Bernies Insiders Magazine (12/17/2001)

Here is the table of contents for the Bernies Insiders Magazine published on 12/17/01.

The third issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine was published on December 17, 2001. This issue focused on the running game, with brief media meteor RB Ben Gay on the cover. Gay would be gone before long, but the importance of the running game is eternal in football. Bernie discussed Bruce Arian's offense, and how it differed from the West Coast Offense, while both Eddie and Reggie wrote about the running game.

Jeff Schudel covered the Browns loss to Jacksonville, which would be infamous for Browns fans throwing plastic bottles onto the field after an (at best) debatable call by the officials. Meanwhile, David Carducci provided a profile of Brant Boyer who, unlike Ben Gay, would remain with the team for several years.

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Author Article
  Cover: Ben Gay
Bernie Kosar Are We West Coast or What?
Jeff Schudel Cover Story
The Legend (Ben Gay)
Gay Talks Candidly About Drugs
Chuck Murr Where Are They Now (Kevin Mack)
Bernie's Insiders Current Clips
Akins Added to Strengthen Special Teams
Santiago Update
Top Secret (Lineup changes)
Warren Improving
Roye Out for Year
Lane Adkins What We've Been Told
Reggie Langhorne Running Success is Team Effort
Chuck Murr Trivia
  Poster: 1,000 Yard Club
Dave Carducci Game Recap
Loss to Jags Infuriates Fans
Ugly Ending
Lineup Has New Wrinkle
Ellsworth on IR
  Game / Season Stats
Frank Derry The Up-Front Answer to Running Woes
Dave Carducci Player Profile: Brant Boyer
Jeff Schudel Game Preview: Browns vs. Titans
  Scores and Schedules
Eddie Johnson Mack-Byner Epitomized Browns Football

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