Browns-Titans: Gameballs and Goats

The Cleveland Browns fresh off a two-game winning streak sunk like the Titanic against the Tennessee Titans 30-13.

SUMMARY: No offense for three quarters, that's bad. A win, though, that's good. Good, bad... meh... we're the team with the win.


Player Gameballs
Josh Cribbs (16,WR) 234
Colt McCoy (12,QB) 152
Peyton Hillis (40,FB) 145
Jabaal Sheard (90,DT) 128
Entire Defense 81
Ahtyba Rubin (71,DT) 81

Player Goathorns
Brian Robiskie (80,WR) 106
Anything Pittspuke 84
Officiating Crew 72
Sheldon Brown (24,CB) 70
NEO Steeler Fans 47
Artis Hicks (75,OL) 45
No One 41

Fan Write-in Gameballs Write-in Goathorns

Entire Defense
houndfromhell Cleveland Browns 2 minute offense. Cleveland Browns 3 and 2/3 quaters offense.
the first 57 minutes of the game

Me for watching the whole game D

Strep Throat
salemdog Defensive Line officials calling bogus excessive celebration call
BuckeyeInDenver The whole defensive line Peyton Hillis' immune system; the entire city of Miami

Mike Adams
OutlawJesseJ Whoever that mysterious offense was that scored the final, winning td.(?) Anything Ratbird-esque

Colt McCoy (in the 4th quarter) Offensive line
thrillbat Ahtyba 'BEAST' Rubin (71,DT)
The officials

D-Line O-Line
rambodawg Scott Fujita, sheard, thomas Braylon Edwards,

Colt McCoy, entire defense Offensive line, whoever decided to cut back Evan Moore's playing time
Joey Porter
TychoMagneticAnomaly1 Joe Haden
Dawgpoundr Entire Defense Baltimore Ravens

Entire Defense, Colt McCoy, Montario Hardesty
Cooper7 Taylor and Rubin
DAWGDC Greg Little, Ahtyba Rubin, Phil Taylor, Joe Thomas, Mike Adams, Josh Cribbs Parts of the O-Line
brownatic Atlanta Falcons for loosing (we get a higher #1 draft pick)
alaskanbrownsfan Defense Line
Shrooney Entire Defensive Line Strep Throat
Nasdaq Criqui and Cross

Weldon, lebron

Entire Defense and the D coordinator

Colt McCoy's - final drive
dawgonit0207 Cribbs and Massaquoi for sucking up the injuries and making big plays whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders

LeBentley Whole DLine

Dimitri Patterson
sargent3 MO
Writerdawg Shurmur for his play calls on the final drive and the OL for doing well when they had to.
Whoever gave Peyton Hillis strep throat
DixieDawg Phil Dawson Bruce Arians
Right side of the O-line
cav50 defense! defense! defense! offensive play calling....
snoopdawgydawg One drive Wonder Right Side of the O-LIne

Good Karma One defensive brainfart keeping us from 3-0

Fan Gameball Comments
SPICYDEIGO Was not pretty, but they made plays when they had to. Maybe they should go to the no huddle all game.

QB, OLINE went backwards receivers played decent
houndfromhell Congrates too, Phil (Clutch) Dawson.
The Colt played like a Rookie with no poise today. But, the blocking wasnt good, and not much time to make any plays. What shines about The Colt, is his never give up attitude, and his awsome play when it counted the most.
The Defense plays lights out in spurts, getting better every week. This
team is learning to trust one another, and that win was due to a entire team effort.
Next Sunday will be a major test. With 1 game between the Browns and a badly needed bye week, they cant afford to just go thru the motions. Thats the time, after the bye week, for Tony Pashos be healthy and play, or retire from sports.
We need a R.T. in a most major way, or else The Colt may end up on the disabled list. Hurry back Hillis, hope
you can play in the backfield along with Hardesty, like Mack and Byner did.
You can use Armond Smith as our Herman Fontenot back. Cut Little Robiskie, he dont want to play anyway.
IkoIko Defense won us the game today, the DL was dominant.

Not a good looking win but win

its about time, maybe just maybe there may a small light at the end of the tunnel
yogi8 Gave GBs to Jaurin, Entire Defense & individually Jayme Mitchell
BuckeyeInDenver The whole defensive line was key to this win. Rubin & Taylor combining for 16 tackles & 3 sacks is absurd, and Sheard & Mitchell were outstanding, too.

Chris Gocong was a monster and this might have been his best game as a Brown.

Montario Hardesty deserves credit for stepping in at the last minute, doing a nice job carrying the ball, and an even better job with blocking & blitz pickups.

And although I can't vote for a 4th gameball, Joe Haden needs to be singled out for shutting down yet another top flight WR. He's the NFL's next great cover corner, and he & Joe Thomas should just get game balls every week by default.

After stinking up the stadium for three and half quarters, the O found a way to pull it out and the hard work of the D all day paid off. Let's hope this is a turning point and that this young team keeps developing each week.
mtsames Great job guys.Go beat the Titans.
Republicdawg Colt for leading the game winning drive
The defense is becoming a formidable force
Hardesty - way to step up!

Mike Adams just keeps chugging along and provides the final nail. Cribbs still making the big impact, even with the sore groin. Hope it's better soon, the return game needs you. Way to step up Hardesty. Tough day for Colt but keeps competing...legendary game winning drive. Defense...more impressive every week!
Dawgpoundr Maybe things are turning around. I felt all week the Browns would lose this, and was certain after the 2 penalties at the end that it would go down to a game ending field goal. Keep it up Browns!

Tremendous effort on everybody's part, Colt showed what he can do, MoMass's catch was terrific. Josh Cribbs always finds a way to contribute in a big way.
Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard are a force!
Cooper7 Dick Jauron called a great game.
DAWGDC MoMass for making a catch I never thought he could make and the Fins weren't expecting it either. Joe Haden for being a beast and shutting down one of the best Wide Receivers in the league. Montario for running hard and picking up blitzes and that 4th down catch. Greg Little needs to start he has the ability to be special. Ahtyba Rubin and Phil Taylor are going to be special for years to come they will put a hurting on a lot of backs in this league. Joe Thomas for being Joe Thomas the best LT in the game...even when Jason Taylor jump off side he couldn't touch Colt. Mike Adams for the interception and Josh Cribbs for just being Josh and catching a touchdown today! Honorable mentions go to Tom Heckert for loading up this team with great draft picks and even Colt for fighting through an awful game
deathbyeagle Great final drive - that was a positive sign.
Love Rubin and Taylor - they are ballers
Pipehitter09 Colt earned himself off the Goathorns but not a gameball. I know he was running for his life half the game, but use your legs or throw the ball to the proper shoulder, to many passes to the wrong shoulder and the poor decision with the interception
alaskanbrownsfan The D line held thier own and when allowed to become aggressive they showed how good they are and are going to be! Colt gets both a gameball for his final drive and a Goathorn for his play in the first three qtrs...the kid is looking like he can be our QB for the long term, he just has to put it all together.
froggy60 Ruuuuuuuuuuubin unsung hero.

drawing alot of attention as a rookie

bend but, didn't break. Great job as a unit.
Shrooney D-line is getting a lot of pressure on the QB. Hope they keep it going all season. Haden is consistent against the #1 receiver. Hardesty valuable start in Hillis' absence. Cribbs tough catch playing hurt!
Nasdaq I gave McCoy both a gameball and a goat horn. He played a terrible game and yet did enough to win. Still doesn't show he has what it takes to stretch the field. Does that make him a young QB who has ups and downs or Ty Detmer Jr ?

Listen closely to Cross talk and he is Butthead with the double entendres. "The Dolphin's are putting their big package in the Browns face an dthey don't like it." Really? Huh huh. Huh huh.

So tell me again why we need to draft a QB in 2012?

This Defense is finally a unit we can all be proud of.
brownsclown When we need a spark it seems like Josh Cribbs give it to us. I felt he would never become a legit WR, now he is our best. Hardesty just stepped up, played well, next man up. The defense kept us in this game with pass rush and good coverage. Not pretty but better than losing.
dawgonit0207 Awesome D for being on the field for most of the day.




The entire defense was great. I heard very bad things about Dimitri Patterson coming into this season, and while he may not be all world, he's been a whole heck of a lot better than Ralph Brown or some of the other nickel/dime corners we put out there in the past. He filled in admirably for Sheldon Brown for a while.

Colt proved he belongs in this league, with lots more to come !!
Writerdawg A very frustrating game to watch for the most part that had a great ending. While I gave all the game balls to offensive players, the defense deserves special mention here because they held when the really had to.
whippedawg Phil Dawson surpassed yet another milestone passing Don Cockroft in all time career scoring. Goes unnoticed most of the time. Probably won't be noticed much until he's gone.
DixieDawg Browns win, Bama wins, The Tijuana Cacahuates win - GREAT FOOTBALL WEEKEND
jaydawg74 Sheard was in the pocket most of the day tormenting Henne.

Haden SHUT DOWN Brandon Marshall.

Hardesty looked good in his first real action. Had a crucial 4th down conversion on the last drive.

D-Line and D Backs played a great game.
snoopdawgydawg Dick Jauron has put together some pretty solid game plans over the last few weeks. When the Browns upgrade at CB and LB, I think we are going to see something special with this group of players.

the defense is really looking good! I love seeing all the sacks, usually have to wait til December to see this many

two obvious brilliant TD catches and throws. would give a gameball to the deliver, but defense played just an outstanding game.

Another big win for The Browns. Proving to themselves (and everybody else) that they can win without Hillis. McCoy (and the whole offense) got off to a rocky start, but came through when it mattered. Kudos to the defense for keeping Dolphins to field goals.


Fan Goathorn Comments

hekert and holmgren oline to incomsistent way to inconsistent no off season upgrade hinders offensive growth poor vision period
houndfromhell What`s up with Marcus Benard? Is he
injured someway?
The officials are the best of the worst grade school officials ever gathered together on the same field.
2 players that should not be in the Pro`s. #1-Brian Robiskie, and #2-Tony
(China doll) Pashos.
Sheldon Brown is easiely the best player on the field, for the other team, that is.
Oneil Cousins kind of sucks too!
Does Carlton Mitchell still play on the Browns?
IkoIko What a BS call at the end: 15 yd team celebration penalty?

Minnifield will look good in a Brown's uniform next year as Brown's replacement.

Ridiculous excessive celebration penalty. Could have cost Cleveland the game.
yogi8 as is custom with wins, no GHs awarded
BuckeyeInDenver Peyton's immune system needs to step up--get him some antibiotics or something so he's back on the field against the Titans. His absence as our top playmaker on offense really showed today, even though Hardesty did a solid job replacing him.

I hate to harp on the refs, but they sucked bad today. The unsportsmanlike penalty on Mo & Watson after the last TD was utterly ridiculous and could have given Miami the win if Henne wasn't so mediocre.

And last but certainly not least, screw Miami. I'd make fun of their fans for having such an awful team, but as everybody knows, Miami sports teams don't have real fans, only bandwagon jumpers who hop on when the going's good. Enjoy LeQuit Miami, we'll enjoy having an NFL team that's actually going places.

Either this O line steps up, or this is going to be a long, long season. Pashos should either suit up or ship out. Hopefully his boo-boo on his ankle has now healed and he can get back in the fray so we can put Evan Moore back in more often on passing downs and not have to chip on the right side with a blocking tight end
mtsames Art and his Baztard David.

Sheldon Brown aka toast

O-line needs to get better, McCoy constantly rushed. I miss the blocking of Vickers.
Dawgpoundr McCoy's gotta take the next step, and some receiver's gotta start getting open at some point. The offense is painful to watch without Hillis in the lineup.
DAWGDC Colt for missing open receivers...that's not acceptable at all. Sheldon Brown either needs to move to Free Safety, because he's playing like a 75 year old corner who can't check an old lady in a wheelchair. Robiskie for another O'fer and I'm not sure if it's the right side or Pinkston, Lauvao or Hicks or Cousins but something is foul on the O-Line that needs to be fixed!!!
deathbyeagle What is wrong with Robo?? Make one play, man......sheeesh
Pipehitter09 Phil Dawson is horrible at kick offs. I understand he is money 40 yds and in for FG. Not having a boot to put the ball for a touchback is getting a little ridiculous, since this is the only complaint well it was a good day because we beat teams we are supposed to
PlaysWithSwagger Couldn't vote for him as a goat because of the way the game ended, but for the first 9/10 of it, Colt was basically our worst player.

Same old crappy play calling and unmotivated start to the game.

Defense made Henne look like a Pro-Bowler until the last few plays.

Time to find some LBers that can cover and time for Brown to move to Safety and get a DB that can cover besides Haden.

alaskanbrownsfan the officials were horrable with that celebration call...
froggy60 some questionable calls and non calls

what were you thinking with horse collar tackle

your old and slow
Shrooney I wanted to give McCoy the goat this week but just can't after the last drive. He was indecisive and his accuracy was not up to snuff. If that celebration was a flag on MoMass TD then they should just flag every TD. And finally strep... a bacteria can take down a Rhino but an NFL LB can't??!?!
Nasdaq Shurmur's offensive packages in the last drive are inexplicable. Alex Smith s your blocking TE. Even Moore is on the bench? Brain Robiske is your wide out in single covereage on the wide side of the field? Brian "Miste Blutarsky 0 point 0 catches and yards" Robiske? Why is he even on the roster, let alone taking PT over playmakers Cribbs and Little in that situation -- or any situation anymore for that matter???

Carlton Mitchell and Robiske get the horns for not stepping up and and being ready to play when Massoquoi and Cribbs were injured. We had to trot 2 M.A.S.H cases out because the coaches had zero confidence in their backups.
brownsclown Are you kidding me, a celebration penalty on that? Worse call in a while! Randy Cross has to be the worse color man in the game. He was bad on radio and is worse on TV. Hey Tony Pashos, I know you are injured but the team and its fans need you on the field. If watching your replacements play don't push you on the field nothing will.
dawgonit0207 Colt's lucky he got the comeback win. After that outing everyone would be wishing for Wallace or Thaddeus or the peanut vendor guy!




McCoy - great drive at the end, but doesn't make up for how AWFUL you were the rest of the game. You're going to lose us 98% of the games when you play THAT BAD.

Could have used Vickers on all the second and short yardage and ended up punting
Writerdawg No goathorns on a gritty, comeback win in the last minute.
whippedawg Colt was a liability until catching fire on the last drive. Probably his worst performance as a Brown until getting it together at the end, thankfully.
DixieDawg Bring on Tennessee.
jaydawg74 Right side of the O-line sucks. McCoy had no time to pass all day.

Linebacker group as a whole needs to be able to cover backs out of the back field and make tackles.
luvbrowns don criqui and rich gannon for sucking as usual. No one cares about your crappy stories. Just call the damn game...
cav50 it was quite offensive!
snoopdawgydawg Need to see more consistency from Colt McCoy. He left a lot of yards on the field missing Watson numerous times on plays that would have net some good yardage.

the whole team played ugly, but I will take the win!!

Robo is just taking up space. not wise move to horse collar with game on line. These refs for both teams are just unbelieveable bad..


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