Ask Steeler Fan: The Rivalry

We knew something was wrong. Our lives were like slightly tainted beer. Then we realized - Sirk hadn't sent any Cow Patties our way in 2011! We found him suffering from a case of nearly toxic apathy sitting amidst a small group of Columbus, Ohio Bengal fans, put him in a cannon, and launched him into Appalachia to get the pulse of Steelerfan...


"Do you feel the Steelers' rivalry with the Browns has lost its luster after the original Browns moved to Baltimore?"

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Robert "Blunt" Thompson,
Municipal Court Judge
"Ah wonder if da Brahns moved to Baldamore en got crabs? Ah wenta Baldamore once en got crabs."

Arnold Biscowitsj,
Mud Flap Designer
"Da Brahns is still the nummer one rival to da backside of mah underpants. Dey jest won't let mah gutcheez alone."

Margie Madreson,
"Ah moved once from Bellsoover ta Gibbo ta Bishview ta Blumfilled ta Cennertahnship ta Eltuna ta Lahrburl ta Mahnt Lebo ta New Kin ta Mahnt Warshington ta Vannagrif ta Oatmont and back ta Bellsoover agin before Ah moved here, but Ah'm still as lustful as Ah ever been. Woodjyinz lahk ta scootch yer dupa up da stair-steps to mah air mattress?"

Biff Turkel,
Systems Analyst
"Ah ken't hate da Brahns so much no more. Ah ken't fill any fillins ad all. Ah jest set on da davenport under a afughan clickin' channels wit da zapper as Ah guzzle Arn outta a bawdle dat's still in da paper poke. En when Ah drunk it all, Ah use da bawdle as a slopjar so Ah never hafta git off da davenport. Mebby Ah need a susbcription fer summadem so-callt happy pells."

Rep. William Spatskowsky
, Congressman, D-Pa/b>
"Ah took da Brahns to da Super Bowl after eatin twenny carndawgs once, and it plogged da torlet so bad Ah had to move. Ah din't move ta Baldamore doh. Even if I ken't git da Etch-Bee-Oh on da rabbit ears, Ah herd abaht dat show called Da Wahr. Ah'd rather sleep en a dog box out da road near Shahrteer's Crick. Yinz should come see it once."

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