Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Lane and Dave were in the chat room last night for an excellent chat prior to the Memorial Day weekend. We have some nuggets from the QB School, despite the media lock-out, and more on position battles and recent player moves.

artbtz Yo! Lane!
ramllov Hey Lane
Lane Adkins Hello everybody
browns28 how do you guys think the offense will perform this year
browns28 hi lane
ramllov Lane I liked your article in the magizine
Lane Adkins Thanks Ram
RedDawgOnBTNG by drafting a new C and starting Mitchell they are performing nicely
browns28 i hope so
Lane Adkins Don't get ahead of yourself on Mitchell, he is being given an opportunity, he is far from a finished product
RedDawgOnBTNG gotcha
ramllov Lane have you heard anything from the QB school?
Lane Adkins Just that the QB's look sharp and there is a serious competition in place.
Lane Adkins Getting any information from the QB school or any event that the Browns want to lock down is diffcult........but we have our ways :-)
ramllov Lane were you surprised that Reese the LT got cut?
Lane Adkins No on Reese.....the word was that he was a serious project to undertake and his upside was somewhat questionable
cbdawg Lane, any news on the C.B. restructuring? any progress?
Lane Adkins Nothing new on CB since my forum posts.......if you haven't, take a read in the Ask the Insiders forum
ramllov Lane are the rookies now in the QB school?
Lane Adkins Not all rookies are eligible to be there, I don't have a list of the players that are 'officially' there
RedDawgOnBTNG Is Heiden athletic enough to play H-back? Can he line up in the slot or at FB to lead-block?
Lane Adkins Indications are that the coaching staff is under the belief or willing to try different things with Heiden, such as the move that you have mentioned
ramllov Lane would you label the guys in the offensive line on the team now a good group?
Lane Adkins Personally they are a good group, further development is critical for the group to be consider a consistent, better than average offensive unit
browns28 lane how do you think the defense will do this year
Lane Adkins I believe the defense will struggle early due to the youth and change, but improve as the season progresses as long as serious injuries do not retard their growth
Lane Adkins The scheme will help hide some deficiency
browns28 lane how much do you think the ol improves because of Faine
Lane Adkins Faine is a beast, intense player, the line immediately improves with his knowledge, ability, and aggressive nature. This team should run the ball better in 2003
RedDawgOnBTNG Is Heiden competing with Shea for the H-back role in Arians' offense?
Lane Adkins The tight-end / H-back role is wide open and the talent and productivity of the group will determine what the team will ultimately do in this critical area of the Arians offense
cbdawg is lebron a browns fan? maybe he get into qb school to get some info for us. i wonder who he preferes-tc or holcomb?
Lane Adkins Yes, LeBron is a Browns fan
cbdawg i knew it!
Fairwayseeker Lane, can you give us your take on 3 specific players foe 2003? ( Thompson, Henry, Sanders)
Lane Adkins Thompson should start at some point in 2003, if he does not, there will be some disappointment from the organization. His speed and quickness are assets that the defense needs desperately.
Lane Adkins Henry needs to step up in 2003. He is in much better physical condition (lost about 12-15 pounds) which caused him some issues in 2002.
Lane Adkins Sanders can play, he is gaining experience, but has had issues staying healthy. If healthy he could be a surprise
ramllov Lane, what about the RB the Browns signed from Pittsburgh B.....? Bowers?
Lane Adkins Bowers is in the mix at FB, but is really a special teams player
RedDawgOnBTNG so....they aren't sure yet.
Lane Adkins No, they are not sure
Guest104 do you think warren will fire up with a new set of coaches?
Buffalodawg I think Faine will fire up Warren in pracetice
Lane Adkins Warren will be fine, he had his immaturity session, he will be ready to go. Faine will make sure that Warren is ready to go :-)
ramllov Lane do you see Thompson as a side line to side line LB or a sacker?
Lane Adkins Possibly a speed rush guy in 2003, but definitely a sideline to sideline player in the future. If he arrives earlier than many expect, he could surprise in 2003
cbdawg lane, who are the front runners for the lb positions right now?
Lane Adkins Bentley, Gardner, Davis
browns28 lane how is cb health coming along
Lane Adkins Hearing that CB is doing well, he doesn't really talk with the media much, so team source fills that void
ramllov Lane do we need to slow down are questions?
Lane Adkins No, questions are fine
David Carducci Sorry I'm late.
browns28 hi dave
cbdawg hey dave!
ramllov Welcome dave
ramllov We will keep you after school
RedDawgOnBTNG How about JJ Johnson? Is he still on the roster and is he an H-back or true FB possibility for this year? He was a ""key"" to our offense before he got hurt last year according to Butch.
Lane Adkins Pollard types of talent are a nice find, don't believe we have that player on this roster
RedDawgOnBTNG Marcus Pollard type talents aren't easy to come by.
Lane Adkins Hey Dave
RedDawgOnBTNG knee healing all happy so far for CB? hi Dave
Lane Adkins I don't believe that all is happy-happy with the team and/or CB
RedDawgOnBTNG knee healing OK? not happy why?
Lane Adkins Knee healing OK, some issues with contract and under-tones within the organization
Fairwayseeker hey Dave!
David Carducci Hi guys.
David Carducci Sorry, I was covering a college baseball tournament game
ramllov Has Morgan and Davis bulked up since last year
Lane Adkins Heard Morgan is a bit larger and Davis has been working out all off-season, he is expecting big things from himself in 2003
rabidbrown Does Crocker have a chance at starting at some point in the upcoming season.
David Carducci Rabidbrown, I don't see it with Crocker this year. I really believe he was a reach, and I've talked to three different Mid-American Conferenc coaches, who basically said 'yeah, he's a nice player. We knew about him, but we didn't think he was all that special. We certainly didn't throw away from him.' That makes me think he's a guy who may have some potential, but will need time to make the jump
Lane Adkins Crocker is a 2004 starting competiton player from talks with a member of the staff
ramllov Could Kevin Johnson fall to the third receiver, with Morgan and Davis one and two?
Lane Adkins Quite the possibility at some point in future Ram, but not at the start of the 2003 season
David Carducci Ram, he certainly could be a guy who is more of a third option. I think he'll start, but you'll see a lot of three wide sets with Andre and Quincy maybe getting more balls. They are both talents, with size, speed and a desire to get better. They both have more upside than KJ
Fairwayseeker Ram, you left out Northcutt!
Lane Adkins FYI........last year of Northcutt's contract, keep an eye on him, his progress, and what may transpire with him
ramllov What about the CB from Minnesota?
Lane Adkins Lehan.......haven't heard much, will check into this weekend
cbdawg how is d. sanders looking at te? is he the front runner right now?
Lane Adkins Sanders and Heiden are the TE's at the top of the depth chart (as well as expectation wish list)
David Carducci cbdawg, that's something that will have to be sorted out in camp, but with Shea having a hard time staying on the field due to injury, and with Campbell being expendable, you have to feel they have a good idea that they feel confident Sanders can make a bit of a jump
ramllov If sanders makes the jump to starter, the Browns could have five starters from last year's draft.
Lane Adkins Many believe that Sanders has that type of talent
Fairwayseeker David, you didn't mention 'Cutt, is he out of the mix?
David Carducci Fairwayseeker, I think Northcutt is very much in the mix, but as he was last year, as a situational guy. I think you'll see him in some of the three and four WR sets, and you'll obviously see him on special teams. Morgan and Davis, though, have longer contracts, more upside, and they need to be developed.
rabidbrown Is health problems the only thing that dropped Garay or is there more problems? Things I've read make him sound like he could be a steal in the 6th rd.
Lane Adkins Garay is a good talent, injuries were his demise
ramllov Lane/Dave do you see the North division as a three or four team competition for the playoffs?
Lane Adkins The team is in the mode of growth, I am not too sure that we may see some interesting developments in training camp
Lane Adkins I believe that the Browns and Bengals are behind the Steelers and Ravens
David Carducci I think the Browns will have a difficult time competing for the top spot this year. Too many holes. The Steelers have to be the favorite, and the Ravens filled a lot of holes.
David Carducci More of a two-team race, with the Steelers the likely winner
browns28 dave do you think northcutt will have a bigger role this year
browns28 dave do you think the browns will let northcutt go after this yr
Lane Adkins There is a market for the 2002 version of Dennis Northcutt, lets see what transpires in 2003.
David Carducci I agree with Lane, browns28. In this day and age, teams have to make tough choices. I'm sure they'd love to bring Northcutt back if the money is right and if he continues to be productive.
RedDawgOnBTNG so you see the Browns using Cutt less to hurt his market value? Or is that ridiculous?
David Carducci No, I don't see that RedDawg. Davis isn't that type of a coach. He'll use whoever he thinks will help this team win. That won't be a factor
ramllov Is the Steeler QB, a chance to repeat from last year?
Lane Adkins Maddox is a nice fit in the scheme in Pittsburgh, many believe within the league that he will come back to the pack (as he did at times in 2002). His knowledge and ability of utilizing the tools in the Steelers offense was brilliant. Somewhat comparable to what Holcomb had done when stepping in here for Couch.
rabidbrown What's going to happen with Fowler if Faine and Mitchell both start?
Lane Adkins I'm not too sure that the team will be comfortable with overloading the starting offensive line with inexperienced players. Faine will start barring something unforeseen, the rest is open for serious debate and competition
cbdawg does anybody see the bengals surpassing the browns this yr with all of the offseason moves they made? that is one of my fears!
Lane Adkins Marvin Lewis will lead the Bengals back to respectability
David Carducci cbdawg, I think that is a reasonable fear. The Bengals made a bigger impact in the draft than the Browns did. You never know with that team, though. There is a lot of talent, and talking to some scouts, players and also with Anthony Munoz the other day, it looks like Lewis is changing some of the atmosphere around that club
ramllov Lane.Dave? Holcomb threw for 400 plus yards but Maddox had 350 plus. So what was the big deal with Holcomb?
David Carducci Ram, Holcomb had a nice day, but it's not much more than any NFL quarterback could have done in that game. The DB's were at a disadvantage on both sides on that field. Plus, I kept looking for the names ""Howard, Howard and Fine"" on the backs of the Steelers safeties. Their play was absolutely horrible. Some 40 yards of that total came on Flowers getting turned around and around and around and around on what was basically an under thrown jump ball down the middle
Lane Adkins Maddox had consistently put up big numbers for an explosive Steelers offense. I wouldn't say that the Browns had shown that type of passing game at any time, especially with any consistency.
David Carducci Again, I don't mean that as a putdown of Holcomb. He still made the plays a quarterback needs to make. He took what the defense gave him and took advantage of the situation
Lane Adkins Let me add though to the discussion on the play of Holcomb against the Steelers........He did have an outstanding game stat wise against a defense that had caused this team problems consistently in the past.
Buffalodawg I see Dillon was flapping his gums today about how the Bungles will win the division
Lane Adkins Glad to see that Dillon is happy again :-)
rabidbrown but if the bengals lose 2 or 3 straight do they turn back in to the old bengals?
rabidbrown let's hope they do
cbdawg lets pray they do!
Lane Adkins Lewis is a different sort than what has been in Cincinnati, I don't believe the old Bengals will show their face.
rabidbrown your not lifting my spirits much tonight Lane.
cbdawg so are you saying, lane, that you think the bengals will actually have a winning record in 2003?
Lane Adkins I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bengals in the 8-8 area in 2003
cbdawg thats a bold prediction, 8-8!
Lane Adkins I didn't say they would be 8-8, just I wouldn't be surprised
browns28 dave-anthony munoz visit to the browns he said it could be a good ol what do you think?
David Carducci Browns28, I think it will be better simply because some of the core linemen are still around. There is the potential that four starters will be back (although, much more likely that three will start). Faine is obviously a nice addition, a throwback who could be the leader of the line. And I'm excited about Qasim's potential. It could be an above average line if they continue to build on what was successful last year. The talent level isn't that of one of the best lines, but you don't necessarily need great talent to have a good line. Scheme and coaching can make up for a lot with a hard-nosed group that is willing to put it all out on the line.
RedDawgOnBTNG Marv Lewis is a great coach. Main factor in Ravens' success. Put up with Snyder and did well. Too much class to let the Bengals completely suck. He shoulda been hired as a HC years ago.
howldawg Lane do you see the teams in the division splitting a lot of series
Buffalodawg I just hope ESPN picks them as the sleeper pick again.
Lane Adkins Possibly, I believe that the Steelers and Ravens are the cream of the crop and the Browns will not have that advantage or element of sneaking up on anyone in 2003
cbdawg where do you see the brownies finishing in 2003?
David Carducci Cbdawg, if Couch, Courtney and Gerard have breakthrough seasons, they could compete for the top of the division. My guess is the Steelers finish first with the Ravens possibly edging out the Browns for 2nd. BUt then, absolutely anything can happen.
browns28 thanks dave
cbdawg yes, anything can happen!
rabidbrown Dave, you bring up a question. Do the Browns have a good OL coach?
David Carducci Rabidbrown, I feel better about Zierlein than I had. I like that he and Butch seem to be building around an aggressive, hard-nose attitude. I like lines that attack and bully. I know the players love him, and the atmosphere in the offensive line room is very good. I'm a very strong believer that a good offensive line coach could be the most important part of a staff. Look at what Russ Grimm has done for the Steelers.
blance Dave have you gotten a chance to see Qasim practice since last years injury?
blance I too am intrigued with the size and potential of Qasim, but I'm interested if anyone has seen him practice and can verify that he's making the progress that could land him a spot on the final roster
David Carducci Blance, I haven't seen Qasim on the practice field. I've seen him in the locker room, and he is definitely much bigger. And everything I hear from the inside is very positive
David Carducci Ram, not that I know of. We'll see at minicamp in June.
RedDawgOnBTNG Tim's arm/elbow problems a thing of the past?
David Carducci RedDawg, it's not an issue now, but you never know. I don't think the scar tissue ever goes away, so you never know if it could be a problem again down the road.
blance Thanks Dave. When is the first practice that the media types will be alowed to watch?
David Carducci Blance, I think it's the first week of June.
David Carducci I don't have the schedule in front of me, but I believe it's right before I leave for New York
artbtz Regarding the first mini-camp open to the media... it's on the ticker: June Mini-Camp, Day 1 in 18 Days : 10 Hrs : 15 Min : 42 Sec
VT David do you see the Browns going after Rodgers when he is cut by the dolphins
David Carducci Honestly, I'm not sure. Rodgers is an experienced LB, which is something the Browns are lacking. I think they'll consider several different LB's after June 1, and maybe wait a bit to make a decision to see how things go in minicamp. THey aren't in a hurry to make a decision there. THey can wait until training camp and pick up someone, just as they did with Hambrick
ramllov Lane/ Dave, Has anyone else on the offensive line shown up as a big surprise since the season ended. Large physical change?
David Carducci Mitchell is one of the few guys who they've talked a lot about moving weight around. I heard last year about Quincy pretty early last year, that he had really changed his physique. So far, there haven't been any leaks like that one
David Carducci By the way, how many of you are buying Cavs season tickets now?
David Carducci I always swore that if they went back to the wine and gold, I'd buy Cavs season tickets again (we were season ticket holders at the Coliseum when I grew up in Hudson). Of course, I can always get a press pass
rabidbrown I would need to be paid to watch a whole NBA game
David Carducci Rabidbrown, I agree. I used to love the NBA, but the changes in the game have completely turned me off
RedDawgOnBTNG sorry, NBA and MLB have lost their allure to me because of the financial setup they have.
David Carducci I love the college game
David Carducci Anyway, sorry about changing the topic away from the gridiron
David Carducci Let's just hope that helps change some of the luck for all of Cleveland sports
VT David do you see Jameson pushing for FS this year?
David Carducci VT, I actually do. He's a smart kid. He's done very well in film work, from what I understand. he's worked hard. He has the speed they want in the position. I don't know if it's FS, but really he could compete for either safety spot, depending on what happens with Griffith
RedDawgOnBTNG Warren get any smaller? :-)
RedDawgOnBTNG So, Warren could still be a fatass right now?
David Carducci RedDawg, he could be, but I've heard he has been working harder than last year ... whatever that means
BryanK Will Griffith be cut?
David Carducci Bryan, it could happen. I know they considered it at one point. Depth is a problem right now at safety, but then, it is a problem at LB, and that didn't keep Butch from making those moves
ramllov Earl Little is a game breaker, I do not know about Jamison
David Carducci Ram, I agree. I don't think Little gets the credit he deserves for what he's brought to this team since signing in the middle of the 1999 season. He has a nose for the ball, and all he does is make plays, yet it always seems as if he has to re-prove himself
ramllov Dave? When they drafted Faine, it changed the offensive line right then?
David Carducci Ram, it certainly did
ramllov Dave, Could Little be the veteran of the secondary and Griffth cut for cap and playing reasons?
KJ I want a Lott at FS and that ain't Little {:{
VT Little is solid, but he scares the hell out of me in the open field trying to make a tackle
David Carducci I agree. Little isn't a lot (very good KJ), but he is a nice fit for what the Browns want from the safety position. He is what the Steelers have always lacked, a safety with cover skills and ball skills who won't always leave his corner out on an island
David Carducci Little isn't a great open field tackler, but he was much better than Griffith last year, who came in with the reputation of being a big hitter
VT I see AHenry having a better year, when he finds out he has the talent to do it
David Carducci VT, I agree. Henry has the talent, and what I like even more, the size, to be a very good cover corner. His problems were all mental last year, which is understandable, coming off a big year, feeling the pressure to perform and often being asked to play a bigger role with injuries to McCutcheon and Fuller. The mistkaes he made could help him in the long run
KJ FA in 2004
David Carducci KJ, I haven't heard anything other than media speculation. His name came up among the reporters this week, but no inside info from the club.
David Carducci Guys I have to run. Have to finish up a story then get some sleep. My only morning off of the month tomorrow, and I have a very early tee time at Sugar Bush
ramllov good night
VT Later David
David Carducci later everyone.
KJ later boys
artbtz Later Dave...
blance thanks art & dave
Fairwayseeker thanks Art, these are great!

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