Jamel White Contract Update

Things have been quiet in the Cleveland press about the Browns contract situations. One key player who is in a state of limbo is Jamel White, who signed his tender offer but would be a free agent after the season. Lane Adkins lets us in on what is happening behind the scenes...

While under contract for the 2003 season, Browns running back Jamel White has not been rewarded with the long-term contract that he believes he deserves.

Contract talks between the Browns and representatives for White has been a slow and ongoing process. A process that hasn't shed much light on the ability of agreeing and signing a deal to keep White in Cleveland for the long-term.

"Talks with the Browns are going nowhere at this time. They (the Browns) talk a great game in the public sector, behind the scenes they don't appear to be serious about retaining White," a league source said. "White believes that he is a starting caliber running back and he wants to be compensated better than that of a reserve/special teams participant."

Since joining the Browns as a free agent prior to the 2001 season, White has filled a number of roles for the team. From returning kickoffs, to playing on special teams, as well as starting in the backfield and being one of the better third down specialists in the league, White has been a significant contributor for the improving Browns.

"Cleveland would be at a great loss if they can not resolve this situation with Jamel (White). Numerous teams posed interest in the running back during the free agent signing period, but none were willing to give the Browns first round compensation for signing him," the league source said. "The Browns know how valuable White is, but they will not go the extra step to keep all involved satisfied. They (the Browns) have used their salary cap situation as an excuse as to why the contract talks have been slow in the making, which has stirred some negative thoughts for White."

And coming from Jamel White, "All I want is what I believe is fair for me as a player. I have worked hard, accepted every role professionally with the Browns, and have worked hard to be the best player I can be for the Browns, my teammates, and for myself. I don't know what more I can do, but continue to work hard, I want to be a starting running back in this league and I intend on doing that."

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