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A win is a win is a win. Bottom line: Browns are 2-1 entering Week Four.

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Big Plays Doom Defense: Outside of being caught off guard in the season opener, the Browns defense had been stin… http://t.co/NAfGMWgV

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Browns Offense Unmasked: The Browns offense has played well in spurts in the 2011 season. Today against the high… http://t.co/T9NnYF6x

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Browns fall behind early, lose to Titans: Tennessee QB Matt Hasselbeck, a former student under Browns team presi… http://t.co/Sf3n17n3

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RT @barrymcbride: Titans score on a pass from Hasselbeck to Stevens. Titans looked very efficient on that drive. TITANS 7, BROWNS 3 3:251Q

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Steelers are losing 7-0. No one is sure what’s happening in Cincinnati as the game is being played in secret.

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RT @fredgreethamobr: Browns introduced special teams unit in pregame intros.

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Browns-Dolphins: Gameballs and Goats: Good, bad… meh… we’re the guys with the win. Here’s the GBG for Browns… http://t.co/7Y7I7M85

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RT @foxsportsoh: 1PM – Live chat during Browns-Titans! – Join FSO and The OBR for a live chat during today’s Browns game vs. Tennesse……

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Browns IA: Cousins, Vallos, Cameron, Lewis, C Mitchell, T Brown, Hagg.

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1PM: Live Browns-Titans Chat!: Join the OBR and FS Ohio crew during the game right here! http://t.co/QtuF4cGL

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Browns Player Quotes, Sept. 29
Don Delco on September 29th, 2011 AT 6:38 PM

Peyton Hillis

(On how he feels)- "I feel good. I finally got back from being underneath the weather about a day ago. Practice was tough yesterday, getting back in the move of things, getting my weight back, getting my cardio back, it's been a challenge."

(On if he'll be back to 100 percent by Sunday)- "I'm 100 percent now, I'm anxious and I'm ready to get back out there."

(On what it says about the backfield after the day Montario Hardesty had)- "It just shows a backfield that has depth. Montario is a great player and he did an extremely well when he was out there, he's really smart and he can contribute. You don't have to go out there and do it all on your own, you've got a guy behind you or in front of you, that is just as capable of doing anything that you can do. That's big for me, it's big for our team and it gives us some depth."

D'Qwell Jackson

(On being named AFC Defensive Player of the Month)- "It was very special, but I've got to take it in stride. A lot of people told me congratulations. I worked extremely hard and it's the first step, we were able to get a win and it came at a good time."

(On if he likes playing in the 4-3 defense)- "It's been nothing but great things so far. We have a great group of talent in front of me, great team and a great coaching staff. We have been able to get some victories and at the end of the day it's all about getting victories. I have been here for quite a spell now and I am more ready for wins than personal accolades."

(On when he knew he would be able to return from his injury)- "It's been all day to day. Every day you try to get better and every day you get a different feel. I think it was some time in training camp where my legs felt great, my body felt great. That is one thing that I focused on in the offseason, just making sure I was healthy, putting the right things into my body to allow me to play fast throughout the course of a season."

(On the coaching staff referring to him as a professional on and off the field)- "It means a lot. From day one when I stepped into this building, I wanted to become a professional. Every year you learn a little bit more, a little bit more about your body and how to go about doing things. Right now I am one of the veterans on the team, so a lot of guys look at you on what you do in the building and off the field. That's very important for me, we are only going to be as good as the leaders on this team and I am up for that challenge."

Jauron Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 29
Don Delco on September 29th, 2011 AT 4:50 PM

(On D'Qwell Jackson being named AFC Defensive Player of the Month and how he has been playing)- "Really well and I think it's richly deserved. Obviously he's not doing it alone, but he is really playing at a high level. I know that we've talked about him before, his work ethic, his quiet leadership ability, his seriousness about his profession and he really prepares. He is a great example for any player, but particularly the young players. It is just really a richly deserved reward."

(On if Jackson's on and off the field attributes are unique amongst players he has coaches)- "He is a very good player. All those things are really great qualities to have not just in sport, he is an outstanding person. I think it translates well. His work ethic and maybe his outlook on life, everything translates well to the field. He's got physical skills that he has improved and worked on and polished. It's very important to him. He is very professional in his approach to everything."

(On if he had the mindset that he might not have Jackson because of his past injuries)- "I would say no. I have been around enough to know that sometimes it just happens. You see people get hurt for two consecutive years and never have another injury or someone never gets hurt. We counted on having him, but the fact that he hadn't played was there, but as I said I have also seen it happen so many different ways, so many different times where guys get unlucky and then nothing ever again, knock on wood."

(On if a defense could spy Chris Johnson)- "You can, it clearly takes away from something else either the rush or coverage depending on if you want to be single safety high or two deep. If you want to have a four-man push or five-man push however you want to do it, but you can. You can do that."

(On how often he draws on his past playing experience)- "Probably like all of you, I am just a believer that that everything you have experienced just keeps adding up. It makes you who you are, what you think. I don't know necessarily what part of the playing aspect is critically important. It's just all part of it. It just all fits together, so I don't really know the answer to it."

(On if he ever looked at coaches who didn't play and thought, ‘What do they know')- "I don't think so. I always felt that being a player when you walked into the room the first time it maybe gave you a little more credibility with the players. But, if you didn't know what you were talking about you lost it real quickly. I guess that's the way I still feel about it."

(On if they could run the defensive scheme they want without a big time defensive linebacker)- "Probably not, you have to have somebody directing the defense. You have to have someone calling, every time the offense comes out of a huddle there are things you have to talk about and things you have to identify. You need a communicator in there and preferably it is that guy. I suspect you could do it without that guy provided you had him somewhere else and he was in the middle of the communication. It would be hard, but maybe not impossible to have it be a safety, but he's removed from the line. He's got to be in different areas. The guy right in the middle of it is the guy and luckily we have a real good one."

(On them identify Jackson as their MIKE linebacker right away)- "I think first of all Bill (Davis) has done a terrific job with him in this new scheme for him for both Bill and D'Qwell. He's done a great job. Once you see him play, he's got that unique combination of feel for the game and the athleticism to see it and then get it done. I guess that's what always stands out when you are looking at a player on tape. You don't know him personally, you don't know him as an individual, but just watching his performance on tape. I think things jump right out. He's got a strong desire to get to the football on every play. The bottom line of our game defensively is to get to the guy with the ball and get him on the ground. He can do this and he does it and clearly enjoys it, then everything else grows from there."

(On Chris Gocong)- "I was introduced to Chris, not personally, but on a good deal of tape a year ago when I went to Philadelphia. I watched the cut-up's. He plays at full speed and is a guy that plays fast. He is a very tough player. You know him, so you know he's a very bright player as well too. He studies the game and is very into it, but he's got the size and speed for the position that you are really looking for. You know he doesn't look like he is as big as he is and he's fast. He can move. I am really happy about that about that situation."

(On Chris Gocong still has pass rush ability that he hasn't shown in the NFL)- "I think he definitely has pass rush abilities and hopefully over time you will see them more and more. But, I am really happy with Chris."

(On Jabaal Sheard's growth from the first few weeks)- "I would just say it's the natural progression of a young player. He is getting more and more comfortable. I believe he's playing faster. He's always played fast, I would say it's been one of his most outstanding attributes. But, as he gets a feel for the league and the quality of the opponent, he will play faster still I believe and that's happening from week to week. Obviously the opponents change all the time, there are little differences in them and I think he will learn, he will keep a book."

(On Sheard progressing to be a good pass rusher)- "I think what you are seeing is what he is and he can get to the passer."

(On what they told Sheard after he got flagged last week)- "It's not real profound, don't grab his fast mask. Don't hit him in the head. Jabaal was going for the ball. He makes really good move, he gets inside and he gets to the quarterback. Now, he has a decision to make, what do you tell him? You say we can't take that penalty. It was huge. It was a huge turning point in the game to some degree. He was trying to get the ball out. He saw the ball, he's reaching for the ball and his hand got the mask. There is not a whole lot you can tell him. Peewee (Duane Board) and I certainly talk about it and talk about it with Jabaal, but you say, ‘What do you tell him?' Do you tell him you should have kept your hands down and run over the quarterback? Well, the next time he gets in that situation he'll keep his hands down the quarterback will throw the ball and it comes out. Then you tell him you have to get your hands up and block the pass. Sometimes things just happen and you wish they didn't, you don't want him to and really unfortunately it is probably the worst part of coaching when you say something like, ‘Don't hit him in the facemask.' It's like saying don't drop the ball. They know those things. You're not really helping them, but there's not a lot you can tell them."

(On Matt Hasselbeck)- "First of all, he is completing over 70 percent of his passes. I think he's the third ranked quarterback in the National Football League and you have seen about everything you could see. He's played a long time. He's been getting quality coaching obviously. Maybe unfortunately, he has been well prepared by our boss to play in the league and he's had a lot of success. He really knows what he is doing. They do a nice job with their scheme. They have skilled players. He's playing at a very high level."

(On Joe Haden's performance on Brandon Marshall)- "It won't be significantly different then what we have talked about before. Joe is a very competitive guy and he's got unique skills and he's applying then more and more I think on the field. He again as a relatively young player is learning more and more about the league and he loves that kind of a challenge. You can just see it in him. He wants to be out there and wants to be matched up and he likes it. He's got the skills to succeed at it. He's got an unusual ability to reach around people, even bigger people. That was a significantly bigger receiver than Joe is as a corner. He did a really good job of staying on him and making plays around him, making plays on the ball again. He is really an outstanding player."

(On Hasselbeck's old offensive system and now playing under Chris Palmer)- "I wouldn't compare the two systems. Chris has a lot of experience and he's got a lot of options for the quarterback there. There are differences obviously in the offenses, but the quarterback in both of them has a lot of options and he is using them. He's getting the ball out of his hand relatively quickly most of the time, when he has to he certainly is. When he is pressured he certainly is. He's a skilled guy and recognizes what's happening and the ball comes out fast."

(On if Hasselbeck is going more vertical now)- "He's gone down the field a good deal, a number of times to Kenny Britt, a number of times to (Nate) Washington. They have got some big plays but he has also delivered the ball underneath with quick rhythm passes, quick passes, quick audibles and getting the ball out of his hand. They have everything in that scheme. Now, I was never in any offensive meetings with Tom (Coughlin) or Chris in Jacksonville. I watched it a lot. It was very successful and the ball came out fast and the ball came out long. They did it all. Chris is good and he has good players."

(On if he think's Chris Palmer is trying to read his mind like he is to him)- "He's studying our defense and we are studying his offense. I don't know how much further it goes. We were together a short period of time and haven't been together for a long time. He's been a lot of different places and I have been in a lot of different places."

(On why Chris Johnson has gotten off to a slow start)- "Unfortunately I don't think about that, I just think about him all the time. You know the guy is so explosive and has been so productive. He is really a great talent as we all know. Both in the run game and in the pass game, unfortunately. We will have our hands full that's for sure."

(On the pass defense at the end of the game against the Dolphins)- "One of the great parts about that one last week was the fans. I thought our fans were really outstanding and played a part in it. They were so loud at the end. It was a lot of fun really and there was a lot of excitement in the stadium. You could feel it in the air really going out. When our offense scored it just kept building. The guys responded well. I thought everybody made plays. Everybody did their job. I thought Dimitri Patterson made a terrific play on the first snap. To have them get that ball at midfield was not good. It was not a good deal for us and they had that one timeout. I thought it was a huge play. They all were obviously. On first-and-10 to make that play on a ball that was probably thrown about 12-14 yards closer to field goal range as it was. I thought that was huge and then afterwards it kind of got better. We got pressure when we needed it. I think we disrupted a pass where there might have been a receiver open down the field and then to have it end with an interception, having the crowd behind us like that was really great."

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Jackson Playing Large: D’Qwell Jackson, the AFC Defensive Player of the Month, looms large for the Browns’ impro… http://t.co/MIc8Kxst

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Browns LB D’Qwell Jackson honored: Hot News for ILB D’Qwell Jackson http://t.co/bqbpuHRZ

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RT @FredGreethamOBR D’Qwell jackson is AFC defensive player of the month.

Jackson named AFC Defensive Player of the Month
Don Delco on September 29th, 2011 AT 8:58 AM

The NFL and the Browns announced Thursday morning that linebacker D’Qwell Jackson was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Month.

In his first three games back after missing the previous 26 because of injury, Jackson recorded 30 tackles, 2.5 sacks, one pass defensed, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery as the Browns posted a 2-1 record.

Jackson’s 30 tackles are tied for fourth in the NFL, while his 2.5 sacks rank second among all AFC linebackers and is tied for fourth in the conference. The Browns defense has allowed just five touchdowns this season, which is tied for fourth in the league.

This is the first AFC award of Jackson's six-year career. He is the first Brown to be selected as either AFC Defensive or Offensive Player of the Month since the award was established in 1986.

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Sept. 28
Don Delco on September 29th, 2011 AT 6:23 AM

(Opening statement)- "Good morning. I normally start with injuries, there's not really anything new to report based on what I talked about on Monday. The guys that we thought would be out there Monday, were there at the walkthrough and we'll see how things progress. A couple of the guys may be a little bit limited, but I don't anticipate any big roster or gameday active difference from last week, other than of course Peyton Hills who looks good. He was out there today in the walkthrough and he's ready to practice. Tennessee Titans, the more you watch them I think the more you gain respect for what they are as a team. They're playing outstanding team defense right now, they've got talented players over there. Offensively, they've got a veteran quarterback in a new setting who is playing extremely well. They've got an outstanding running back that hasn't had a chance to do some of the things I know he's capable of doing. They've got receivers that can make plays, they're offensive line is playing well, they haven't given up many sacks. They've got a Pro Bowl returner and very good special teams, which is typical of a team that's playing good defense, typically, your special teams follow in line. We're pretty well aware of what they are as a team, now we have to get a plan together to try and go out and beat them."

(On how much stock he put into team's rankings)- "I've always felt that rankings in certain areas can be dangerous to follow, good or bad. I think when you take a snap shot of a team, teams that are ranked well typically are doing something right and means it probably points to a good performance. I think the most important rankings of course are the win and losses. Each game is different and a lot of the times you focus rankings, offense and defense, off of pure yardage, but teams find a way to move the ball. How you play of third down, how you play in the red zone, what you're doing in turnovers, those are the things that can really burrow down on good performance."

(On if Chris Johnson early problems have to do with him missing training camp)- "I don't know, that's a better question for Mike Munchak. I think every situation is different, I don't know. All I know is I've seen that guy change games with the ball in his hands and we're aware of that so we're going to have to defend him."

(On if he's still in a period of trying to figure out what his players do best)- "I think we might be in the process for awhile here, finding out how guys react. We haven't really been through a season. I can remember back in Philadelphia after we'd been through a couple of seasons where we said this player kind of has a couple bad weeks around Thanksgiving or this guy he works so hard in training camp that he's a little bit of a slow starter. I don't have the benefit of knowing all that because we haven't been through a one-year cycle yet. I do feel like I'm continuing to get to know the guys. They're all in different stages of their careers and I think as you play the games and you see guys in stressful, tense situations where they're competing, you obviously learn about each one of your guys."

(On if the last drive told him something about his players that he didn't know beforehand)- "I think it kind of reconfirmed what I thought about some guys that stepped up and made plays. I found out some things about our quarterback, who was able to lead us down the field. As you seem them in those special situations competing then I think you continue to learn about them."

(On if there's anything physical that concerns him about Colt McCoy's accuracy this season)- "No, I don't think there's anything that concerns me about anything physical. I'm not concerned at all."

(On what Chris Johnson can do that he's not quite doing yet)- "I don't know. I think their run schemes are sound, I think they're well coached up front, what they're trying to do with them is right. I think they're like any team, they're just continuing to work on it and expecting to see a good performance. I wouldn't say there's anything there. He looks like he's healthy, looks like he's running fast and it looks like they're doing a good job of blocking for him so we'll see."

(On Greg Little running a lot of shorter routes)- "I think he's running a full complement of routes. Some of the routes that you saw him catch, he showed up at the end of the game where you're kind of working your way down the field and the routes tend to be just a little bit shorter, at least the position he was playing at the time. But, no he's got his down the field throws."

(On Tony Pashos' status)- "He was out there and took all the reps in the walkthrough so he's going to make a go of it and we'll see how he does."

(On if he would feel confident starting Dimitri Patterson if he had to)- "Absolutely, I feel good about, really, I talked about the secondary the last time we visited and no I feel confident that whoever's in their playing, whether it be Dimitri of Buster (Skrine), those guys will step up and play."

(On if he and Mike Holmgren have talked about the importance of winning at home)- "We talk about doing what it takes to win each game. I am sensitive and I do understand how important it is to win at home. It's fun for our fans to be able to enjoy the experience, I get that. I was happy and I'll tell you what, that moment when the crowd realized the Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi) caught the ball and both feet were in, that was a fun moment. Those are the things that you remember and hopefully we can recreate that."

(On if Joshua Cribbs will be returning kicks this week)- "We hope to. I think he looked good today moving around and I've seen him in here every day. He's like most real pros, even though Tuesday is their off day, most of the time we see the guys around and I think that becomes a sign of good things. I've seen him around, he moved around well today and he'll practice today. That'll probably mean that he'll be back returning."

(On Dick Jauron being such a calm guy and if he has he ever seen him cuss or lose control of his emotions)- "No, I haven't seen him swear and I haven't heard him swear. I'm sure it's in there. He was an outstanding player, I guess he was Mr. Everything growing up in Massachusetts. He's been a high achiever his whole life and he's obviously got a great pedigree as a coach beyond a great NFL playing experience. He's been there and done that and the thing I like about him is and I really appreciate this about people in positions of authority is he keeps his cool. Players sometimes run the emotional gamete and I think to see to somebody that's calm I think is good and I appreciate that. I tend to be calm in front of you guys, I wish I could keep it that way all the time."

(On what his involvement is with the defense on gameday)- "I'm on the switch. I'm on offense when we're on offense obviously because I'm sending the plays in and out, but when we're on defense I'm listening, I'm there and I'm watching and then I'll lend a hand. I'll have a suggestion or two, but for the most part Dick calls the game and runs it. If there's a strategy or something situationally that I feel we need to discuss then I'll go over and talk to him. ‘Hey, if we stop them here Dick, I'm going to take a timeout,' those types of things."

(On the offense starting slow and trying to get Greg Little involved earlier in the game)- "When you look at starting slow, I think in our first 15 plays or first quarter, we tried to get the ball to everyone. Now, there's times when the quarterback has to go with the second or third in the progression so yeah I think it's important. We've got a lot of guys that need to get involved early and that's something that we keep in mind and that'll have something to do with starting faster, I'm sure."

(On if there is something game-plan wise to help get players involved more early or if the players just have to execute what he calls)- "I think we call plays to attack coverages. In terms of the passing game, you call plays to attack the coverage that you're going to see and try to create matchups. If they flip the switch on you, you play a different coverage the ball goes someplace else that just happens. We don't just throw them out there willy nilly, there's a reason for them. Sometime the plan works and sometimes you move onto the next receiver. Sometimes you may have a guy, a tight end that catches seven balls in the game where he might not have been primary in any of those catches. You try and spreads the ball around and get it to your guys."

(On if he draws on his experience trying to put a receiving core together like he did in St. Louis last year)- "I learned a lot last year. I still will say that we had some players in St. Louis that were good NFL players. We dealt with injuries and you just try to do the best you can to try and put it together so that the quarterback has targets and the matchups are right. You think about that, I think it's a new set of scenarios when you have new guys and you're getting to know guys and what they do well. I think anything you've ever had to do once before helps you."

(On the timing issue with McCoy and the receivers as they figure each other out)- "The best possible scenario for timing is for them to come in have all the minicamps and play in the same spot. Then have all the training camp practices playing in the same spot and play the whole year in the same spot. That's not reality though unfortunately. The longer they play together whether you are the flanker, the X or the zebra, or whatever, the longer they play together the more comfortable they get with one another. I think everybody in the league is dealing with that this year because we didn't have the benefit of an offseason."

(On how long it will take to get over that hump of not having an offseason)- "I wish we wouldn't have talked about it at all quite frankly because I think all 32 teams have been dealing with it. There are no excuses. I would like us all to be on the same page today."

(On how Montario Hardesty came out of Sunday's game health wise)- "Great, he looked really good and I think he felt invigorated. It's like he told me, he said, ‘That's the most football I have played in a while.' It's true. My first reaction is boy he is going to be sore, but he actually said that he felt good and he looked good today."

(On if there is any concern about not having enough carries for both back going forward)- "I think what we found with what happened on Sunday is Montario is further along than I thought he was and can handle more than I thought he could. You know that happens sometimes out of necessity. Unfortunately Peyton couldn't go, but I do know that Peyton can carry a big load and I think that's good. I have said it before and I really do believe it, if you are going to play consistently good football throughout the season you need them both. I think if you are going to play good offense in this league there are going to be times during the year when you are going to need one to step up a little bit more than the other. Now, Peyton is our back, but we learned a lot about Montario that I think we all should feel pretty good about."

(On if they script plays at the beginning of the game)- "Yes, we do. You script typically first and second down if you get to a situational third down or red zone, short yardage you go to those, but, yeah we do."

(On what their thinking is for that)- "We have an idea what coverage we are going to see. We want to write down and think through who we are going to get the ball to instead of just picking them. Any work you can get done in your office you try to do. That's what we do here all day and night and then you adjust."

(On if the defensive line's pass rush is coming along faster than what was expected)- "I think it's good when you get sacks. I know any time when you can disrupt the quarterback it has an effect on the team. Sometimes you start looking at hits on the quarterback, pressures or whether the quarterback has to move as well. As far as being them further along, it's hard for me to say. I know we feel good about the guys playing in there and I think they are getting better and are working well together. The scheme seems to fit. I think they have seven of those 11 sacks which you know some of them have come with four man rushes where they just individually beat a guy and then some of them have come in conjunction with the pressure. It all goes hand and hand."

(On days are gone in NFL where teams can hand the ball off to just one guy)- "I don't know, I think you have to use the players you have and if you have two that can go, I think using them is smart. There is a lot of wear and tear on a running back. There really is and when you are running the ball everybody is trying to get you. There are a lot of other positions where it's you and one guy. Peyton has a bruising style as a runner and that's terrific, that's outstanding and then you saw Montario's got a little bit more like vision, he's nifty. That type of deal, so that's good."

(On Jayme Mitchell having the best game of all the defensive linemen and his development)- "He had a very good game, but I think the other guys played well also. I think he has developed. Again we are getting used to him, he made a switch from left to right. I thought he played well. I thought he did a nice job and he has been steady and consistent like a lot of those guys."

(On Matt Hasselbeck)- "I have always kind of watched Matt and his style. Early on in Philadelphia we had Tim his brother, but I have watched Matt operate and I have always been fond of his style of ball. I think he does a good job of executing the offense. He keeps the tempo good. I think he is a very accurate passer. I am seeing all those things in him and I mentioned it last night on the radio, I am seeing some of the concepts that he ran in Seattle, the West Coast type concepts, but I am also seeing the Chris Palmer influence where I am seeing concepts that I am very used to seeing from the Giants when Chris was with the Giants. It is a little bit of a blend, but it looks like Matt's executing extremely well and that's important. I am sure that's one of the reasons that they are off to a very good start. When your quarterback is playing well and you're playing well on defense, I think it's a good thing."

(On Evan Moore need to improve his blocking to get more reps)- "No, Evan is a good player and we will put him out there. He was in the game, as I mentioned we targeted him. You can understand, you want to play two running backs, you only get five skilled players at a time and a quarterback and five linemen so you have to try to balance it. If we are doing the right things and gaining yards on our plays then we will get more plays and everybody will get there looks. Evan has done a good job. Evan has got us in the end zone. Evan has made big plays and it's important we use him."

(On grading McCoy when watching film)- "I think when you grade quarterbacks, the play starts in the huddle, so I know the play I called and they better be lined up right and the play get executed properly. Really when you grade a quarterback, you just go back and give him pluses or minuses on the critical factors for a quarterback decision making, timing and accuracy. Decision making, did he throw it to the right guy? Plus. Did he get it off on time? Was it five plan or five hitch? Plus. Was he accurate? Plus and that's a good down. You give him a plus. It's just that simple. If it breaks down and he improvises and makes a big play, you give him two pluses. Generally speaking for a quarterback aside from the play starts in the huddle, making sure everybody is lined up right, that's his responsibility. If he calls trips and they come out and double, he better get the guy over. That's his responsibility and beyond that when he is throwing the ball, did he make the right decision? Did he throw the ball on time and was he accurate? At the end of the day you evaluate him based on getting the offense in the end zone."

(On Greg Little being described as raw as a receiver because he didn't play his final year at North Carolina)- "I don't know, he didn't played much obviously last year, but I see him making steady improvements. Raw? I guess it can be defined a bunch of ways. I see guy that's really eager on Sunday and finds a way to make plays and I see him improving each week. Not just running routes, but going through the process of being a pro which means how you approach your preparation, how you look after your body, how you keep yourself hydrated, how you rest. All that stuff that pros have to go through and guys only know what they know and he has been a guy who has been blessed with tremendous athletic ability. I don't know but he may have been able to just get by on that skill. But at this level if you are going to be consistently you have to learn how to do the process. I think he is doing a good job that way."

Browns Player Quotes, Sept. 28
Don Delco on September 29th, 2011 AT 6:22 AM

Joe Haden

(On how it feels that the coaches have him on the other team's best receiver)- "It makes me feel good and it shows that the coaches trust me against a number one receiver. That's what I've been trying to do since I got here, establish myself as a lockdown corner. I am just trying to do that and the coaches having faith in me to do it, it means a lot."

(On hoping Chris Johnson doesn't finally have a big game)- "We hope so, we know anytime it can happen. He's CJ2K. He is really good, elusive, fast and one of the best players in the league. We just have to make sure we keep him contained and everybody stays to the run. That put a little more pressure on us in the secondary knowing that we are going to have to put an extra person in the box to contain him, but in the back of our minds, we have to just lock it up.”

Colt McCoy

(On the Titans defense)- "Their defense is really good. From the time you turn on the tape and you keep studying and keep preparing for them, you watch first, second down and then you get into some third down, they are just really sound. You can tell they are very well coached. They play well together and they have some guys that are really good, especially in the secondary. We feel it's going to be a huge challenge for us. There are not really many quarterbacks that have played well against them and the run game is tough to, so we will have our hands full."

(On the offense needing to get off to a faster start)- "I think as a unit, as an offense, we talked about it last week, we need to start off faster. We didn't play well through the first half. When we got in the second half, I felt like we executed pretty well, especially there at the end of the game. We found a way to win. We know we can play better. We just have to go out and do it, show up early and really play hard from the beginning. I think we just aren't being as consistent as we can be. We are making a few mistakes here and there. It's not just everybody, just a few guys here and there, but we are okay. It's nothing to panic about. We had a great practice today and just have to keep getting better."

(On giving the defense a different look when either Peyton Hillis or Montario Hardesty are in)- "We don't really change our scheme up too much, but you're right, I think they have a little bit different style. I think they are both really good. Having Montario have the opportunity to play that game I think it will help us especially as we move forward, to give Peyton some blows. It's good. We are excited about those two guys."

(On if he can take anything from the last drive and transferring it into the other situations)- "No, you really can't. At the end of the game you understand you have to go and make a play and you have to go score or the game is over. I think that may give us a little confidence as we move forward as to we know we can do it in crunch time, but let's do it all the time. We are a growing offense. We are starting to get the hang of how each other play and how to run different routes verses different coverages. We are seeing different stuff and I think we are alright. We just have to keep working and keep figuring each other out and keep playing together. The more time we have together, I think the better we will get. Like I said, we had a good practice today and just have to keep working."

(On if he learned something about himself on last drive)- "When it comes down to that situation, it's kind of on you to get your team in the end zone and that's how it is every week. When it comes down to that situation, you have to make plays and I thought the guys around me did a tremendous job. The receivers got open, we caught the ball. Our linemen did a great job. They were showing us some different looks and bringing different blitzes. They were doing everything they could to stop us. It was great to come back and watch and you feel good after the game. I think the good thing about this team is we all showed up Monday ready to go back to work because we know we could play better. That's the attitude we have to continue to have."

8:14 PM

Browns ink LB Chris Gocong to 3-year extension: Hot News for LB Chris Gocong http://t.co/lcbHbG9x

8:13 PM

RT @FredGreethamOBR Gocong signs 3-yr extension

2:10 PM

Receivers Making Strides: Browns wide outs are showing some progress early in the 2011 season. http://t.co/8mqlX2AA

8:22 AM

Upon Further Review: Dick Does Blitz: Dick Jauron did a nice job of mixing blitzes with old fashioned pass rushing. http://t.co/IxI6Z0Q5

2:08 PM

Blessing in Disguise?: With Hillis sidelined, Hardesty saw more snaps than expected. http://t.co/PuhimPbu

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