Frisman Jackson On the Shelf

The Browns "secret weapon" has been hobbled, as the team announced today that WR Frisman Jackson has had surgery on his foot and will be sidelined during mini-camp. Thanks to a phone call from David Carducci, here are player updates from Berea.

This afternoon, David Carducci telephoned with details regarding this afternoon's meeting between the Browns and the local media. David will be in the ClubChat room for Browns Uncensored, where you can get your first independent view of what transpired in Berea this afternoon as Browns officials spoke with reporters.

Browns coaches talked to the media about a number of different topics, including the quarterback competition and the state of the linebacking corps. We will have news and analysis on those items starting this evening and through the weekend.

Here are some player updates from this afternoon's session:

Pat Barnes, QB: As was reported on our tipline and Hot News, Pat Barnes has indeed been released by the Browns. Barnes will likely make his way back to Canada, leaving an interesting battle for third QB between Josh Booty and Nate Hybl.

Frisman Jackson, WR: The team reported today that Jackson had broken the fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot, requiring that a screw be put into the bone. Jackson has surgery yesterday and was released from the hospital today. Jackson will obviously not play at the Browns upcoming mini-camp and will likely be in a boot for about a month. Dave will have more details this evening in the chat. Jackson's foot had been bothering him for a while, reportedly.

Courtney Brown, DE: The team is reporting very good progress with Courtney, stating that his recovery is "at least on schedule". It is possible that Brown will be allowed to do some individual drills in mini-camp. The team feels that mini-camp will be a good barometer to see if Brown will be 100% for training camp. Subscribers might want to take a look at some of the comments coming from Pittsburgh where the Steelers Mark Bruener had similar micro-fracture surgery. The comments there are less-optimistic about the surgery in general than what has been heard in Cleveland to date.

Lee Suggs, RB: The Browns fourth-round draft choice this year looks to be doing well after arthroscopic surgery.  The team offered that they "got what they hoped for" with the surgery and think all of Suggs shoulder problems will be fixed without breaking out the scalpel. The team suggested that the injury is not nearly as bad as what it might have been made out to be, and that they feel that Suggs will be back either 80-90 or, at worst, 120 days.

Look for more on the Browns meeting with the media this evening in chat, tomorrow in the Newswire, and throughout the next several days with analysis from Bernie's Insiders.


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