Browns-Seahawks: Gameballs and Goats

Charlie Whitehurst for Cleveland Browns MVP. You know he deserved it.

SUMMARY: When does a Gameballs and Goats tally after a win look like a Gameballs and Goats after a loss? When the game in question is a 6-3 victory over the horrific Seattle Seahawks


Player Gameballs
Phil Dawson (4,K) 114
Greg Little (15,WR) 84
Entire Defense 73
Joe Haden (23,CB) 63
D'Qwell Jackson (52,ILB) 51
Montario Hardesty (31,RB) 46
Jabaal Sheard (90,DT) 43
No One 43

Player Goathorns
Pat Shurmur (HC) 214
Colt McCoy (12,QB) 132
Entire Offense 95
Shawn Lauvao (66,OG) 42
Montario Hardesty (31,RB) 41
Peyton Hillis (40,FB) 41
Mike Holmgren (Prez) 32
Jason Pinkston (62,OL) 27
Entire Organization 26

Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
Charlie Whitehurst
salemdog Seattle penalties Special team blocking
Idiotic fans wearing Steelers gear at a Browns-Seahawks game
Republicdawg Special Team
PhotoCityDawg Chris Ogbonnaya
Permes Chris Tabor and Special Teams
Cooper7 Dawson, Adams, Greco, Haden
O Line
chowdogg Dockery for that game saving fall down block in the back Robo unless a miricle he is done
Ref who called block in the back on the punt return
footballwave entire defense
Special teams
Number1BrownsFan Offensive Line
froggy60 rg on special teams
Special Teams and Special Teams Coach
YtownDawg04 Special Teams
eezer Weldon, lebron
TpostDawg Special Teams Coach, yet again.
Kennard Cox
DixieDawg Dick Jauron Pat Shurmur
offensive line
GertBFrobe OG BANANA Special Teams
hegemonic Special Teams, again
Entire special teams, plus coordinator
MuskieBuck Me-for even trying to follow this crappy game, Randy lerner
MuskieBuck Dante Lavelli
Dick Jauron Cam Newton
houndfromhell Dick Jauron and Tom Heckert Our great offensive coordinator. Makes Dabol look like Einstein.
Philrocks Chris Ogbonnaya
Special teams coach
sargent3 Phill Dawson
bankone Entire Defense
Writerdawg Special Teams and their coach
Phil Dawson Offensive Line
djw333 Special Teams
topdawg29 Derek Anderson
Chashd Special Teams coverage
Special Teams
SBinmylifetime The new 3rd down RB, don't remember his name
Specialty Team Coach
dawgonit0207 whoever decides that the Browns do not have Cheerleaders
Nineteensixtyfour Field goal unit
Nineteensixtyfour Field goal unit
Entire Defense
ForeverRebuilding Joe Flacco Jim Mora Jr.
The replay guy and whoever listened to the replay guy!
Aqib Chris Ogbonnaya
Obi Wan Special Teams
mtsames Art and his Baztard David
Sadie, Quyen, Chrissy and all of my other peeps. $50 for last row in section 344
Charlie Whitehurst
(Un) Special Teams
Special teams
Special Teams

Fan Gameball Comments
All Phil, all the time. Little is turning into a good WR. Hardesty got rode hard today. He can't take that beating every game. Defense played great except one play (the long pass down the sideline).
Republicdawg Hardesty looked better as the game wore on. No drops.
SPICYDEIGO Was not pretty, hopefully this young team will gain some confidence and build off of this.
Pipehitter09 Defense!! Dawson!!

Hardesty ran did Colt....
Getting better each game
chowdogg Shurmur....good game plan today

The new RB...I think we have missed the Jackson guy from GB

Greco the OL played better when he was in

Smith for getting the big dude ejected
froggy60 great team e3ffort by the defense

nice job to defense coaching staff

way to come back after blocked kicks.
If you focus on Rubin, he's making a good or great play on every snap, doing his job plus some. He's often near the ball even when the opponent's offense is spreading the ball. From the nose position! He deserved a game ball every week this year. Alex Smith may have won the game with some great blocks, and goading a Seahawk lineman into doing something stupid.
Great Block in the Back acting job that saved the game!
DixieDawg Great performance from the Defense.
GertBFrobe Finally got some calls to go our way.
Defense was stellar(look who they played)
Greco needs to start!
Like the new RB GO BANANA!
yogi8 GBs to Haden & Gocong for nice games. Little for the effort & enthusiasm throughout the game
MuskieBuck How can anyone receive a gameball except the kicker? Our defense tee'd off on what was probably the worst offense in the NFL yesterday-big whoop!
Reminds me of a thrilling game between the Browns and Bills a few years ago. A win's a win, but watching two teams with a combined zero playmakers is incredibly boring.
houndfromhell The Browns have been in these type of games before since the return in 1999.
The diffrence is this time the Browns got the calls and won. Maybe things are starting to turn in our favor.
bankone I will not bitch about a win...anymore.
Writerdawg What can you say: the defense was stellar all day long.
SBinmylifetime Phil Dawson rocks...the one consistent bright spot since '99! Not spectacular Hardesty but way to keep pounding and learn how to hang on to a pass!
dawgonit0207 Wow, it's hard to only score 6 points when you have the ball for over 40 minutes. But the D played well enough to beat a back up QB and RB. Sad!
ForeverRebuilding Unibrow + inability to complete a pass, get a first down, or do anything remotely productive = Gameball
Aqib Dawson gets a game ball for being the only scorer. The whole defense gets a ball for holding Seattle to 6 points. The refs made a lot of calls in our favor we didn't deserve to give us a win. Chris Ogbonnaya gets one for being the leading receiver despite being on the team for 3 days.
mtsames Good job Guys
Awesome time tailgating before hand.

Fan Goathorn Comments
What is Shurmur thinking? Really? I'd love to know. Because it's not effective playcalling.

And who the hell is wearing Steelers gear to a Browns-Seahawks game? Not just the guy that got kicked out, but some 12-year-old was wearing a Mendenhall jersey and baseball cap. What the hell is wrong with this world?
Republicdawg @ blocked field goals and bailed out by a penalty on the Washington return. Special teams nearly cost us a game for the second week in a row.
Permes Add a category for this and the coach. They belong on the Goat list every week.
Pipehitter09 If someone can agrue our offensive line is not horrible, I am all ears. They couldn't block my grandma
Keeps getting worse. McCoy is not making progress.
chowdogg I believe it was Cousins that let the big dude block 2 FG
TWO blocked field goals? And a punt return for a TD which was nullified only by a lousy call. Special teams is a total disaster! This offense has had six games now to get its timing down. Protection of McCoy is atrocious. We'd better hope Peyton Hillis can return with a vengeance and that Hardesty and this new RB whose name I can't recall (or spell) can keep contributing. As the weather starts to change, the Browns will either run the ball effectively, or they'll lose the second game to Cincy and both games to Pittsburgh and Baltimore (each). Ugh!
froggy60 coach i heard poast game interview. yes we know as fans you break down film and see certain things we do not. we get that. we are though very smart fans. it doesn't take a genius to know your play calling is predidctable. you primarily run on 1st downs. maybe throw once in a while to open up some running lanes. they stack the box on 1st downs but, you still run. your sweep didn't get yardage all day long. try something else. how many 10 plus yards balls were even thrown yesterday? your play calling right now is very vanilla to say the least. open it up some. what are you afraid of? get some imagination on play calling. i know the play book has more than about 10 plays in it. try using them.
colt stop locking in on receivers. when you throw on sidelines mechanics look good. you go into the game and you release the ball alot of times on the upward motion. watch the game film. fix your mechanics.
fix the rg on special teams before Dawson gets killed. my grandmother could do better and she is dead.
Jim Mora has to be the worst anouncer in the Fox group. Pitts paid him way too much respect. When Mora wasn't emphasizing the obvious, he was just wrong.
TpostDawg This team really misses Brad Seely.
DixieDawg Shurmur gets the horns from me for crappy play calling at the end of the game.
GertBFrobe Offense is a joke!
McCoy is not our man!
Mora can bite one!
Special Teams again Suck!
Did I mention Mora has a boner for Big Red!
Mora sucks seahag peep!
yogi8 Horns are for Lauvao & Pinkston for the awful G play. Colt gets another horn as we wait to see if he will step up his game.
MuskieBuck Who could be so stupid as to think we have any WR's worthy of the title on this team???? Robiske must go. And with McCoy throwing the ball to them-has his arm actually gotten weaker and more innacurate this season?-and on foive yard thorws to boot????-oit compounds the misery. Are we rebuilding for 2014???? Will I actually still be alive then?????
Where's the offense? I know Seattle has a pretty good run defense, but when the FOX slow mo highlight is a 2 yard Hardesty gain up the middle at midfield, we've got a problem.
houndfromhell No, I`m thru pissin and moaning about every little thing that happens to this team. We (the fans) need to realize how
hard this team is trying to win for us.
Winning cant be easy playing in the bad ass N.F.L. North. Why talk trash about the team after a loss? If I were a player, and heard my fans always cutting down my teammates, it may have an effect on just how hard I play.
Every team has its bad areas. It`s
just that the media (basically E.S.P.N.)
have dogged this team since it came back. Whinning about every game, this just adds fuel to the fire, and gives them more crap to write about us the city and our team.
NO, Lets bitch about the other teams. Lets at least stick up for the Browns when we hear them being cut down. This can in effect, reverse KARMA
and let good things see there way to the Browns, the Great City of Cleveland, and all us fans.
What the hell, it cant hurt, right?
GO BROWNS, Whip dem 49ers...
sargent3 Where is the offense?
Writerdawg Play calling was again mostly horrid and predictable. Adjustments were minimal on offense. And the special teams continue to suck the life out of this team. What a poor job of preparation and coaching on both offense and special teams.
SBinmylifetime I really like you Colt and want you to be the guy. There's not much around you but you need to raise you and them up a level. Pat, you NEED an offensive coordinator!
dawgonit0207 This has got to be the worst 3 and 3 team in the history of the AFC North
ForeverRebuilding For verbally deep-throating the Seahawks defense, which was exponentially less potent than ours. Also, Ben Roethlisberger, for being an alleged rapist.
Aqib Colt McCoy is horrible. He will never be a franchise QB.
mtsames No goats with a win
Special teams continue to reinvent ways to fail. How hard is it for a professional offensive line to block for a field goal?? They are paid very well might add. Maybe that is the plan, Suck for luck and poor fans buy more beer.
McCoy has got to learn to get rid of the football!

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