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Browns, and their struggling offense, stay on the road and head south to Houston this Sunday.

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Browns Run Over in Houston: Errors, a lack of offense and poor tackling only compounded the Browns issues agains… http://t.co/1F94dyiU

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Tone Set Early: Early mistakes, getting behind early in games and failing to get a struggling offense in gear ha… http://t.co/5JwrVy07

OBR Newswire updates for November 4th through November 6th
OBR Newswire on November 6th, 2011 AT 3:00 PM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for November 4th through November 6th:

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Johnson, Hillis inactive for Texans-Browns: Star Texans WR and Madden coverboy Peyton Hillis not playing. http://t.co/Pw6G6Hzk

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OBR founder and curmudgeon @BarryMcBride will be snarktweeting the Browns game again today. Follow him if you like that sort of thing.

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RT @FredGreethamOBR Browns ia Lewis Patterson Hardesty hillis ventrone ballistic english.

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Honeymoon over for Hillis: Hot News for FB Peyton Hillis http://t.co/o1rN0uX8

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RT @FredGreethamOBR Hillis officially out for Sunday

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Browns-Texans Preview: Another test in store for Browns emerging defense as they travel to Houston to take on th… http://t.co/oVlnd3hM

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 4
Don Delco on November 5th, 2011 AT 6:21 AM

(Opening statement)- "The three players that are out as of listed today would be Auston English, Montario Hardesty and Dimitri Patterson. Peyton (Hillis) we'll have to see on his hamstring. I think he's going to get an MRI here this afternoon, just to double check and everybody else will be available."

(On if he knows anything more about Hillis' injury from practice)- "It's fresh. It was early in practice and then he went in and I'm sure he'll be evaluated to see where he's at."

(On how comfortable he is with Chris Ogbonnaya possibly getting the start at running back)- "I'm very comfortable. I think he's done everything we've asked to this point and he came in and played in a limited role and did well. Last week, I thought he went in and did a good job with a major role. Hopefully, it'll be somewhere in between."

(On what he thinks about Hillis and what Hillis' thoughts are)- "Well I'd ask you to think about what he thinks. It's a game where you have injuries, you deal with them, you try to fight back from them and that's what we all try to do. At this point though, unfortunately, if he's not ready to go we just move on and I think that's the mindset at any position. I'm sure if he can't play this week then I'm sure he'll be frustrated by that, but the key is to do everything in his power to get healthy so he can play."

(On if Colt McCoy is pressing by trying to make everyone around him better and if that can be a problem at times)- "I think it's important that everybody does their job. The nature of the quarterback position is such where you try to worry about and be responsible for everything. I think that's the nature of it. I think at this point though it's just very important how we all do our jobs, execute the offense, get completions and really distribute the football. I think that's something he's aware of."

(On if McCoy has a better understanding now)- "I think so and again I think there's a process that all players go through, including quarterbacks in this league and it's different than being in college, it's very different. Everything you do is challenged in this league. Whether you're playing offense, it's the defense or whether you're playing defense, it's the offense so you're being challenged constantly. I think it's important that you just keep playing your way through it. The more you see the better you'll get."

(On if it's difficult for college quarterbacks to adjust to the NFL knowing they may lose more than one game)- "I think you have guys that have proven they are winners and they can win. There's a general disappointment and frustration that goes with losing and you do everything in your power to go through the process to change the results. I think that's where he's at."

(On Buster Skrine filling in for Dimitri Patterson)- "He's another young guy that's going to get a great opportunity filling in for Dimitri. I'm confident that whatever his role requires he'll do well. He's a guy that's challenged, he's really challenged himself to learn the scheme and when he's in there playing he plays extremely hard. I anticipate that he'll show up well."

(On if Phil Dawson had to prove to him this season how reliable he was from 50-plus yards)- "He's a great kicker, I knew that coming in to it. Obviously, because of the lockout I didn't have an opportunity to talk to him. I think the thing I've gained an appreciation for is what a great person, what a great competitor, what a great pro he is. I think that's what I've learned about him. I knew going into this that he was an outstanding kicker and I was counting on that. What I didn't know about him was all the other stuff I just mentioned.”

(On if Mike Adams will see any playing time at cornerback on Sunday)- "That's a Sunday thing. You could see a lot of guys at a lot of different spots, I think that's fair to say."

(On if Hillis can't go will they bring Owen Marecic in for two-back sets or will they consider bringing up Armond Smith from the practice squad)- "We're going to have to talk about what we're going to do there, but if we don't make a roster move then we'll go with the two-backs we have and use Owen if we go to a one-back set. We have cover ups in other areas in terms of guys playing multiple positions so we can do that. You always have tight ends trained as fullbacks, you have linemen trained as tight ends and we do the same thing at halfback as well."

(On how challenging it has been for him with all of the injuries this season)- "Let me say this, I love my job. I love the profession and I really do enjoy the challenges of trying to put together a team that's going to win a game on Sunday. I think that's the part that stimulates me. Nothing is surprising in this business and I've kind of made the promise to myself that nothing will surprise me. You put it together the best you can with the guys and they've had three great days of practice. We have a locker room of guys that try to do the right thing. I hope we can go out and put together an effort where the results are winning."

(On Ogbonnaya and Thomas Clayton coming in with great attitudes and work ethic)- "I think they've displayed a sense of professionalism that's good, that you need when you bring in guys and try and get them up to speed quickly. I appreciate that and again, I hope they can go out and perform well."

(On if the locker room has taken on his attitude of ‘nothing will surprise us')- "I hope so. I think that's the message in the NFL. You have to have a short term memory whether you win or lose and you keep plugging and I think that's the message. Andy Reid texted me this week with the same advice, just keeping plugging along and he's right. That's the way we did it, that's the way I've always learned to do it and you work hard, you get up in the morning and try and do the right thing, make good decisions, put your guys in the best position you can to help them make plays and then you just throw it out there and here you go."

Browns Offer Veterans Free Health Screenings
Don Delco on November 4th, 2011 AT 10:34 AM

A pretty cool jester by the Cleveland Browns for our veterans.

On Saturday, Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cleveland Browns Stadium, the Browns are providing free health screenings for veterans.

From the Browns:

“In anticipation of Veterans Day, the Cleveland Browns, GlaxoSmithKline, Men's Health Network, Cleveland Clinic and other Browns' health and wellness partner organizations will host the first Military Veterans' Health event. Free health screenings will be provided for veterans as approximately 72 percent of veterans have one or more chronic conditions. The event will help raise veterans' awareness about the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Screenings aid veterans in identifying health issues at an earlier stage so they can be treated before becoming more severe. Military members, veterans and their families will have the opportunity to participate in free cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, lung-function and other health screenings. Health educators will also be available to discuss screening results in a one-on-one setting. Attendees will also have the opportunity to tour Heritage Hall and take photos from the sidelines, all while learning how to be proactive about their health.”

In addition, Browns alumni Jim Houston and Sam Palumbo also will be on.

Great idea from the Browns, but more importantly it gives us a time to thank our veterans for all they do.

Thank you veterans. It is because of you we have the freedom to come to TheOBR and complain about (another) Browns loss.

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 3
Don Delco on November 3rd, 2011 AT 1:13 PM

(Opening statement)- "As we get started here, Auston English, Montario Hardesty, Dimitri Patterson won't be at practice today. English and Hardesty I would say are out. Patterson we'll just have to wait and see. Everybody else will be out there and do something. They'll all be involved in practice some more limited than others and we'll just let the official report stand, but I'll answer any questions you have."

(On what Peyton Hillis will do in practice)- "Well I think he'll be out there. He was in the walk-through again like he was yesterday. My anticipation is that he'll be out there practicing and getting some of the team reps."

(On if Tony Pashos' ankle is still bothering him)- "Tony's fighting through it. I think he's like anybody this time of year. He's a little sore, but he's fighting through it."

(On if he expects Pashos to start)- "At this point, yeah."

(On Artis Hicks taking reps with the first team yesterday)- "We normally limit Pashos on Wednesday. That's the way it's been really a lot of the weeks as well. That's nothing too new, but Artis Hicks and Oniel Cousins, we get a little rotation in there so they all work it."

(On if that means Hicks could start Sunday)- "No, I wouldn't read into that. I don't have any plans there to make a change at this point."

(On Owen Marecic's season so far)- "I think he's performing well. He gets anywhere from 12-20 snaps a game and he's right on point with his assignments. He's done a good job blocking and the couple of times we've thrown him the ball he's done a nice job of catching it. I feel like he's doing a good job."

(On if he's noticed any trends on film about the offense struggling to get into the red zone)- "The challenge was the last couple of games. I think when we've gotten into the red zone, we've done a good job of putting it into the end zone. I think we've done a fairly decent job of staying on the field on third down, those are two critical areas. But, if you're going to score points and you're not scoring from a long way away, its trips in the red zone that are important and we need to get down there more. But, I don't see any trends, two bad games in terms of getting into the red zone."

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi will be involved with practice today)- "Mo will be out there as well. He was in the walk-through and participated in the walk-through and then I anticipate he'll be out there as well doing team reps."

(On if a guy is usually good to go after he's been cleared from a concussion)- "He's out there practicing so he's been cleared to practice. We'll move forward with that."

(On if anything happened between the walk-through and practice as to why Hillis wasn't out at practice yesterday)- "Nope, nothing there. He was at the walk-through, we intended to run him and then get him out there and we found out after the run that wasn't the case. He was still at practice, but he just didn't compete."

(On if Hillis is still sore from his hamstring injury)- "Yeah, we're bringing him back from his hamstring injury."

(On if Hillis has alienated himself from his teammates and how his teammates view him)- "That's a better question for the players I think. The way I see it as the head coach is the team kind of takes care of that. I think the team wants all of the guys to be in there playing all the time and I think the team understands as the season goes on, things happen and I don't see there being any problems between Peyton and his teammates."

(On Alex Smith's versatility)- "Alex is a multiple tight end in my opinion. He can play in the backfield, he can play really what looks like a traditional fullback position by moving him around. To a defense, it appears them like you're in a one-back set and he can create a two-back set. That's probably what you saw him do most of the time. He's done a good job, he lines up in a lot of different positions. We've used two tight end and three tight end sets quite a bit and he's been good for us. He's done a good job."

(On if Joshua Cribbs is the only true threat for opposing defenses)- "That's probably a better question for the defenses we face, but I think you've just got to look at the guys that are getting production. I know when we game plan other people you take a broad look at who's getting production, who's catching balls and you make a decision to shut them down. The ball has been spread around and I feel like Josh has made some big plays, I think of him as a guy that can make plays and a playmaker. I would anticipate that defenses do the same thing. But, I wouldn't say that's the only guy that they're going to feel like they have to defend."

(On how Greg Little is coming along with picking up the little things)- "I think he's making progress each week. You start out by generally knowing where to line up and what to do and after you run the plays more and more and more and it's not always the same play. It could be the same play different formation in your line up, but as you run the concepts and the plays more and more and more then you can zero in on the details of how I work a defender and get myself open, what the rest of the defense looks like, the triangle, all those things and I think I'm seeing the detail of his work starting to improve."

(On if Carlton Mitchell is going to be active Sunday)- "Yes.”

(On what Mitchell's next step needs to be in order to be productive in the offense)- "Well the first step was getting active, which he was last week and we played him seven or eight snaps and he did what he was supposed to do. He wasn't targeted in anyway, but he was in there. He just needs to continue to prove each week and he's active and he's going to play so that's the start."

(On if there's any certain thing Mitchell can do better to become more of a contributor)- "Well when we throw him the ball he's got to catch it, I think that's the starting point. He'll get opportunities and he's on the field now. He's active and he's on the field so now he has his opportunity to make plays when they come his way. But, in terms of what he has to work on, he is just like anybody else running routes, blocking and catching."

(On if he's looking at more ways to get Cribbs the ball such a Wild Cat)- "Josh will play on special teams and then he will play at receiver. By the nature of being on the field, he's going to have his touches. He's going to be targeted and we're going to throw him the football. How many times? We'll see. I think he's had a bigger role on special teams now so he'll be out there and he's going to be competing. What happens from there, we'll see at the end."

(On if Jordan Norwood will get more production in the offense)- "I think he had good production so he'll be out there and again he'll be competing as well. We're talking about all these guys and I'd love to have them more, more, more so we want more catches for Carlton, we want more for Josh, we want to make sure the runners get their touches. What happens is you put them out there, you have plays and progressions where they're one, two or three in a progression and then you play it out. Everybody we're talking about will be out there. How little and how much we'll have to see how it plays out, but he'll have his opportunities. I was impressed with what he did and how he showed up and I'm hoping to see him continue to produce. Now, if it's more or less each game I don't know, but at the end of the season if he's getting production each game he plays, I think that's good."

(On if Thomas Clayton was full go in practice yesterday or if he just watched)- "He was in there. He's up and he'll play and I thought he did a nice job yesterday. I thought Gary Brown did a nice job of getting him going, knowing what the game plan is and I felt like watching him, both in practice and then on tape, that he competed well. He'll be ready to play and he will play.

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How ‘Bout the Hurry Up?: Browns looking for ways to get offense out of neutral. http://t.co/rwuYSZ3B

OBR Newswire updates for November 2nd through November 3rd
OBR Newswire on November 3rd, 2011 AT 8:00 AM

These are links from the OBR Newswire for November 2nd through November 3rd:

Browns Player Quotes, Nov. 2
Don Delco on November 2nd, 2011 AT 6:41 PM

Scott Fujita

(On how good Houston's running attack is)- "I feel like we have this conversation every week. Every week we have a new beast at the running back position. Their offensive line is playing really well. This offense in particular is really demanding. It's tough. It makes the whole defense run sideline to sideline. Playing against those (Mike) Shanahan coached teams in Denver for years and years, they seem to have running backs that run for 1,200, 1,300, 1,400 yards every single year. It's just kind of this way the offense is run. This back is extremely explosive. He's one of those one cut, quick hit type guys so it's tough."

(On Texans blocking scheme and cutting)- "It's a tough deal for defensive linemen and linebackers both. These guys do such a good job with that big stretch zone blocking scheme, climbing up to the second level and cutting down everybody. That's the way this offense has always been. I think Alex Gibbs was one of the first offensive line coaches to really teach that and they do such a good of that."

(On how hard it is dealing with the play action)- "It's all a challenge. You've got to be so sound in your responsibilities. This is an offense who does the zone stretch run game, a lot of naked's off the top of that, but also naked throw backs, which makes it difficult. That's why you've got to be so discipline."

Colt McCoy

(On how he would characterize the Texan's defense)- "I think they're very similar to what we saw last week in San Francisco. They're big, they're physical, their front seven is really good and they have a good secondary. We played against (Johnathan) Joseph last year when he was in Cincinnati and he's having a really good year this year. Chris (Ogbonnaya) was there for awhile so we've talk a lot about their defense. They're playing really good. The two inside backers are really good, (Brian) Cushing and (DeMeco) Ryans, they're playing really well right now."

(On how they prepare for a team with the uncertainty at running back)- "We've been doing that for a few weeks now. I think Christ is doing a good job. We will prepare him as best we can. We got a new running back in, Thomas Clayton. He did a nice job today. We are just teaching those guys on the run. We will see about Peyton (Hillis). Hopefully, he will be back to help us."

(On if they have to be more creative being down to their third and fourth running backs)- "No, I think we're just going to continue to do what we do. Hopefully, we'll get some runs that pop and if you just pop one run that opens up a lot of things for you. Hopefully, that'll happen this week and we'll get the passing game going early. I'd like to get a fast start, we talk about that a lot, but Houston has a really good defense and it'll be a good test for us."

Chris Ogbonnaya

(On it being ironic that he could start against the Texans)- "It's crazy. This league is crazy. There are opportunities that come out of nowhere, come out of a different circumstance, different situations. I'm just going to prepare like I do every week and be ready for any situation."

(On how exhausted he was after Sunday)- "I was tired, playing both special teams and taking most of the reps at running back. When your number is called that's what you've got to do. I'm hoping that happens again, I'll be more prepared for it this time."

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Nov. 2
Don Delco on November 2nd, 2011 AT 6:40 PM

(Opening statement)- "Let's see, Auston English and Montario Hardesty most likely won't play this week. Dimitri Patterson will work inside today, he's day-to-day. Peyton (Hillis) and Ray Ventrone will do some running. They'll be at practice and we'll just see how much they can do. For everybody else, if you've got a specific question I'll answer it. Other than that, I'm excited to get going. The players came back, we had meetings this morning and we're anxious and eager to put together a good week to go down and play Houston."

(On how long Hardesty will be out)- "It's really hard to say, I don't know. Guys heal at different rates and with calves, it's hard to put a time on him. We'll just take it day-by-day there."

(On if Hillis will be able to play Sunday)- "Again, we've just got to see how much he can do and if he can get himself back into a position to play. If and what time that is we'll get him out there."

(On if Hillis will participate in practice today)- "He'll be out there, we'll just have to see. He was at the walk-through and competed so we'll just see. It's really hard for me to say right now until he gets out there and gets going. He's been running around, but the football stuff is different."

(On if Chris Gocong will practice today)- "He'll be out there today, he'll practice."

(On releasing Brian Robiskie)- "I talked about it yesterday, this is a time of year and we've had injuries at running back and then we have to make a roster move. Then you look at your roster and you say, ‘There's nobody we want to release.' I like Brian, I have a great deal of respect for him but based on how the roster was shaped we had to make a move to bring in a runner and we made a decision to part ways. But, we wish him the best and we're hopeful that he's playing football soon for somebody."

(On why Robiskie never panned out)- "I don't know. He competed with the other receivers and I felt like he was given his opportunities to play and again, you just make decisions. Again, I like Brian. He's an NFL receiver so we're hopeful he has a place to go."

(On if Colt McCoy is focusing on the defensive pressure rather than his receivers downfield)- "I think when I watch his eyes for the most part his focus is down the field. There may be a specific play or two where a guy just beat somebody and you have a naturally feeling for a guy coming free, but no I think he's working at making sure he keeps a downfield focus."

(On how they can coach him to handle the pressure)- "Well if you have a guy coming at you, you throw it hot. If you have a guy that's unblocked and you want to make an adjustment, you check the protection or change the play or you get the ball out quick. It depends on the play call, how many men are in protection, what the route concept calls for and what's at his disposal as far as an audible."

(On if Mohamed Massaquoi will practice today)- "He was at the walk-through today. We'll just have to see how much he can do."

(On if it's difficult to draw up the offense not knowing who they're going to have)- "I think we move forward generally trying to put a plan together to play with the guys that we think are going to be there. We have guys that'll step in then and play if they don't. You have to limit, maybe, some of the things you might want to do because some of the guys that might be there might be limited getting reps. For the most part you go play and do all the things you think you need to do to beat the team you're playing."=

(On if Hillis is letting the team down if he doesn't play with Hardesty being down)- "I think in terms of Hardesty being down, he competed hard. I feel bad for him because he's battled. In terms of guys coming back from injury, when you've got a day-to-day situation you're just hopeful. I'm hopeful every guy we have on the roster can be ready to go and we have a bunch of healthy scratches when we determine that. But, the reality of that is, that's not the case this time of year. As a coach you try to refresh your mind and get yourself ready to go and coach and play the guys that are healthy and ready to play."

(On if Joe Haden will be matched up with Andre Johnson one-on-one or if Johnson's injury precludes them from doing that)- "We'll have the ability to do both depending who they line up with, but I'm glad Joe Haden's playing. We've all watched him have a great first half of the year and he's a pro. He started out and had some outstanding games, fought back from injury already and it's enjoyable to watch him practice. I'll leave some of the schematics until Sunday in terms of how we're going to defend the Texans, but if Andre Johnson's out there I think Joe Haden probably won't be far away I would imagine."

(On how Andre Johnson impact's their offense)- "When you have an explosive playmaker, you have to put a lot of thought in to how you're going to defend a team, especially a team that runs the ball extremely well. It's frequently talk about, the numbers. You put an extra guy down or you commit seven and a half or eight guys to the line of scrimmage and the coverage gets one-on-one. But with a guy like Andre, you've got to be aware he is. He is no question one of the best receivers in the league and has been for a long time. He means a lot to their offense. When he's in the game they try to get him the ball, which is a very smart on their part."

(On if Houston's run scheme is similar to Denver's in years past)- "They're primarily a zone team and when you run off tackle zone plays, linemen cut on the backside. They try to get guys down so yeah that's similar to what we've seen from (Mike) Shanahan, (Gary) Kubiak, (Joe) Gibbs, that style of a run game. It's very similar and they do it extremely well with three very good backs."

(On if there is a fine line between what is a clean block and what is dirty)- "I think some of what you're saying is teams that have responded to them after they've played. I see them trying to establish a physical style of a run game. We'll see how it plays out, but you're allowed to cut. You're allowed to go block low on guys and I'm sure they do that and they do do it very well."

(On how Houston uses Arian Foster and Ben Tate)- "Very well. Foster, obviously his numbers from a year ago speak for themselves and he's having another outstanding year. Then Tate and (Derrick) Ward, they have three runners that a lot of teams would be glad to have and they're all playing well."

(On Houston's defense)- "I think when you have a new coach and their scheme is somewhat new, Wade Phillips has injected some enthusiasm and the players are playing extremely hard. They've got some talented guys there. It's probably a point of emphasis for them, but in my mind they're playing outstanding defense. Every week it's hard to find a bad defense in the league it seems like, at least the one's we're playing."

(On why they decided to sign Thomas Clayton)- "There are reasons why, but he was a guy that's been, even though he hasn't played a bunch, he's been around. We had some familiarity with him and went that route. We discussed many guys, but at this time of year, there's some limitations in terms of who you can get."

(On how much he can expect Clayton to learn from Tuesday to Sunday)- "Obi (Chris Ogbonnaya) did it in three days so that's the time frame. He'll be in there playing, he's active, he'll be in there playing so I expect him to learn it. We're answering some of the questions that we posed earlier. You've got to just be careful how much you give him, but you've got to give him enough for him to go in there and be able to execute."

(On if it is against their philosophy to bring in veteran wide receiver like Brandon Lloyd or T.J. Houshmandzadeh)- "I wouldn't say that. We're always looking for any and all ways to improve our team. Now there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes and we understand how our team is built. My job is to get the team better and fight to win games. Through the draft, free agency or whatever we do what we can to improve our team in ways that we can. You mentioned a couple of specific receivers and we go through and talk about everybody that's available and try to make decisions based on what's best for our team."

(On Matt Schaub's development)- "I really liked him coming out of Virginia so I've kind of followed his progress. He's executing their scheme well. They have a very explosive scheme. He's done a good job of moving the ball and getting points, which is what you evaluate your quarterback on. I think he's played in their scheme now a long time. He's had a bunch of years under his belt with Kubiak basically as the primary play caller. They've got a relationship that's gone on over years. I'm sure that helps with the familiarity of what he's doing. He's playing well."

(On if the way Schaub was developed in Houston relates to the way they are developing McCoy)- "When you get to the season you put together game plans that are going to attack the team you're going to play. You work on the fundamentals of the plays and you try to develop the quarterback every snap in practice so that they can go out and execute it in the game then just try to pile that up. I think that's what we're trying to do and I'm sure that's what they did there."

(On who would play nickel if Dimitri Patterson can't play)- "Buster (Skrine) will step in of course."

(On if he is comfortable with Skrine playing in the slot)- "Yeah, Buster will be stepping in and play. If we get to a situation where we're playing more than three corners then we'll save that for Sunday."

(On if starting slow is still a big point of emphasis)- "I try to coach and get better at everything. We talk about it and we'll do what we can to change it."

(On if they go over fumbles with everyone involved in the play and if they watch it on film numerous times)- "Every play that we run we go over with the guys. My emotion, my emphasis goes to those types of plays and other plays that didn't work out the way we wanted then you talk about the fundamentals of why it didn't happen. We go over them all."

(On if it was McCoy's fault that he fumbled on the second play of the game)- "It's always on the quarterback to not fumble in the pocket. But it's also, the guys have got to block as well."

(On if his play calling changes at all with different running backs in game on third down)- "In terms of third downs, that's one area where we've found a way to be somewhat decent. Again, you try to go back to the things you do well and how it involves the running back. There's times when he free releases. There's times when it's seven man protections. There's times when it's six man protections. You've got to practice the ones you're going to run and then make sure they get the looks you're going to see."

(On if Ogbonnaya played every snap after Hardesty got hurt)- "There were a couple downs where I stuck Owen (Marecic) in there."

(On if why Lawrence Vickers was not brought back)- "We made the decision to move forward and we drafted Owen. I think from what I've seen, he's been somewhat limited in his snaps down there, but when he's in the game he's doing well for him. We just made the decision to move on and we drafted Owen."

(On the noise factors at Houston because of the retractable roof)- "It's an away venue so we'll plan for crowd noise. I have only played there once and my conversations with guys that have been on that staff and with guys that have played there is it can be a little louder with the roof closed. That would be the difference."

(On if he would keep a retractable roof closed to add pressure to the other team)- "I would imagine so. I think any pressure you can add to an opposing team it would help. If they open the roof we've got to wear sunscreen I guess (joking). Most away venues are loud regardless of whether they have a roof or not, especially when you have a team that is playing well. I'm sure there's going to be a packed house and they'll be cheering for their team."

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Jaguars claim WR Brian Robiskie, IR Mike Sims-Walker: Hot News for WR Brian Robiskie http://t.co/k2lFUvtd

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Still Waiting on Peyton: Browns’ depleted running back corps – and struggling offense – could use a heavy dose o… http://t.co/gc3R0CfE

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Browns Waive WR Brian Robiskie: Hot News for WR Brian Robiskie http://t.co/Rw20mY78

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Browns sign Thomas Clayton, cut Brian Robiskie: Hot News for RB Thomas Clayton http://t.co/3hsr7xji

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Source: Browns sign RB Thomas Clayton: Hot News for RB Thomas Clayton http://t.co/CFcSy4hq

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Source: Browns working out RB Thomas Clayton: Hot News for RB Thomas Clayton http://t.co/S375xxQR

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Third Down Troubles: Browns’ inconsistency on third downs stalled comeback effort vs. 49ers http://t.co/7JYrRXwI

Shurmur Press Conference Transcript, Oct. 31
Don Delco on October 31st, 2011 AT 6:58 PM

(Opening statement) – "I'll start first with injuries. Auston English is progressing, but more than likely he'll be out this week. Montario Hardesty, you saw very early in the game, second series, pulled a calf muscle. He's going to miss some time. It'll be hard to see how long that will be, but I think he's in a boot at this point and he's going to miss some time. Mohamed Massaquoi will do some light running today and he's making good progress so we'll see. Peyton Hillis is day-to-day. Dimitri Patterson is having an MRI on his left knee, we haven't gotten the results back on that and then Ray Ventrone ran today and he's doing well. Chris Gocong had a stinger. Kaluka (Maiava) played through the game with his knee, he's fine. Tony Pashos played through the game. T.J. Ward is sore, but other than that, all the other guy's, there's nothing else to mention. One thing I'd add to the game last night, again, I'll start with the defense. The defense battled. The first half could've gotten way out of reach, we had a stop on fourth down which was outstanding and then in the second half limited the 49ers to no points and less than 100 yards so I think that says a lot. They battled. I think the whole team battled. Now, we've got to play better in some areas of course, but the defense found a way to keep them off the board and keep them from making yards. I think that's important, especially in the second half."

"Specials teams, went in, in a little bit of a challenged state and I thought they answered the bell and did a heck of a job. I thought our guys battled, they had a very explosive returner and very good schemes. Our guys did a nice job to neutralize what was good about their special teams and helped us in a lot of other ways. I thought Chris (Tabor) and Shawn (Mennenga) did a good job of getting those guys ready to play and they went out and executed and played well."

"On offense, I think when you look at what happened we found a way to score three points before the half in a two-minute situation. We found a way to score a touchdown in the second half in a two-minute situation and in between that we turned the ball over twice which you can't do. We talk about having a fast start and to the contrary we give them a gimmie by fumbling the ball on the second play of the game. Can't do it, it's unacceptable. Then we just have to generally find a way to be more efficient. There were some things about the game I thought were good. A couple guys stepped in and played well as backup players. I thought Jordan Norwood stepped up and made some plays. He came in, in really his first extensive action, made plays. I thought OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) battled with Montario going out. We were relegated basically to one tailback, if we were going to use another tailback it was going to be Owen (Marecic) in a one-back type set. Guys did what they generally had to do we just didn't win the game."

(On if Hardesty will miss some games) – "I think yeah. It should be games. It's going to take him a little time to heal up from this injury. I can't tell you how many. Very doubtful he'll play this week for sure."

(On if they will sign another running back) – "We'll have running backs in here tomorrow. We'll be working out running backs tomorrow."

(On what the positives of yesterday's game are) – "I thought there were some things within the game that we executed well. The way I tried to call it was give the guys things that they knew how to execute and for the most part there was some good stuff in there. Now, we're backed up on the one-foot line, we find a way to get our first, first down, then we have a minus yardage run and then a penalty. Those type of things that stall a drive. The drive stallers are the things I think we need to get better at. But, yeah I think there's progress. I see progress. I don't see the final results yet, but I see progress."

(On the impact of losing his running game with Hillis, Hardesty and Brandon Jackson getting hurt) – "Well our list of runners has increased. We like to think that we can still run the football. Whoever's running the ball, whoever's lining up at tailback will have that opportunity. We've sustained some injuries and we've had our first, second, third and now fourth guy get hurt. We've just have to keep playing. I think and I've told the team this too, once you make the first excuse it's a slippery slope. There are no excuses and I'm sure you folks get tired of me saying that, but there are no excuses. The task at hand now is getting the team back, ready to play, go play Houston. No excuses and we've got to go down there with a plan to try to beat them, regardless of who's playing."

(On Colt McCoy's progression) – "I think he's progressed in a lot of areas. Now, he needs to eliminate bad plays like the rest of the guys and I'll say that's generally speaking what he needs to do. There are things within the offense in the scheme of what we're doing that he's doing better as far as his rhythm, throwing. He misses throws, just like every quarterback in the league, but there are things within the plays we're calling where he's executing better."

(On what he is specifically doing better) – "I think he's executing a little better. Does he have to play better for us to win? Absolutely. Just like every other player on offense and there's no question. In terms of understanding what we're trying to do: his progressions, getting the ball out on time, all those types of things, he's making some improvement and I think that's good."

(On if the guys feel pressure about making mistakes) – "I don't think you have guys that are playing with anxiety. Our guys played extremely hard yesterday. I think that can be said and that can be said about all the games and all the plays. Our guys play hard, that's a good locker room in terms of guys knowing about the sport and having pride in playing hard. That's not a problem. I don't think they get tight or anxious, they've just got to play better. Let me add to that, we have to coach better too. This is a team thing. We win or lose together on that."

(On if Gocong's stinger is the same as the one in training camp) – "I don't know that specifically. I heard he was feeling good today."

(On if the offensive line isn't making enough room for the running backs to run through) – "Yeah, you want big holes to run through, but I think it's important that even if there's a small crease that we would make yards."

(On if Hardesty has some more specific than just a calf injury) – "He has a calf strain. He has a moderate tear of a medial gastroc. He's got a sore calf. Any doctors in here? (joking)"

(On if they considered kicking a field goal with one minute remaining in the game) – "By the time we got into field goal range there was so little time that it was going to be difficult."

(On when they were down by 10 if they decided to go for the field goal) – "We were going to score a touchdown. We needed two scores."

(On if the offense is looking to throw the football more often earlier in games) – "Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. We are looking for every way we can to move the football. We'll throw it on every down. That's a good idea. I don't mean to make a joke of it. We're looking for every way we can to move the football."

(On if he should forget about the offensive playbook) – "Just go straight playground? No, we just keep working on the things that we know we can do well."

(On if there are any drawbacks to using McCoy in the shotgun more often) – "In our offense we have plays under center and then we have plays in the shotgun. He does both. I think it's important that you'd be able to execute under center as well as you do in the shotgun. I think that's important for an NFL quarterback to be able to do that. He's obviously more comfortable in the shotgun because that's what he has done his whole life."

(On McCoy's interception in the end zone) – "OB (Chris Ogbonnaya) did a nice job of picking up the backer. We had a little protection issue. Colt scrambled. In that situation there, you either run with the football or check it down."

(On if he should have seen the double coverage) – "(Nodded yes)"

(On if he believes he has enough playmakers on offense) – "I do. I think we are putting the guys out there that we have, that we feel can make plays. I think Jordan Norwood stepped up and had the most production. He's new to the party here so far. He did fine. I think our tight ends had some production as well. Greg Little battled and then Josh Cribbs had a long one. The guys that were put on the field all had their touches. I think for the most part they battled."

(On Carlton Mitchell not playing in the game) – "He did play. He played seven or eight snaps, so he was in there."

(On if they will elevate Armond Smith) – "We haven't finally decided what we're going to do yet. We're going to work out some running backs tomorrow. Based on the workouts we will then evaluate how we move forward."

(On if they will pursue a running back with more experience) – "We would like to have a guy come in that's going to be able to be up and running here in a couple of days. Typically, those are guys that have some NFL experience."

(On if Hillis will be back next week) – "We're hopeful. He's day-to-day. We'll see how he progresses."

(On if he would consider using Josh Cribbs in the backfield) – "Josh can do a lot of things, that's a good choice. That'd be a good choice."

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Reeling for Running Back Depth: Injury to Montario Hardesty has Browns scrambling to build depth at running back… http://t.co/N8RhhIHJ

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