Vinny the Fly; Nothing But The Buzz

Last week Vinny delivered the goods. Today, Vinny deliverers a gourmet meal of Browns information, as only he does.....There may be impostors lurking, but there is only one Vinny and he isn't in your fish-wrap.

With the holidays past, this fly has had his fair share of dining on all the festive goodies. One thing this fly doesn't ever get too much of is a speculation buffet of the finest tidbits and rumors.

Today's buffet includes the following exclusive dishes, served by the OBR crew. This fly lands squarely on the QB appetizer, the offensive coordinator dish, RB main and free agency desert, as the selections for this feast.

Now, onto the grub –

° Much has been speculated by those in the media, in Cleveland and throughout the national media regarding the status of Colt McCoy. Some of the information is of the regurgitated variety (you know, reported in a column on say a Wednesday and land in a local fish-wrap over the weekend type deal), but we are only concerned about getting the ‘word' out there, so here goes.

Colt McCoy is going to be lumped into a group that will compete for the starting role for the Cleveland Browns. McCoy is guaranteed nothing, not a starting spot, not a roster spot. The Browns will bring in a QB or two this off-season. The only thing missing is the absolute direction, but this fly has been told the organization will indeed look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, but are leaning against paying a massive contract and trade ramifications to make it happen.

Outside of Flynn, Josh Johnson and Brian Hoyer could receive some interest coming from the Browns, but the odds are heavily leaning toward the Browns being window shoppers if the Flynn interest doesn't pan out.

° As a veteran presence at QB could elevate the Browns offense immediately, the walls within the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio are telling another tale.

Do not discount the interest in a veteran, but the organization is nearly committed to select a QB in the early portion of the 2012 college player draft.

Don't get too excited, the Browns are not going to break the bank and trade up to number-one to select QB Andrew Luck. Potentially an excellent selection to lead a team, but the Browns is not in the market to give up the draft selections for this year and next.

Many have hopped onto the Robert Griffin III boat, the Browns not being one of the organizations. Griffin III is thought of as a tremendous athlete, a potential difference-maker at some point, but not immediately.

Griffin III does not fit the model established by team president Mike Holmgren and general manager Tom Heckert. Despite believing Griffin III could be a special player, he is not at the top of the Browns food-chain, this fly has learned.

Two names, Ryan Tannehill and Tyler Wilson have been dropped to this fly. Tannehill has been discussed here on numerous occasions (we're glad to see him get some play by the local fish-wrap recently), but Wilson comes up with some intrigue.

With all said, we're not discounting Griffin III, but the likelihood as the process has started for the Browns is sketchy at best.

° The Brad Childress watch continues. Just the fact that it continues should be telling. Yes, the Browns have an interest, but the organization is not crossing its fingers, holding their breath or offering their first born to secure Childress' services.

As reported in this column recently, there is some reservation within the organization regarding Childress, but the upside is believed to out-weigh the negatives (demeanor, questionable ability to communicate at times), though his issues with communication came as a head coach and not QB coach or OC.

Childress is scheduled to interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about their head coach vacancy. A league source dropped info to the fly that Childress is not the front-runner for the position.

A name that continues to be passed along to this fly is that of Karl Dorrell. Dorrell remains under contract with the Miami Dolphins and Browns head coach Pat Shurmur was denied permission to interview him a year ago, but the climate may change in Miami with the Dolphins seeking to hire a new head coach.

The Browns OC spot opening could linger until the Dolphins and Buccaneers situations are resolved.

Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Sherman remains a possibility. Sherman, an offensive minded coach has been involved with some solid offensive units while in Green Bay and of late at Texas A&M, where Sherman was the head coach until recently terminated.

Interestingly, Sherman and Childress are clients of Bob LaMonte, who happens to represent team president Mike Holmgren and head coach Pat Shurmur.

Dorrell doesn't happen to have that same 'in' factor, which could be a signal that the former UCLA head coach and current Miami Dolphins QB coach could face an uphill battle.

Current QB coach Mark Whipple is under consideration for the OC position and he isn't the long-shot some perceive him to be.

Shurmur and Whipple have a good working relationship, which could come into play as the head coach is hesitant to fully relinquish his stranglehold of the OC responsibilities.

In elevating Whipple to the OC post, Shurmur would likely have an easier path and bigger voice regarding the play-calling, schematic changes, game-planning and game-day decisions.

° Over the past two week this column expressed the vast likelihood of starting RB Peyton Hillis departing via free agency.

To clarify further, the Browns will be looking for another RB. Hillis is not returning, unless time stands still and reverts back to before the start of the 2011 season, as the fly has learned.

While not privy to all (oh, we have heard some) the details as of the time of this writing, this fly has been told in a straight forward manner, the bridge between the Cleveland Browns football organization and Peyton Hillis has been burnt to a crisp.

Don't pass go, don't collect any dollars, the gig is up.

With that out of the way, though the RB position is in need of upgrade, the Browns are not likely (today) to be a candidate to select Alabama RB Trent Richardson with the fourth overall selection in the draft. Early indications coming from those close to the team tell the fly the organization is looking away from the RB position at number-four at the moment, but the process has a long way to go and the RB discussions will heat up.

Not that the organization does not like or doesn't grade Richardson highly, simply indications at this time point to the Browns looking toward solidifying other areas within the offense, rather than selecting the top-rated rusher in the draft.

Remember, the college player draft is months away and there will be many changes in the thought process going forward.

Two college RB's Browns scouts have watched extensively are Lamar Miller of the University of Miami and Chris Polk of Washington.

From the pro-game via free agency, the Browns are one of a handful of teams curious as to the developments with RB Matt Forte in Chicago. But, another RB that has had his name bandied about is that of Ryan Grant in Green Bay.

With that, the fly is off, looking for the next conversation to drop in on and buzz.

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