Ask the Insiders forum in the last 48 hours which are real intriguing, so we're releasing this special edition. Our Insiders have come up with Browns news you won't see anywhere outside of this forum."> Ask the Insiders forum in the last 48 hours which are real intriguing, so we're releasing this special edition. Our Insiders have come up with Browns news you won't see anywhere outside of this forum.">

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We usually don't do ATI excerpts every second day... but.... there are news items that have appeared on the <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> forum in the last 48 hours which are real intriguing, so we're releasing this special edition. Our Insiders have come up with Browns news you won't see <I>anywhere</I> outside of this forum.

DavidCarducci: Thought this was interesting. The Browns are bringing in Hall-of-Fame lineman Anthony Munoz to work with the offensive linemen during Tuesday's quarterback school.

LaneAdkins: This one may go a bit deeper..........stay tuned

CBDawg: I just read that the Chiefs have signed two of their draftees. Are the brownies currently negotiating with any of the rooks? if so how close are they to signing one or more of them? also when can we expect to hear anything concerning player transactions of any type? It seems as though every yr, teams get just a little bit more hesitant and they don't want to make any moves too quick for fear they will make the wrong move, have to pay for it down the road at some point, in some cases, pretty severely. they want play the wait and see game, causing distractions come camp time. IMO, they should get these guys signed up ASAP, and then the only thing to worry about is getting ready for the games to start. from what I have seen by the Browns and most of the teams in the league today is that they are still "making the wrong moves" and still having to pay for it dearly over the next yr or two, sometime three.

Mike McLain: I'd be surprised if there are any holdout this year. Having a low first-round draft pick helps. With the Browns being at the top of the bottom tier of picks (21st), I could see something getting done quickly with Faine. Chaun Thompson has said that he'd play for minimum wage. That obviously won't happen, but I have a feeling that getting Thompson in the fold prior to training camp won't be a difficult chore. I agree that getting the rookies in the fold as soon as possible is important. William Green definitely was hurt by his holdout last year. The Browns can't afford to lose valuable time with Faine this year.

David Carducci: The Browns filled a need at running back with William Green last year. This year's draft was about getting football players, the type of guys who fit the profile, both in talent and attitude, that Davis wants on his football team. In Faine, Thompson and most of the rest of the class, you have guys who are going to want to get their contract done early, who will be at every "voluntary" workout, who will put in the time and show the dedication Davis wants. That's the makeup of this draft, and considering that, I'd be shocked if there were any holdouts. I don't think there is anything to worry about on the negotiation front.

Lane Adkins: According to the reps for Faine and Thompson, they are ready to get a deal done as soon as the Browns are ready. Both made the point that they have plenty of time and smooth negotiations are expected.

MC: Could Jamir join teh Browns organization? Maybe as a coach or something? is the relationship too frayed?

ArtBtz: Conceivably he could join the front office, although he will most likely try a broadcasting career. According to Roger Brown, he will appear on "Best Damn Sports Show" next Tuesday night as a type of "informal audition".

Lane Adkins: According to a voice within the organization, Miller is not expected to be offered a position anytime soon, but would not close the door on the possibility at a later time.

SiouxDawg: If there is little contact during QB school, is any evaluation of the offensive and defensive line made? What do the O-linemen do during practice?

Mike McLain: Since there are no pads involved during quarterback school practices, there is little contact up front. The last thing any coach needs in May is to have one of his starting linemen go down with an injury. The 14 practices are mainly primers for training camp. Receivers and quarterbacks, along with defensive backs and linebackers, can stand out most in these drills.

Lane Adkins: While there is supposedly no contact, tempers and some aggression have been rumored over the past couple of days on the field.

Nasdaq: Do they run starting 11 on 11? If so, who are the starters, particularly on OL and LB? Do we have any info, or can you guys ask davis that at the next PC?

Mike McLain: Unfortunately, we don't get a chance to watch practices, and the next press conference by Butch won't be until the June mini-camp. There really isn't much we can learn, unless someone in the organization decides to leak a little info. William Green was asked about the first quarterback school practice while attending a banquet last Wednesday, but not surprisingly he decided not to divulge any juicy tidbits.

Lane Adkins: The only tidbits of info that has come my way is the following:

  • The quarterbacks are well ahead where they were at this time last year.
  • Competition that Davis spoke of is playing out thus far and both QB's have been very sharp.
  • Pat Barnes is an intelligent and accurate QB, he could push Josh Booty.
  • Two unidentified offensive linemen appear to have significantly improved their physical appearance (strength)

JB42776: I read in an article on that Matt Stinchcomb could become available soon via trade for a possible 3rd round pick. What do u guys think about him? Is he worth a 3rd rounder and would the Browns be interested? He is versitile and can a play all postions on the line and I know thats what Butch likes. Could he be an upgrade at left tackle and allow Verba to move to left guard?

Mike McLain: I don't think Butch would hesitate bringing on Stinchcomb, assuming Oakland woulnd't ask too much for him. No matter what Butch says, Ross Verba didn't play well last season. Ideally, I think that Butch would like to move Verba inside, which would make Barry Stokes the role player that he should be. A guard trio of Verba, Shaun O'Hara and Qasim Mitchell would look good.

Lane Adkins: According to a member of the organization in a position of player development, etc........ "We have evaluated the left tackle position and at the present time there is not a player available that is an upgrade over our current player."

On Stinchcomb: "We haven't talked to the Raiders since the day of the draft. While I am not permitted to comment on a player under contract with another team, if a player were to become available, under terms that fit within our situation, we would certainly be interested."

Redright: Courtney Brown seems to be on the fast track to be a bust. He is presently undergoing consideration for a contract renegotion. Usually a sign that a player is being considered a keeper. Trading present money for a high signing bonus. Money in pocket and a large cap hit if a team is going to trade him. This renegotiation process with Courtney raises many questions.

Lane Adkins: Indications are that the Browns are working towards a paycut angle with Courtney Brown. The present negotiations are geared toward a significant salary cap savings in 2003 and the potential for the team to be in a good financial position in the event Brown pans out or busts.

PO Puppy: Due to fact that I always have troubles with the insiders chat I do have a couple of questions. The questions have to do with Tim Couch. I do like Tim Couch but I am starting to question him.

First, what exacatly is all the upside everyone is always talking about when it comes to Couch besides his youth? It seem sto me like the game still hasn't slowed down enough for and I wonder if it will ever slow down for him.

Mike you stated in another post that Holcomb makes his decisions faster than Couch. I was wondering if Couch would benifit to sit on the bench for a short period of time and study the game in progress?

Last year there was an article that stated Couch finally strated watch game films last year. What amazed me was that he was concentrating on other QBs like Favre. Does couch or would it benifit Couch to study opposing defensives during the off season? It seems like Couch has trouble reading and reacting to defenses.

Is it possible that Palmer hurt Couch's developement?

I like Couch and I would like to see him succeed. I was wondering how long it will take Couch to step it up and earn his 10% of the cap? I am just wondering if Couch understands that his salary is one of the many reasons that the Browns can't afford to surround him with pro bowl players that he seems needs to succeed. Do the players and thier agents understand that there is only so much money to go around and when a team has so much invested in three players that it limits what a team can do for thier player?

Any or all questions answered by Mike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mike McLain: From what I can see, there are two main problems that Couch needs to address -- reading defenses and getting rid of the ball quicker.

As I said in another post, I don't think that Couch lacks intelligence. You don't have to have great intellect to be able to figure out if a secondary is in two-deep coverage or is playing man to man.

If that part of Couch's game doesn't improve, his days as the starter will clearly be near an end. You'd hope that after four years in the league that he would have a decent grasp on reading defenses.

Developing a quicker release might not be as easy. That seems to be more of a natural thing that isn't easily taught. It's clear that Kelly Holcomb throws the ball before receivers make their breaks, while Couch often waits for the receiver to make his cut.

I'm beginning to doubt Couch's ability to make the necessary improvements, but I still don't think Butch should consider giving up on him. There are too many instances of quarterbacks developing late in their careers. I'd hate to see Couch go elsewhere and become an outstanding player.

As for the $8-plus million Couch counts against the salary cap, I think that Couch would agree to a restructuring. The front office is against the idea right now simply because of the quarterback battle that will take place.

The organization doesn't want to commit more dollars to a player that might not be with the team for the long haul. Restructuring is a good quick fix, but it can be costly in terms of dead money if the player is let go.

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