg does that include rookies?
BryanK but doesn't that include the rookies?
BUFFALODAWG official site said 57 players are there
T-Dog The recent grads can't attend until they graduate.
Fairwayseeker some of the rookies had to stay back in school
T-Dog Recent signees I should say....
BryanK What's the rule for juniors who come out? Do they also have to wait?
Dave Bryan, I would assume they can participate, but you know, it's a great question. I really have no idea.
BoogieBoy I believe they are only allowed 80 players in camp
T-Dog Dave - any idea how cap room will be cleared to sign the draftees?
BUFFALODAWG Man last weeks chat was awesome
ramllov I was reading a raven chat transcript, they discussed their QB school, I guess that is why I am frustrated or disappointed that we have not received anything from the Browns
Dave T-Dog, we talked a little about that earlier, and it's very hard to say right now. My gut feeling is that they still might make a move with a veteran like Griffith. I know it is a move they discussed at one point.
BoogieBoy poisoning your mind Ram?
BryanK Maybe the Ravens need to generate some interest!!!
ramllov It is amazing what football you will read when there is no Browns information
T-Dog Thanks.
Dave Ram, I know. It's tough on us too.
ramllov I have to admit, I do have some football to look forward to. I have four days of fantasy football drafts the first four days of June. So I will be football busy the next few weeks.
T-Dog Have you had the opportunity to talk to any of the UDFAs, Dave?
BoogieBoy How is Courtney progressing?
T-Dog Any impress you?
Dave T-Dog, I haven't, and unfortunately won't have much of a chance until minicamp. I was out of town on another assignment during rookie camp, so I didn't meet any of the new guys. It's frustrating, but I had to go on the baseball beat for a while
ramllov Dave, it has to be a tough job if your following the Indians?
Dave Now I'm filling in, covering a few PGA Tour events. One of those things where reporters have to fill in and help out when their main beat is on a break
BryanK Offtopic: How will Annika do?
Dave I don't have a problem with her playing. I doubt she will make the cut, but she still pops it out there 275 or so on average, which isn't all that far off Pavin and some of the lighter male hitters.
BryanK I'd love to see her make the cut and get a top 20-25 finish.
BUFFALODAWG she has no short game
scaryDawg golf eggs?
Dave Ram, fortunately, it wasn't the Indians. I had to do a few stories on a few draft picks from our area, one guy who is in the Pirates organization, then had to go with KSU's baseball team on an important series
Dave KSU is running away with the MAC, and it's a pretty big deal around here.
ramllov Dave do you see any surprises for the Browns this year?
Dave Makes it tough, but it's better than the Indians.
ramllov Dave I did read your comments on Couch, I like them
Dave Ram, I'm trying to stay a bit optimistic, but I'd be happy with .500 right now. Again, the big key to me is finally getting something out of the investments in Courtney, Gerard and Tim.
BryanK Will Couch be able to throw that deep out like Holcomb did against Pgh?
Dave If they finally start to live up to their potential, like dominoes, it could make so many different players better
Dave Thanks Ram
scaryDawg synergy
T-Dog Get something out of, or get out of the investment.....
T-Dog All three are due for up or out.
Dave Bryan, I think Couch throws the deep out pretty well. I re-watched the Browns-Chargers game from two years ago, and he threw two of the best deep outs to KJ you will ever see. He has the arm. He just doesn't make the quick reads right now in the system.
ramllov Art/Dave the guys here tonight are your diehard Browns fans. thank you to everyone who came
Dave I agree T-Dog
BryanK Thats my biggest issue; he just seems to be a second to two too slow on the read
ramllov They have the talent, now the coaching has to bring it out
scaryDawg speed rules. that mat become the break point
BryanK I do agree, though, that we need Couch to be ""The Guy"". His upside is much, much bigger than Holcomb's
Dave You are right. He is. I want to give him this year. I just think he has too much talent to give up on just yet, and it would be a shock to this team if they were to give up on him. At some point, he has to show he can do it in this system, and if it's not this year, then it may be time to look in another direction.

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