Bernies Insiders Magazine (12/10/01)

Here are the contents of the second issue of Bernies Insiders magazine, published on 12/10/2001.

The second issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine was published on December 10, 2001. In addition to recaps of the Browns loss to the Patriots and a look forward to the Packers, the issue also looks at Bill Belichick's infamous dismissal of Bernie in 1993. Bernie talks about the circumstances and how it effected him, and Bill Belichick offers his thoughts in Frank Derry's column. Reggie Langhorne contributes his own viewpoint, which includes a prescient look at who Belichick would cut from the Patriots.

The magazine also included in interview with Browns great Frank Minnifield, who looks at the differences in pass defense between the late 80s and today. Frank also talks about what he's been doing since his retirement and some of his memories of playing for the Browns.

Eddie Johnson discusses the prevent defense in light of 2001's shocking loss to the Chicago Bears. Eddie relates the Browns loss against Chicago to the 1987 loss to the Broncos.

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Author Article
  Cover: Anthony Henry
Bernie Kosar Shedding Light on a Dark Day
Jeff Schudel Cover Story: Oh, Henry!!
Bonding is Key to Success
Chuck Murr Where are they Now? (Frank Minnifield)
  Current Clips
Ankle Injuries Prove Costly
Controversy (Kelly Holcomb)
Confidence (Corey Fuller on playoff hopes)
Lane Adkins What We've Been Told
Frank Derry Belichick: "I Wish I Handled It Differently"
  Weekend at Bernies (photos)
Dave Carducci Game Recap Section
Playoff Hopes Dim After 27-16 Loss
Picks Not Couch's Fault
Shea's Injury is Costly
Santiago Facing Arrest
  Game / Season Statistics
Reggie Langhorne Déjà Vu
Dave Carducci Player Profile: Kelly Holcomb
Jeff Schudel Game Preview Section
Browns vs. Packers
Rosters and Depth Charts
Key Players
  Scores and Schedules
Eddie Prevent Defenses Prevent Wins

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