Ask Steeler Fan: New Years

Steeler fan ponders lessons learned and future plans...

"What is your New Year's Resolution?"
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Robert "Blunt" Thompson,
Municipal Court Judge
"No more cawner ladies. Ah spunt all mah cawner lady geft cards from Chrismiss on a haff ahr wit a Yurpean studdabubba en Ah ken't affort no more lovin'."

Arnold Biscowitsj,
Mud Flap Designer
"Ah'm gonna stop thrown ciggy butts off mah rollt up winduh where dey can ketch fahr wit da french fry cartons on da floor of mah IROQ."

Margie Madreson,
"Mah husband yellt at me dat Ah need to get back mah skenny figger, so Ah'm gonna stop eatin' carndaugs, city chicken, silver top Hershey buds, ketchip, melkshakes, Vinnie pies, minced ham, pillineet shremp, pisgetti, rigs-n-pigs, squarshes, hoagies, tayduh selid, peenabudder, en fried-up punkin seed sammitches. Fer every mill, Ah'm jest gonna eat ice balls Ah make from da kishun spicket en put in da Frigedare's ice box. Ah jest hafta rumember to dethaw 'em so dey can be drunk if Ah git thirsty."

Biff Turkel,
Systems Analyst
"Ain'da world apost tu end en twenny-twelf? Den Ah mize well take a heart attack fer New Yur's. Sence dat's my reslution, dontchyinz call ninedy-one en one fer da ambleeunce ta fetch me for'n angioplastic."

Rep. William Spatskowsky
, Congressman, D-Pa
"Ah'm fixin' to set peenits on da ashfalt so Ah ken make summadem squorls en grinnies runned over wit mah motorsickle."

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