Holmgren Addresses His Long-Term Plans

Team president Mike Holmgren acknowledges the Browns are an improving young team. With three years remaining on his contract, Holmgren predicts the future.

BEREA, Ohio — Mike Holmgren will not be in Cleveland for 10 years.

That was the word from Holmgren on Wednesday, as he made a lengthy appearance on a Seattle radio station. Early in the interview, Holmgren said he would be with the Browns until fans can feel good about the team's direction.

"It's hard to tell for sure," Holmgren said when asked how long that would be. "But I'm pretty sure it's not going to be 10 years."

It then became apparent a good part of Holmgren's heart remains in the Pacific Northwest.

"We still have our home in Seattle," he said. "And, like I said, the kids are there, the grandkids are there. And I don't think they are going to be moving anywhere too soon. So our vision is to kind of get back to that area at some point. Exactly when that is (I don't know). I would like to see improvement here and lay the foundation here so they can feel good about their team again before I make any changes at all."

For the record, Holmgren has three years left on the five-year deal he signed to be the Browns president. He has never said a thing about wanting to leave, but Holmgren is 63 and his family remains, as he said, in Seattle.

Holmgren also discussed at length his time in Seattle and his job in Cleveland. He said he will not coach again and that Pat Shurmur "is going to be a solid coach and in the league for a long time."

He also was asked for his take on the Browns.

"We're a young football team," Holmgren said. "You combine the youth that we have on the team really and a new coach, and at times we kind of look young out there. And then at other times we execute very well. I think we play pretty good defense. Dick Jauron, who is the defensive coordinator is doing a heck of a job. . . .

"Offensively, we're inconsistent. And that comes with having a young quarterback and young receivers and rookies starting at left guard and all of those things. But when we can eliminate our own mistakes, we're not bad."

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