Afraid of a QB Controversy?

The Browns have consistently dealt with, or didn't deal well with issues and players at the QB spot. This long neglected area within the roster again could be leading to turmoil.

Let me throw out some thoughts from another angle on the Colt McCoy situation.

The Browns have been so afraid of a quarterback controversy since the Mike Holmgren regime came to town that part of the reason McCoy was sent back into the game so quickly might have been to avoid that from happening.

We all know the history of the Browns and the fans love affair with the backup quarterback since the franchise re-started in 1999. There was the Ty Detmer/Tim Couch to Couch/Kelly Holcomb to Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn controversies.

When Holmgren first took over one of his first moves besides getting rid of Anderson and Quinn was to sign Jake Delhomme as the undisputed starting quarterback—whether that was a good or bad decision is another topic. Holmgren is of the belief that there cannot be a dispute as to who the starting quarterback is for a team.

When Delhomme was injured last year, most who follow the Browns would admit that Seneca Wallace was playing at a much better level than Delhomme was and was well-suited to run the offense until he went down with a high ankle sprain.

This year, with no off-season sessions due to the lockout, Wallace would've been the logical choice to run the offense, as for many years he has played in the West Coast offense that Pat Shurmur has installed.

Yet because the Browns didn't want to have a controversy, McCoy was named as the starter before the lockout started. Since this is the year to see what the Browns have in McCoy, Wallace has been a non-factor. Despite McCoy's struggles there has been no thought of going with Wallace.

And that takes me back to my thought on why McCoy was sent back in so quickly last week.

First, let me say this first and I've said it and written it many times, I want McCoy to succeed and be the Browns' franchise quarterback. However, with that said, I feel and think most people who follow the Browns on a regular basis would tell you that at this very moment Wallace gives the Browns a better chance to win than does McCoy.

Wallace is and has been a very good backup and is what he is. McCoy has a chance to have a much higher ceiling than Wallace does, so I agree with letting him play and develop.

However, when Wallace entered the game cold against the Steelers he immediately made a nice 13-yard pass to Evan Moore to put the ball on the Steelers' five-yard line. We'll never know what would've transpired if Wallace had stayed in the game, but I contend there's a good chance the Browns would've scored. Even if the Browns didn't score a touchdown, I doubt if Wallace would've thrown an interception in that situation. The Browns could've won the game and all the talk this week would be about playing Wallace over McCoy.

Wallace could've played the rest of that series or even the rest of the game and McCoy could've still come back to be the starter.

That most likely is a moot point now as McCoy probably won't play against the Cardinals this week. Most of the talk this week is about concussions and should've McCoy been sent back in or not. That's a different topic, but once Shurmur was told McCoy was able to go back in that might have been a factor he was sent back in so quickly.

If Wallace has a big game against the Cardinals, the quarterback controversy is back on.

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