A New Receiver in Town?

<B>UPDATE 8:30AM:</B> League sources have confirmed to BerniesInsiders.com this morning that the Browns have signed WR Richard Alston (East Carolina). Here is some information we put together late Wednesday night on the latest player to try to make the team...

Is Richard Alston a quarterback, a running back, or a wide reciever? The question has merit, as the East Carolina Pirate has played all of the above positions in his football career.

Since 2001, the answer has become clear. During his last two seasons at East Carolina, Alston has focused on playing the wide receiver position, with increasing effectiveness. Alston has reasonable size at 6-0, 214, but didn't turn heads with a 4.62 40-time, which helps to explain why he didn't get drafted. Alston had been considered, at best, a late-round draft choice.

A glance at Alston's stats, however, shows that he ended his college career with a flourish. Alston finished the 2002 season with slightly over seven hundred yards and six touchdowns. He missed a game early in the season due to illness, however, and got better as the season went on.

Alston finished the season by scoring five touchdowns in his final five games, and went over 100 yards in three of those games. In his final game against Cincinnati, Alston managed a career-high 120 yards.

Based on reports, the general perception is that Alston is an athlete with interesting potential, but did not become the focus of the East Carolina offense his senior year as some expected. If the reports of his signing are true, however, the Browns saw something in Alston that intrigued them enough to give him a closer look.

Later today, we will make a scouting report on Alston available to BerniesInsiders.com subscribers who want to learn more about the team's latest (apparent) acquisition.

- AB

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