Shurmur Feels Fans' Pain

Browns coach Pat Shurmur said Monday that he's upset, but not discouraged after Sunday's loss.

BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur said even though he has been in Cleveland less than a year, he understands what Browns fans are feeling.

"I am just like every other person in the city of Cleveland," Shurmur said. "I woke up this morning and upset we lost.

"But I am not discouraged. When you don't win, it's hard to talk about the good things that happened, but we didn't play good enough to win."

Shurmur said he understands the frustrations of Browns fans.

"I'm from this region," he said. "I'm from a town where things don't go your way. I'm not from Mars, but I haven't been here for 12 years. I came to work as somebody who lives in Cleveland, disappointed that we lost. I just happen to be in a position to try and inspire the team to be what we all want."

Shurmur said he is not of the belief that the city of Cleveland is cursed and that things will turn around.

"I believe in my heart of hearts we can get it done," Shurmur said. "I was upset (Sunday) because we had a game that we should've won and we didn't."

Shurmur was asked to assess the job he's done so far.

"I'm a 3-6 coach right now," he said. "That's how I evaluate myself now."


Hillis, Ward Out: Shurmur ruled out running back Peyton Hillis (hamstring) and defensive back T.J. Ward (foot) for this week's game against Jacksonville. He didn't rule out running back Montario Hardesty (calf) or wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi (concussion).

Regarding Ward, Shurmur said his cast is being changed.

"We'll re-evaluate him, but no way he will play this week."

Shurmur was asked if either player might be put on injured reserve.

"At this point, I wouldn't say," he said. "I think they both have an opportunity to be back. Hopefully, Peyton can be back next week."

Massaquoi has shown no symptoms for the past couple days, but Shurmur said they'll be very careful with him.

Smith Mix Up: Shurmur said that fullback Owen Marecic was supposed to be in the game when tight end Alex Smith fumbled the snap that wide receiver Josh Cribbs recovered.

Shurmur said that he knew Marecic was out, but that he couldn't get to an official to call a timeout and he couldn't communicate with McCoy because the time of communication had been turned off at that point.

"Owen, not being in there happened," he said. "Then, we handed the ball to the fullback and if I had known now I would've probably called time out. Alex knew he was getting the ball."

No Penalty on Botched Field Goal: Shurmur said he didn't think there was a penalty on the last field goal that cost the Browns the game. There were reports and kicker Phil Dawson also argued that there was movement started by a Rams player and it caused the Browns players to react — either encroachment on the Rams or a false start on the Browns. Either way, the Browns would've had a chance to re-kick the field goal.

"I didn't see a penalty on my copy," Shurmur said. "What I saw was the snap needed to be better. It appeared the ball hit the left guard. I thought (Brad) Maynard did an outstanding job of getting the ball down. Based on the copy I got, it didn't look like anyone got their hand on it."

Colt's Play: Shurmur said that quarterback Colt McCoy made progress, but the end result was a loss.

"I think he made a bit of progress," he said. "He didn't play well enough for us to win. He was generally effective."

Shurmur singled out the 52-yard pass to wide receiver Greg Little as a good play.

"That play he hit Greg Little, he missed that play against Miami. He's made progress."

Some questioned whether McCoy had a strong enough arm to thrown in the wind at Browns Stadium. Winds were gusting in the 30 mph range against the Rams and McCoy was 74 percent in his accuracy.

"I think the wind was a factor and Colt made a good throw," he said. "He was pretty accurate throwing. I saw the accuracy and he knew where he wanted to go with the throws.

"I felt generally speaking, he had a command of what he was doing, but again understand, not good enough to win."

No. 1 Pass Defense: In this week's NFL statistics, the Browns are ranked first in pass defense. The Rams only had 155 yards passing, but the big reason is RB Steven Jackson and the Rams averaged 4.2 rushing the ball. The Browns rush defense dropped to 30th in the league.

Defending the Run:  Shurmur defended his decision to run the ball six-straight times after having a first down on the Rams' 19.

"You can pop a run," he said.  "I was trying to not score, but to run the clock and force them to take a timeout. I felt confident that if we kicked the field goal and went ahead, we would have an outstanding chance to win the game.

"Because you choose to run the football doesn't mean you're giving up (trying to score)."

Shurmur said he would do the same thing if presented again.

"I'll go to the well with what I did," Shurmur said. "To make them use a timeout and drive for a score. I'll do that again."

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