Fun With Quotes: Pat Shurmur Edition

Pat Shurmur offers up some pre-game Coach Speak for our readers.

Just two games into the 2011 NFL season, the search for the Browns' identity could be characterized as a murky endeavor. After a sterile Week One defeat at the hands of the rebuilding Bengals, the Browns traveled to Indianapolis last Sunday to defeat the remnants of a Peyton Manning-less Colts squad.

While last week's 27-19 victory certainly offered a temporary salve on the heels of the depressing season opener, cynics among the Browns' faithful are likely pointing at this Sunday's home affair with the Dolphins as an intriguing evaluation of progress. With the fate of the Browns currently leaning on the tenuous development of one of the league's youngest rosters, Sunday looms as yet another unknown in a season yet to fully reveal itself.

As such, one could probably forgive Browns' head coach Pat Shurmur for coding his press conferences this week. After all, it's anyone's guess which version of the Browns will show up on Sunday.

From the annals of Coach Speak comes further reinforcement that none of us – including Shurmur – really know.

Shurmur On Injuries

"Tony Pashos is going to try and come back and be ready to roll and we have Titus Brown and Eric Hagg who are continuing to make progress.  Those are the three injured scratches we had last week.  Other than that, I think we pretty much have everybody else."

Coach Speak Translation

"I think we pretty much have everybody else – Oh, wait….except for Tony Pashos. He's out again."

Shurmur on Pashos

"He's going to make an effort so he's going to be out there and be able to do more.  It's hard to say how that's going to progress, but I know he's going to plan to try and do more this week than he was able to do last week so we'll see."

Coach Speak Translation

"And when I say ‘try and do more this week', I was referring to Pashos working on developing another injury. Once the ankle is healed, Tony is going to re-focus on injuring his knee and back."

Shurmur on Miami

"Defensively, I mentioned it yesterday, their defensive line, they're big guys and it's going to be a challenge to get them covered up and then protect the quarterback when we throw."

Coach Speak Translation

"Again – have you seen our offensive line? Can you believe we have to rotate our right tackles?"

Shurmur on Miami's Road Record

"Now typically, I don't know what the statistics say, teams probably win more at home than they do on the road."

Coach Speak Translation

"The statistics do say that the fans won't like me very much in Cleveland – especially if I call plays like I did against Cincinnati."

Shurmur on Miami's Wildcat

"I think it's a part of their past and I know it's a part of the package that they're new offensive coordinator has as well."

Coach Speak Translation

"You'll also note that was one of the first ‘packages' I threw out when I came here."

Shurmur on the Decline of the Wildcat

"I don't know.  I do know that when it sprung on the scene, but I don't know where it started or who was the inspiration for it, but I know the Dolphins had a victory against the Patriots with it."

Coach Speak Translation

"And after that Patriot game, the Wildcat never worked again."

Shurmur on Phil Taylor's Increased Workload

"No, I wouldn't say that.  I think he's just playing a little bit more and a little bit better.  There's nothing really behind the scenes to say more or less."

Coach Speak Translation

"And also, there's literally ‘nothing really behind' Taylor. Have you seen our run defense with Scott Paxson and Brian Schaefering?"

Shurmur on Josh Cribbs Getting Squib Kicks

"That is something we practice, and the question about squibs and directional? I think so.  I think that's coming because unless you can guarantee the ball is going to go through the uprights, there is a chance it's coming out at you."

Coach Speak Translation

"Another thing we're preparing for is not getting any decent field position to start our traditional second quarter scoring drives."

Shurmur on McCoy Getting Rid of the Ball

"He was told, but I need to emphasize it.  The scheme of the protection and the route concept was a third-and-short situation and they gobbled up the route.  He needs to be aware of the fact that you need to continue to drift and roll or throw it away."

Coach Speak Translation

"Basically, I can't call any Brian Daboll-esque plays anymore. Otherwise, our quarterback will break in half."

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