It Could Be Worse

Sitting at 2-2 and you think this team has it bad? Around the league, many teams, some highly touted have yet to achieve at the anticipated level.....and in Cleveland, well, have faith.

Four games are complete and that familiar doom-and-gloom feeling has returned to Cleveland.

It's professional football team may be 2-2, but both wins were over winless teams and the squad is coming off a 31-13 home drubbing at the hands of the Tennessee Titans.

Meanwhile, the Detroit FREAKING Lions are 5-0 only two seasons removed from finishing 0-16.

This is getting absurd.

Frustration continues to be a key component to being a Browns fan. Yet there are signs of a positive future for the orange and brown.

In order to feel good about the Browns, let's take a look at some other NFL teams who have it much, much worse.

Miami Dolphins

Oh goody! The winless Dolphins play the over-hyped New York Jets next Monday night. Quick, Mike Greenberg, can you spend 45 minutes talking to ESPN analysis about the Jets' woes?

Warning: Tangent. Can this year's MNF schedule suck any harder? Here is a snippet of what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Baltimore at Jacksonville, Oct. 24
San Diego at Kansas City, Oct. 31
Chicago at Philadelphia, Nov. 7
Minnesota at Green Bay, Nov. 14
Kansas City at New England, Nov. 21
New York Giants at New Orleans, Nov. 28
San Diego at Jacksonville, Dec. 5
St. Louis at Seattle, Dec. 12
Pittsburgh at San Francisco, Dec. 19
Atlanta at New Orleans, Dec. 26

That's two appearances each by Kansas City and two home games for Jacksonville.

Really, NFL? It must be the league's way to get Los Angeles residents familiar with its new team's players.

OK, back to the Dolphins. This team was less than four minutes away from beating the Browns on Sept. 18, but Colt McCoy's late-game heroics helped the Dolphins snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Since then, the Dolphins lost their starting quarterback, Chad Henne, for the season because of a shoulder injury. That must have pleased most Dolphins fans who, during training camp, were actually chanting "Ky-le Or-ton" at a practice.

Yes, they'd rather have Kyle Orton behind center than Chad Henne.


The Dolphins didn't listen to their fans and trade for Orton. Now, with Henne sidelined, the franchise turns its lonely eyes to Matt Moore.

Miami settled on Sage Rosenfels as its back up quarterback after the team also worked out Brodie Croyle and Trent Edwards and even made attempts to sign David Garrard and … wait for it … Jake Delhomme.

As for the Dolphins' head coach, Tony Sparano, he is as lame-duck as it comes. National Football Post's Dan Pompei recently wrote the Dolphins job is Jon Gruden's if he wants it. Makes sense considering the Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, tried to woo Jim Harbaugh away from Stanford last offseason.

Memo to Dolphins owner: Fire your coach first, then begin coaching search.

There are procedures, people.

Nonetheless, it's a messy and mismanaged situation down in South Beach.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts lost their fifth consecutive game to start the season. Indianapolis blew a 17-0 lead at home to the banged-up Kansas City Chiefs to lose 28-24. If the Colts can't beat K.C.? Uh-oh.

For reaction, let's go to head coach Jim Caldwell.

Coach Caldwell, how will this team going to right the ship after the 0-5 start?

" ."

That's Jim Caldwell answering by just staring blankly at the back of the room for 20 minutes. That reminds me: If anyone has ever seen Jim Caldwell make a facial expression or utter words? I'd love to know.

Hit me up on Twitter @DonDelcoOBR.

Suddenly, the Colts are in the thick of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes. Yet there is no joy in America's heartland because of a little issue of Peyton Manning is still on the team. Manning fully expects to return from his neck injury and if his career is any indication, No. 18 doesn't want any "talent" joining him in the quarterback meetings. Awkward!

This reminds me to once again spew venom toward Jim Sorgi for his Week 17 performance against the Tennessee Titans. If you remember, Sorgi came in the second quarter and promptly played like Jim Sorgi in helping the Titans to a 16-10 win that prevented the Browns from earning a playoff berth.

Like the Dolphins, the Browns beat this team so, well, there's that.

Philadelphia Eagles

Vince Young said it and there is no going back: The "Dream Team" is 1-4. The Eagles poured copious amounts of money at big-named free agents during the NFL's shorten offseason. Many of the players who signed with Philadelphia were the same players some Browns fans wanted in Cleveland.

Just because you spend the money on popular players, it doesn't guarantee you'll earn it back in victories.

Making the free agent splash hasn't worked in Washington and that model looks like it now has failed in Philadelphia.

Heck, it didn't work for the Browns during the Phil Savage era.

That is what makes the NFL so great. It rewards teams that draft well and that gives Browns fans hope because of Tom Heckert's recent track record with the draft.

Hey, if the Lions can do it, some day it'll be Cleveland's turn, right? RIGHT?!?! I still can't believe Detroit is 5-0.

Atlanta Falcons

As a Browns fan, as much pleasure as it brings to watch the Ravens and Steelers lose on any given Sunday, one more team has been added to that watch list for the 2011 season.

The Falcons, who traded up to No. 7 in last April's draft to select Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones, is without a first-round pick in 2012. The Browns own that pick. Let's hope that's a high pick.

The Falcons are 2-3 and scuffling. Within their own division, the Saints are 4-1 and look like the NFL's second-best team. Also, the Buccaneers are 3-2 and they are no slouch.

Atlanta still has road games at Detroit, Houston and New Orleans and also home games against New Orleans, Tennessee and Tampa Bay.

Needless to say, rooting for Atlanta to lose is becoming a refreshing Sunday tradition.

Simply, it has becoming quite demoralizing rooting for the Steelers and Ravens to lose. It, unfortunately, doesn't happen enough.

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