Browns-Titans: Gameballs and Goats

The fans came. The fans saw. The fans disapprove. A lot.

SUMMARY: I swear I saw this game before in 2003. And 2000. And 2008. And 2010. Browns fans didn't have a lot of enthusiasm for what they saw either, as evidenced by the gameballs and goats below.

Player Gameballs
Phil Dawson (4,K) 47
No One 24
Joe Haden (23,CB) 21
Greg Little (15,WR) 15
D'Qwell Jackson (52,ILB) 14
Mike Adams (20,S) 14
Peyton Hillis (40,FB) 14
Player Goathorns
Pat Shurmur (HC) 54
Usama Young (28,S) 43
Montario Hardesty (31,RB) 28
Entire Defense 23
Colt McCoy (12,QB) 21
Sheldon Brown (24,CB) 19
Entire Offense 18
Entire Organization 18


Fan Gameballs Goathorns
Pick sixes
bohns75 Otto Graham, Jim Brown Tim Couch
Houston Texans Buffalo Bills
So many. Not enough space here.
froggy60 Mike Holgrem
whoever decides that the Browns do not have cheerleaders
DixieDawg Trent Richardson Bruce Arians
Artis Hicks for Not Playing. Scott Fujita's Pass Coverage Skills
MuskieBuck The fans??? Entire offense
Horrible Play Calling
Big Plays
Floating trash, Everybody except Dawson,
Permes Pat Shurmur
TpostDawg Everyone in the Organization
Usama Young
DAWGDC Chris Gocong
cascadehops Houston Texans for beating Pittsburgh
mtsames Art and his Baztard son David



Fan Gameball Comments
bohns75 It never seems to change in Cleveland, does it?
I think all the gameballs should go to the Titans. The Browns stunk up the stadium today. All I wanted was to see gradual progress each week. Well, this is regression at its worst!
Pipehitter09 Robo gets his first game ball for showing up on TV by making a catch
bluezhound Not one person wait Phil Dawson where have we seen this before .Kicking 51 yard FG'S Into a swirling wind ..tghe rest of them to the woof shed for your beating .you guys have no heart .team quit and its only game four
yogi8 Dawson for a couple of long FG hits, Pashos ffor finding the field.
froggy60 cribbs never gives up no matter what

d'qwell had another solid game

phil is mr. consistant
This is getting embarrassing as our players do not look ready to play and have way too many mental lapses.
Thank God for the easy opponents in the first 3 weeks. Otherwise, the Browns would be 0-4 right now. Yikes... this is a bad team!
DixieDawg What a pathetic display.
MuskieBuck .....for putting up with kind of pathetic football effort for so many years now. Those of you who watched the "Jim Brown era" fly by as I did know what good football is. What a sorry a**ed team and organization we have put up with for so many years.
whippedawg FG's of 48 and 51 in a Lake Erie gale.
Pittsburgh lost, enough said. Dawson was the only Browns player to rack up solid fantasy points. Seneca didn't see playing time, therefore he didn't cost us the game.
If you take away 4 plays, 80YD TD, pick-6, 57YD completion to setup another Tenn. TD, and the sorry 4th down attempt at mid-field. This game has a different outcome. The Browns kept fighting to the bitter end, but no team is good enough to over come that many big plays/mistakes.
Appraiser D'Qwell gets one for being the player of the month. And, he made some nice tackles.
WTF was with all the garbage and bags floating in the air and all over the field?
Least the kicker did his job - way to go Phil.
DAWGDC Really not too much to smile about yesterday, but I will give Greg Little and Mo Massaquoi for catching the ball if Colt got it near them. Phil Dawson for the amazing kicking of field goals in a CBS Swirling winds from the lake that usually happens in the Fall.
Phil Dawson was great.
TaipeiDawg Joe Haden shows up to play no matter what. Respect!

Glad to see Hardesty doing well and putting out the effort.

Buster Skrine has been a great addition to special teams.
IkoIko Dawson made some FG's

Robo actually made a catch, which is Gameball worthy for sure!

Pontbriand didn't eff it up. Congratulations! You are the best Butch pick, ever!
mtsames Losers get nothing


Goat Comments
Fan Goat Comments
A total team effort for horns this week
Really disgusting organization. How could any one be fooled into thinking this team could be good. Their 2 wins were pathetic.
bohns75 It never seems to change in Cleveland, does it?
Last week Coach Shurmur gets complimented on play that through the ball in the endzone. This week nothing. Maybe the press could start writing about how agressive the Brown's offensive is?
Brown's Fans who predict easy wins
Too much dink and dunk. Defenses don't respect the long ball and why not?! One more 3 yd. "Stuckey" drag pattern on 3rd and 7 and I'll PUKE! Also, how does Young NOT make that tackle at the sideline on Tenn. 80yd TD? What a SISSY attempt. UGH! Nice Ole' block by Pashos in first half allowed Colt to be rag-dolled. PLEASE draft his replacement. PLEASE!
what kind of call was the fourth and one pitch play to the third string running back who wouldn't have even made the team if Brandon Jackson wouldn't have gotten hurt. Hillis was healthy and running fine, why was hardesty in so much. He can't catch and was doing nothing but kill drives. This loss is on shurmur.
Want some more goats? In addition to the entire O and D units, how about Fujita, Ward, Young, McCoy, Hardesty, the entire O line, the entire Defense, the play calling by Shurmur. Frankly, the entire organization from Holmgren to the ball boys deserve goathorns after this egg they collectively laid!
Pipehitter09 The pick six was horrible. That momet the whole offense should run a lap with Colt running 10!
bluezhound this team needs lots of work and heart .looks they quit already ..sad Shurmur is in over his head as a coach and play caller ..i miss Mangini ! yeah i said it i miss Mangini!
Disgusting Display
yogi8 Young & Gocong get horns for their huge missed tackles that gave the Tenn nearly 100 yards between them. Hardesty had at least 5 drops.
froggy60 hey usama how about knowing your assignments when you play.....

montario see the ball catch the ball.....get a pair of hands

hey pay your playing is almost as bad as Fickells at OSU now. stop be so predictable and do something can not keep running the same play....

nike you should be on the sidelines for this team not pat. dump him and put on the head set already......

Different year.. Same old crap
How many pass drops does it take to understand Hardesty is not suited for that role? How many missed tackles does U. Young / Fujita need to make to get benched? Shurmur's play calling was bad too!
DixieDawg Stone Hands Hardesty couldn't catch strep throat if he frenched Hillis last week.
MuskieBuck An absolute stinker of a game by absolutely everone. including the management. Where is the progress we were promised two years ago, two drafts ago and two years of free agent signings ago? This team is filled with so many holes it could impersonate a Swiss cheese!
Does anyone get the fact that the ex eagles are ex eagles because the eagles are trying to win????? shurmur how many drops do you get before you see the pine???? pay me that much and trust me i can drop the ball also!!!!
Hardesty couldn't catch a newborn baby let alone a football. Shamu's offensive play calls were shit, throw the ball deep. Young's whiffs cost them the game
The 80 yard TD was and illegal pick play, but Usama Youngs sorry attempt to tackle the receiver and Fujita looked like he was running in slow-motion, just terriable.

Shurmur, pack away the trick plays for at least a year or at least on 3rd downs. You can't call a low percentage play on 3rd downs. They work better once your offense has an identity and is known for doing certian things very well. Which at this point in time, the Browns offense doesn't have an identity an isn't known for doing any one thing well.

And coach, I know once you're down 24-6, you force to throw the ball, but you have Peyton Hillis sitting on the sidelines for what? To help Mario Hardisty get experience? 1,or even 2 drop passes can be excused, but 4! After the 2nd drop pass, you should have left Peyton in the game.
Appraiser The play calling wasn't very good. Not sure what we are trying to accomplish.
As for Usama Young, you have to make that tackle. Colt deserves a goat (and a gameball for yards and completions, somewhat) but the goat is for holding the ball too long, looking down receivers and throwing too low or behind receivers too much.
TpostDawg That was just a plain and simple stinker of a game.
Hardesty - got to catch the ball
McCoy - has to make quicker reads and calm down - too much "happy feet"
Fujita - got burned.
Young - critical missed tackle
DAWGDC Mike Adams for one not tackling the receiver that Joe Haden got hurt on and secondly not picking off the pass that Hassleback lobed down the middle on there first or second scoring drive. That should have been going the other way. Colt has to do a better job period...there were so many missed opportunities and he can't become better until he makes the simple plays first we should have been in the game offensively from the start. We can't continue to play from behind all the time. Gocong you just signed your contract extension but I swear he must have had ink on his gloves, because he whiffed on a bunch of tackles yesterday!!!!
The team looked totally unprepared. The defense couldn't tackle and sucked all day. Horrible coaching. Aside from that, it was great.
TaipeiDawg Usama Young what a LAME attempt at a tackle. That boy should be running laps and doing tackling drills ALL WEEK LONG.

Shurmur - seems to be a good coach but several bizarre play calls did not help the cause. I'm not convinced the head coach should also be the offensive coordinator.

I like T.J. Ward but he needs to work on his cover skills.
IkoIko The overall effort sucked balls. Learn fom it and move on.
mtsames This game was a total disgrace.The safeties and LBs are to slow. TJ,Fujita and Adams get exposed again.

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