Browns Player Quotes

Following a tough loss to the Ravens 24-10, Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium, Browns' players faced the music and answered questions following the loss.

Cleveland Browns PLAYER QUOTES

FS Mike Adams

(On Ravens RB Ray Rice)- "He's a good back. It's pretty hard to explain that. He's so small, he gets through the holes. He is just so quick and strong, top and bottom. He and RB Maurice Jones-Drew are identical."

(On whether the short turnaround for Thursday's game is a good thing)- "We wouldn't dwell on it (the loss). We always have to move forward and learn from our mistakes. This is a special week, because we have Pittsburgh on Thursday so we won't look at Baltimore at all. We will probably just go right to Pittsburgh, I'm guessing. I guess it is a good thing, being that they put up 300 rushing yards on us."

(On whether he would want to watch the game film)- "I would want to watch it. There is always stuff to learn from it. I could have made that tackle coming down wide open, but I missed that tackle. I want to see where my angle was, and how I can make that tackle. I did it the first time, but the second time I missed that tackle. So I can learn from it, from my perspective, but we all have a lot to learn, from the D-line to the secondary."

(On whether the defense lost too many starters to compete against a player like RB Ray Rice)- "I think we are all professionals. We all need to step up to the plate when our number is called. We have to go in there and make plays. We can't just say, ‘I'm not a starter so I can't compete.' It is high expectations for everyone at once when you get into the game."

WR Joshua Cribbs

(On the offense today)- "We moved the ball pretty well early on, we just couldn't convert on those third and two's. The Ravens are a good football team. We got whooped by a good football team."

(On his comments last week influencing his playing time)- "I don't think that had anything to do with it. I thought I spoke for everybody. Everybody was tired of losing."

(On meeting fans before the game)- "I went out to the tailgate to tell the fans that I appreciate them coming out to the game. I just wanted to show some love to the fans."

QB Colt McCoy

(On the condition of his knee)- "It's ok. I just got stunned a little bit. I think we will check it out tomorrow and see. As far as coming back into the game and playing, it was alright to play."

(On how he deals with so many dropped passes)- "You have got to continue to have confidence in your guys, continue to go, and continue to work. In a situation or a game like this where it is raining and the wind is blowing, it's hard. You have just got to concentrate and focus. We talk about it a lot; your margin for error is pretty slim. You have got to catch the ball to stay on the field. When you can stay on the field you can move. You get new sets of downs. We'll get better."

(On how big of a gap there is between the Ravens and Browns)- "They are a really good football team. They certainly outplayed us today. We are a group that is growing and maturing. We are facing a lot of different struggles each week and I think it is important for us to keep our heads together and keep plowing through it and know that there is something bright at the end of this thing."

(On if the team took a step backward today)- "I wouldn't say that we took a step backwards. I would say that there were crucial mistakes at crucial times in this game that kept us out of it. They missed two field goals and to me, a 10-point game, you can make that up like that. We ought to be able to do that and we let some opportunities slip away. We should have scored down there in the red zone and that may have changed the game right there. It's a win for them when we get down inside of there and kick a field goal. Crucial mistakes at crucial times and you get off of the field and you have to give credit to them. They stayed on the field. They rushed the ball really well today and ate up the clock. We just got outplayed."

(On if it was tough completing passes to the sidelines today due to the wind)- "I don't think it was anything other than (the Ravens) just playing our stuff. We like to work the boundaries and they were off coverage and they just jumped our stuff. I think their corners are pretty good because they have FS Ed Reed in the backfield knowing that he is going to control whatever they do. They played us well on the outside today."

(On if his knee affected him when he came back in to play)- "No, I don't think so. I think more than anything it stunned me. Like I said, we will know what the deal is tomorrow. I was able to play and throwing-wise, it definitely didn't affect me."

(On how he hurt his knee)- "I don't know if somebody hit it or it hit the ground, one of the two. It was on the screen play."

(On if he is going to get a MRI tomorrow)- "I really don't know. I think I am going to be alright, honestly. I was able to go finish the game and it will be ok."

(On if he ever thinks his team can't get back into the game after being down several touchdowns)- "I think for us, it is just a matter of ‘if we do everything right, every play, then we can play with anybody. We can move the ball down the field.' I think another key thing for us today is; maybe we will just look at that last drive and carry that on to Pittsburgh. That is going to be my focus. We played sloppy the whole game. Everybody made some mistakes. The last drive we go down and score against their defense. Let's remember that and then let's move on to Pittsburgh and have a short memory."

(On the correlation between success and being in the shotgun formation)- "I think that as you go, you kind of feel what is right and what's not. I think we have a real good balance right now, but I do think we will continue to figure out when is a right time and when is not and what do we do best. That is just something that Pat (Shurmer) and I have to continue to grow and talk about. I am starting to feel more comfortable basically in whatever we do. I kind of have a feel for what plays I am in the ‘gun' and what plays I am not. I think our running game in the shotgun has improved so there might be a little more shotgun."

(On if the feeling of something good at the end of this is farther away after this game)- "After a game like this, it is tough. I just hate it and that's the bottom line. I know there are a lot of guys in that locker room that feel the same way and we have got to, collectively, figure out what we can do. I know, number one, you can't make mistakes; you cannot turn the ball over. Especially not us, right now. We don't have the ability to overcome a lot when things start going that way. I think we just have to continue to work and continue to improve. It's the same message every week. I don't have much after that."

(On if knowing that there is a small margin for error affects some guys)- "I just think we have to continue to work. That's all I have ever done in times like this, when you seem to be at the lowest of lows. You have to continue to work, continue to believe in each other, continue to take care of your body, stay healthy and do the right thing. It's not pointing the finger at anybody. If you want to point the finger at someone, point it at me. I am the quarterback. Let's just keep plowing forward and keep playing football. I know we are getting better. I would never tell you that we are taking a step back. I don't feel like that. I see things, I feel things and we just have to keep playing."

(On if there was any discussion to go for it on fourth-and-two)- "I guess you could either way. I don't think that lost the game for us. You can always say ‘what if?' If that's what was called, we would have gone out there and tried to get it. At that point in the game I think that is a little risky."

(On if the Ravens did a better job handling the slick balls)- "I think the advantage for them was they ran the ball so well. If you run the ball like that, you will usually win the game. They were able to stay on the field and, when they needed pass plays, they got them. They outplayed us today."

(On the weather playing a factor for the Browns)- "I don't know. I guess the weather does play a factor."

TE Evan Moore

(On his touchdown)- "It felt good to put more points on the board. If we were able to get the onside kick, we could have gone down and do it again, but in the end, it wasn't enough. It was a play where Ben (Watson) runs his route and we make the safety choose who to cover. He jumped Ben which left me open on the right side."

(On the play of the offense)- "We struggled to convert on third down consistently so that made it hard to sustain any kind of drives throughout the entire game and it put our defense back on the field too quickly. When you don't do well on third down, it makes it pretty tough to move the ball."

(On the TD pass he couldn't handle in the second quarter)- "I just didn't catch it. I've got to make those plays. There is no question. It would have made it 10-7, which is much better than 10-3. I have no excuses. I just have to catch the ball. It is that easy."

(On whether he was affected today by the lack of balls thrown his way this season)- "No. When you are wide open in the end zone and the ball is right in your hands, you have to catch the ball. I don't care if I hadn't played one play all year. You have to catch the ball and make it 10-7 instead of 10-3. That's on me. It was a great ball by Colt (McCoy) too. It was raining and Colt threw a great ball so I have to catch it."

(On what he said to Colt McCoy after scoring)- "I walked up to him (McCoy) and told him that I appreciated that he put faith back in me by making that throw at the end of the game and what happened in the third quarter won't happen again."

DL Brian Schaefering

(On making adjustments on defense)- "We have to see the film and see where the breakdowns were."

(On the Ravens' running game)- "I think we came out in the second half and we were stopping them. We were stopping them on first down and the second down we were holding them, so on the third down they had to throw."

(On playing the Steelers on a short week)- "Any divisional games when you play them back-to-back, especially when you only have two days to practice, is going to take a lot of focus with everyone in the building. Everyone is going to have to come together to get ready for this week."

DE Jabaal Sheard

(On his strip of Joe Flacco)- "It was just great coverage by our defensive backs coming down field and he (Joe Flacco) held the ball too long. They (the defensive line) had him contained and I kept working."

(On the pass rush and forcing a fumble)- "I was just kind of working my moves. They were running the ball and finally we got a chance to pass rush. We were stuck all day, kind of working our moves. We've got great DB's. They gave us time to get there."

(On what went wrong with the run defense)- "I don't know, we'll have to go back and watch some film to find out. I guess we need to play harder up front. I missed a few tackles up front. A good back (Rice) helps your line. We knew they were going to run the ball and you just have to do a better job up front. It's a pride thing when you know it is coming and you aren't stopping it."

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