Bernie's Insiders Will Fill Big Void

<B>Originally published in the premiere issue of Bernie's Insiders Magazine: December 3, 2001.</B><BR><BR> This premiere issue begins what we anticipate will be a long and successful venture designed to keep Browns fans in Northeast Ohio and throughout the world up-to-date on their favorite football team.

Thank you and welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of Bernie's Insiders, The Magazine.

This premiere issue begins what we anticipate will be a long and successful venture designed to keep Browns fans in Northeast Ohio and throughout the world up-to-date on their favorite football team.

The recent closure of Browns News/Illustrated left an unexpected void for many of us who eagerly awaited its arrival every week during the season.

I hated to see it go. It has been a part of my life since the mid-80's when I was blessed to have had the opportunity to come home and live out my childhood dream, to play for the Browns.

The recent launch of made starting this magazine possible. We have been providing in-depth Browns coverage, expert analysis, and interaction on this website since the opening game against Seattle this year.

Bernie's Insiders, the Magazine will continue to do much the same, but in a slightly different manner. Every issue will be filled with vital information such as game coverage and previews, statistics and standings, plus perspectives from a group of staff writers, former players and others who have combined for more than a century of experience either analyzing or playing the game.

Eddie "The Assassin" Johnson, Reggie "Langy" Langhorne and other former Browns greats will be joining me to give you the inside look from the player's perspective.

Veteran writers Frank Derry, Dave Carducci, Jeff Schudel, Chuck Murr, and Lane Adkins will present their uncensored opinions and valuble insight gained after having covered the Browns for so many years.

We will feature many of the current players like Tim Couch, the subject of this issue's cover story, along with newcomers such as Ben Gay and Anthony Henry, two guys that have burst onto the scene to be key contributors to the 2001 Browns.

We will also profile former players, including Brian Sipe this issue, along with important games and events that have taken place over the past 50 years.

There certainly will be no shortage of topics as we discuss in the coming weeks, months and years the Cleveland Browns both past and present.

After the season, we prepared to bring you the best in Browns draft coverage. Our pre-draft issue will be fill of in-depth information on the needs of the Browns, what players are available, the views from draft experts around the country, plus mock drafts and a whole lot more.

We will also be there post-draft to offer a "no-holds barred" analysis of what transpired.

Throughout the season you will find many of our writers on the website ready to talk to you and answer any questions you have.

As always, will continue to provide up-to-date news, transactions, interaction and other items of interest. Most importantly, this will be done without duplication from the magazine.

The website is meant to be your resource for quick-hitting news, fan commentary, and personal interaction between yourself, former players such as myself, Eddie, Reggie, and others, our staff writers, and other Browns fans.

The magazine will provide more in-depth coverage of the team and its many personalities.

Finally, let me just say we are well aware of the importance of timeliness in delivery, especially for our out-of-town subscribers. We will do everything within our power to try to get the magazine to you prior to the following week's game.

We will be printing Sunday nights and will be sending the magazine out in the early morning hours on Monday in order to best assure it gets to your home in a timely manner.

Sit back and enjoy the rest of what already has proven to be a very wild and exciting 2001 season, one which definitely has established the Browns as one of the NFL's up and coming teams. Welcome aboard.

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