Browns-Jaguars Preview

Why watch or attend Sunday's game between these two 3-6 teams? We got a few reasons.

Alas, it is time for the preview on Sunday's Browns-Jaguars game.

Wait, where are you going? Don't click there. Come back!

We'll get through this. It'll be to the point, informative and there will be some attempts at humor.

So, why should you watch or attend Sunday's game? Here are a few reasons:

•This is the third-from-last home game. The next two are against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The Browns last chance at a home victory is probably this Sunday.

•Regardless of the Browns' record, tailgating is fun.

•You have Maurice Jones-Drew on your fantasy team.

•Nachos are served in a dog bowl.

•You're a Browns fan. It's ingrained to watch this team week in, week out regardless of record.

Speaking of records, the Browns and Jaguars are both 3-6 entering this game. Unlike Cleveland's ugly losses, Jacksonville has wins over Tennessee and Baltimore and hung with the Steelers before losing 17-13 on Oct. 16.

These teams are more alike than just records. Both teams are ranked among the league's best in defense stats and the league's worst in offensive stats.

Jacksonville is 32nd in the NFL with 243.6 total yards per game (Browns are 30th at 294.1), 32nd in the NFL with 122.1 passing yards per game (Browns are 24th at 207.1), sixth in points allowed per game at 18.4 (Browns are 11th at 20.3), fourth at defensive yards allowed per game 296.4 (Browns are sixth at 306.1), fifth at passing defensive yards per game at 189.3 (Browns are first at 163.3).

The difference between the teams? Well, it doesn't bode well for the Browns.

Jacksonville can stop the run and run the football. The Jaguars are 11th in the NFL at 121.4 yards rushing per game (Browns are 30th at 87.0) and 14th in rushing yards allowed per game at 107.1 (Browns are 30th at 142.8).

OK, that's enough of the stats.

Bottom line: The Browns need to establish the run and stop Jones-Drew. With Jacksonville starting rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert, a lot of the responsibility is on the shoulders of the 5-foot-8, 205-pound tailback. Jones-Drew has 854 yards rushing and four touchdowns on 191 carries.

"It's a tremendous challenge," Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron said at his weekly press conference. "They do a real nice job scheming for him in the run game. He's not just a runner, he's a very big part of their passing game and he's a terrific protector. This is an all around football player. This is a real pro this guy. He's got the numbers to prove that he really plays well. We'll have a tough time. We have our work cut out for us with this one."

Last Sunday, St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson had 128 yards rushing on 27 carries. Another week, another opponent's running back rushing for more than 100 yards.

Jones-Drew is the Jaguars offense. Stop Jones-Drew and it is punting time.

Of course, that means the Browns offense takes the field and it has been a reoccurring comedy of errors.

The positive was McCoy's performance last Sunday. He had arguably his best game finishing 20-for-27 passing for 218 yards, but the offense stalled in the red zone.

"Yeah, it's frustrating," McCoy said earlier this week. "We had some chances and we had to settle for field goals a couple times. We spend a lot of time working on our red zone. We dedicate a whole day to it so we just have to find a way to get down there and punch it in. We can do a better job and will."

With seven games remaining, the Browns best chances for victories are this Sunday and Dec. 18 at Arizona. Why? Cleveland's other five games include at Cincinnati on Nov. 27 and two games apiece with Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Those three teams are a combined 19-9.

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