Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

We had another great chat last night, as Dave talked about what he had heard in Berea earlier in the day and offered opinions about the comments made by the Browns coaching staff. Lots of good stuff!<BR><B>PS:</B> Thanks to everyone for migrating from one chat room to another with us halfway through.

artbtz Hi David!
David Carducci Hi AB ... long time no talk
artbtz LOL...
teco Dave there's an article posted in the 'Cooler by Tom Withers that quotes Butch as saying that Tim's his boy...Comments?
David Carducci Well, I was with Tom, Butch Davis and a few other media members today. Butch made it sound like the controversy is ""much ado about nothing""... Bruce Arians also came in for a bit, and he was very positive about Tim and seemed to underplay what Kelly did
David Carducci They made it sound like the opinion is that Kelly did well enough to deserve a chance to compete for the position, but he would have to do something exceptional to beat out Tim.
David Carducci Arians said he would be very surprised if one QB out-performed the other dramatically ... That and a few other things lead me to believe Tim will have a hard time losing the job
Matt Any opinion on that, Dave?
David Carducci I'm sorry Matt, opinion on which?
MadDawgJimmyMac Are we talking increasing Tim's trade value or is this for real?
Matt That Tim will have a difficult time losing the job.
artbtz I can't see them tossing out all this "Two QBs are Nifty!" spin and then dealing one of them.
David Carducci I don't think there is any attempt to increase Tim's trade value. They won't be trading him.
teco Dave, do you think Butch would yank Tim if his play continues to be inconsistent?
David Carducci Matt, I think it will be difficult for the reasons Arians gave today. That it was Tim's job, and for someone else to beat him out he's "going to have to knock out the champ." (the way Arians put it)... Arians said Couch has grown quite a bit in the offense.
David Carducci They had a lot of positive things to say about Josh Booty and his improvement meaning it wasn't worth keeping Pat Barnes around for camp to compete for the No. 3 spot
David Carducci That fact, by the way, makes it even more unlikely that they would trade Tim. If they were so happy with Booty, then it would make sense to keep Barnes around as insurance should they deal Tim
ramllov Dave is the conversation or interview going to be published on NFL.COM, cleveland Browns?
David Carducci Ram, I don't think it will be on or It's one of the background meetings they have with members of the media from time to time. I'm sure Zac will have a story on the Browns main site that deals with some of what was said, as will most of the area newspapers.
David Carducci By the way, Booty's improvement ... Davis compared it to a golfer who was shooting in the 80's and is suddenly shooting in the 60's
MadDawgJimmyMac Is that for all 18 holes Dave? :-}
David Carducci MadDawg, I hope so.... I should have clarified considering the awful round I had the other day at Windmill Lakes
ramllov Were there any commentary about the secondary today? Dave?
David Carducci Ram, Davis said Henry is one of the three or four guys who has really stood out in the offseason. He's been here, he has been working hard, and appears to be ready for the challenge.
KJ Donovan said Green looks solid too
David Carducci Yeah Green is much bigger. So is Jamel.
David Carducci Reports that Qasim is 380 are just about true. He was over 400-pounds and very fat in the college film the Browns first studied of him. Then he trimmed to 340 or so. Now he's 370-to-380 and there isn't much fat ...
David Carducci Arians had a great line about Qasim. Talking about his natural ability and just needing to learn the game, Arians said Mitchell had two blitzing LB's on a play yesterday and didn't know which one to pick up. So he stuck both arms out and took brought both to the ground at the same time.
JoeBrownlee Dave, what was said about the offensive line?
David Carducci Joe, Arians said there is some leaning to keeping the line together from last year, with Faine obviously, simply because of continuity. They are happy with the way they worked together last year (MORE COMING)
David Carducci But also, there is some talk about maybe using a rotation at guard, especially in the fourth quarter, possibly using Qasim with a lead when there isn't as much worry about pass protection
David Carducci Arians said that Fowler and Zukauskas have been interesting, and that they could end up pushing for time. I think the implication was with Stokes.
David Carducci Arians loves the idea of Mitchell eventually at LG, though. He talked about how ""scary"" it would be for defenses trying to stop Green while he is running behind 380 and 340 ... (340 being Tucker, who is having a very good offseason and has really bulked up).
David Carducci Both Arians and Davis said Verba is much faster and stronger. He may have had the best offseason according to Davis
KJ When I was driving home from work tonight, I caught an the last half of an interview with SAM Backer Ben Taylor on Kirk Herbstreit's show here in Columbus. What I caught: Current LB depth chart SAM Taylor, MIKE Gardner, WILL Bentley. Thompson is coming along pretty well, but is still learning. There is a lot more talent at LB than most are giving us credit for. Wait until you see them play before making up your mind
David Carducci KJ, it sounds right in a way .... But according to Campo, there is no real starter at MLB right now. They've had both Gardner and Andra Davis sharing time. I think it's too early to count out Chaun too. Campo seems to be of the opinion that it is one of the easier positions to be a raw talent and contribute right away.
ramllov Dave this is all music to our ears about the offense, what about the defense?
David Carducci Ram, the real key seems to be the D-line, as usual. They seem to feel really good about what the new tweaked scheme will do for Gerard ... who has been through most of the off-season workouts. All say he is working hard. Campo said Courtney (if healthy), Lang and Word is a very interesting battle at DE. The scheme is going to be a bit more aggressive, more blitzing, but still designed to take away the big play, funnel everything underneath, then have everyone swarm to the ball. It's a faster team, so Campo likes the potential, but he admits there is a big question with youth and once they get to the play, can they make the tackle?
scaryDawg any word re CB?
David Carducci ScaryDawg, CB's surgery went well. He's going to do some things at next week's minicamp. Mostly individual work. No team stuff. They are hoping next week will be a good barometer to know if he will be 100-pct by training camp. That's the hope.
KJ Dave, is the mini camp open to u guys next week?
David Carducci KJ, all mini-camp practices are open to the media.
David Carducci I'll be there for the first two days, but on Thursday I'm leaving for New York to catch a Van Morrison concert at Madison Square Garden. I need a vacation
ramllov I read a preview that rated the Browns offensive line as a C+, that is the best I have read about our offensive line since expansion. Is that accruate? Dave?
David Carducci Ram. I'm not sure that it's accurate, considering grades like that are all subject to opinion. But at the end of the season, that's about what I would have given it. I think Faine is an obvious upgrade, and if Qasim is the real deal, he could be something special. Again, it can only be positive that Verba and Tucker are two of the four guys Butch went out of his way to single out for their progress during the off-season
Matt Dave--do the coaches think C. Brown can regain his speed, or is it mostly just hoping to minimize how much he lost?
David Carducci Matt, I think a lot of it is hope with Courtney. Davis himself said they are hoping for a ""a little luck""
BUFFALODAWG Hey Dave do you buy into all that hype about Faine making Warren a better Player???
David Carducci Buffalodawg, I don't buy into it yet...simply because there hasn't been any real work with real pads and ral hitting, etc.... I do believe though that you get better by practicing against better players.
David Carducci So when they start hitting, I think it could help.
David Carducci Sure. No problem. I will be watching next week, so it will be interesting to see how they work against each other
David Carducci I know that Fowler seemed to play his best in practice during camp when he went up against Warren last year.
BUFFALODAWG I think it's interesting that know one made the Probowl last year but we made the Playoffs,that to me SPELLS TEAM,not a player!!
David Carducci I agree Buffaodawg... I think they'd be happy to not have any Pro Bowlers but have multiple guys at every position who have speed and are capable of playing within a scheme. It's easier to keep a bunch of guys who are just a cut below pro bowl level than two or three guys who are at the top of their position.
artbtz Sounds like the Patriots a few years ago.
David Carducci It does ... and I'm fine with that
BUFFALODAWG I agree its better to have a Deep team than a team that has a few Superstars
David Carducci Assuming the guys they continue to bring in can play. I'm hoping they didn't miss the boat on a few guys like Crocker
artbtz Unfortunately, the Browns have a couple of guys they pay like superstars.
David Carducci very true
artbtz Anything in particular concern you about Crocker, Dave?
David Carducci Just the fact that none of the Mid-American Conference coaches I talked to thought he was worthy of a first-day pick. Seemed like a HUGE reach. Again, I think the Browns assume Pruett didn't use Crocker to get the most out of him. They think they will
vbf Dave, way to bust on teh goods vis a vis the Davis/Arians press conference
David Carducci Thanks vbf, unfortuantely, there's a lot more from that press conference that I found interesting. There's just so much that its going to take a while for all of it to get out. We were there for several hours
BUFFALODAWG I read that Crocker was in awe of Northcutt at QB school, he said he never seen anyone with that many moves.B ut said it would make him better
David Carducci I think more than any other position, cornerbacks have a chance to get better going against good wide receivers. That's been my experience. So, I don't doubt that Crocker will benefit from going against speed like the Browns have in Northcutt, Morgan and Davis.
MattMP Have you heard anything about Lehan, Dave? Any chance he could help the team this year?
David Carducci Matt, there hasn't really been any news on him as of yet.
vbf Dave, what's your gut feeling on Courtney, bust?
David Carducci vbf, my gut feeling, unfortunately, is bust at the moment, but then I made that mistake in assuming Northcutt had no chance of adding anything either. I do have some question with Courtney's desire and passion for the game. And his inability to stay on the field in his first three years is a HUGE concern. I know he has the talent, but I'd be shocked to see him live up to his No. 1 overall selection, let alone a first round or first day selection.
ramllov Have you discussed the secondary yet?
David Carducci Ram, we have a bit. They seem to be very happy with Henry and also with McCutcheon and their work in the off-season. ALSO, Griffith sat down with Campo and said he had a bad year last year, but they could count on him this year. He didn't attend the off-season workouts last year, but he's been in Berea a lot more this off-season.
ramllov I thought Crocker was a year away. He played saftety in College, wha tabout the other guy LEhan?
David Carducci Ram, no real info on Lehan as of yet. Nobody has offered any info, and we've all asked about other players
BUFFALODAWG Well Grif did'nt get cut,i would not be surprized if Jameson got a lot better this year,Any word on him?
David Carducci I think Jameson has the potential to be a very good cover guy. He has the speed and the instincts. Very smart.
David Carducci He has good ball skills, too.
ramllov Dave, I read alot of veterans not coming to quarterback club, but I never read about it on these forums. Were some writers trying to cause trouble?
David Carducci Ram, I'm not sure. I can say that all of the Defensive linemen have had 100-pct attendance. I believe it's the same on the OL. I know that Griffith has missed some time.
artbtz We had some stuff about that in Hot News, Ram
ramllov I remember hearing about Griffith, but I guess I am reading too many articles about the Browns
artbtz Green not being there was a big thing for a while too
David Carducci AB, I think it was, but Davis seems pretty happy with him now. Davis said Green is significantly bigger . He got an idea of what it takes to be a feature back in the NFL. The pounding it takes, and that to take that pounding (and dish out a pounding of your own), you have to be willing to bulk up
ramllov I heard Jamison was going to take Earl Little's job.
David Carducci Ram, it's possible. But I still think Earl is a player. He's not a great tackler, but he has such a nose for the ball. He just makes plays. I think it is more likely that you see a rotation at safety, similar to the one at corner last year, where you are never really sure which two are getting the majority of the time. I think you'll see Sanders playing some safety in nickel situations, too.
ramllov Dave do you have the impression that this offense is going to be smash mouth offense?
David Carducci Ram, I think they would like it to be. Until you get a few more pieces on the OL, like Mitchell at RG next to Tucker, it's never quite going to be the smashmouth style they really want. But like Arians said, once you get two big, physical linemen on the right side like Tucker and Mitchell, look out.
Ramllov does Green remind you of Riggins?
David Carducci Ram, not so much of Riggins. He's more agile and much faster
ramllov That is good news
ramllov Is Tim couch getting better reads and getting rid of the ball sooner?
David Carducci Ram, Davis and Arians both talked about that, and they claim that Couch's not getting rid of the ball had to do with several things.... more than anything else it was because the WR's weren't getting open. Tim has a tendency to wait for the WR to win his battle in part because of the lean first few years with substandard talent around him. There was always the pressure to make the big play. The difference with Holcomb is that he's had for five years the same coach (Arians) hammering into his head, "three steps, then get rid of it." Arians said Couch has a much better grasp of the need to get rid of the football and that "sometimes a punt is your best friend." Both Arians and Davis seem to have much more confidence in Couch right now
BUFFALODAWG Thank GOD for these chats, i really needed a fix!!!
MattMP Good to hear, Dave! Speaking of Couch, have you met Heather Kozar yet?
David Carducci MattMP, I have actually.
David Carducci But that was when she was dating Cade McNown
MattMP You sportswriters have all the luck... LOL
artbtz great question Matt - it means I can use a picture of Heather Kozar on the front page tomorrow. Ra!
BUFFALODAWG Any news on the TEs????
David Carducci Yes. Heiden is one of the guys Davis singled out as having a spectacular offseason ... Heiden, Verba, Tucker, Henry and McCutcheon specifically. Arians added Kevin Johnson to the list.
David Carducci I asked Davis about Sanders, and Davis said that we are going to be very pleased with Sanders progress... that he is far better than a fourth-round value now
ramllov Dave would you say Heiden is the starting TE or Sanders?
David Carducci Ram, I would say Heiden if they don't use him in that FB role. Davis implied that Heiden was out of position, and I took from it that they wouldn't use him there. They've been very impressed with his blocking
David Carducci I do think you will see quite a bit of both guys, though
Ramllov Does Green still have his speed?
David Carducci Yes, they are pretty careful to have players on a program where they bulk up, but at the same time add speed and flexibility.
ramllov Would you rate Sanders as the better receiver?
David Carducci Ram, too early to say. Probably so. I think Sanders is the better athlete. I want to see what he does during camp, though. I did like what I saw in practice last year, though
BUFFALODAWG Bring sanders in on 3rd down?
David Carducci I think they'll be situational uses for both. Maybe both at the same time - on occasion
ramllov I just look at our WR and Jamal White and Green and do not see many passes to the FB/HB or TE
David Carducci I think they want to use the TE more. The more they can spread it around, the better. There is a role for the TE in the passing game in this offense.
David Carducci Guys, I have to run in a couple of minutes, any last topics of interest?
ramllov Thanks Dave, I leave the Fantasy football to another day
MadDawgJimmymac Not sure what I missed so I'll pass. Night Dave and have a nice trip.


Did they say when Frisman would be back?
David Carducci AB, I believe they said Frisman would be in a boot for about a month. Then they would evaluate again after that
artbtz Gotcha... thanks!
David Carducci It's a shame. They liked the development of Frisman. He'd been complaining about the foot for a while, and the belief was he had a stress fracture. Then he made one cut yesterday and it cracked
ramllov Dave do you think the special team coverage will be vastly improved this year?
David Carducci Ram, I was pretty pleased with the bulk of the coverage last year. It was far better than Davis' first year. They are pretty high on Sanders. Plus, they just keep getting young, fast players who are capable of playing multiple roles, both as potential starters and as key special teams players
mistero except Gardner who else is new to ST?
ramllov Rookies
artbtz Chaun Thompson in particular :-)
David Carducci Chaun is coming along faster than people believe.
David Carducci I think he had six interceptions and three knock downs in pass coverage in one day recently
MattMP Chaun had 6 INTs?
David Carducci Matt, I think that's right. I have to check my notes.
David Carducci don't quote me
artbtz Ha! As soon as this transcript goes live, you're quoted, pal!
David Carducci Ok, let's say he had no interceptions and no knockdowns
artbtz LOL Dave... I don't want to suppress the news...
MattMP LOL... The Browns may have found their new CB ;)
MadDawgJimmymac Ahhh Dave. We'll only use it in the rant and nobody believes anything anyone says in there. :-}
David Carducci Let's just say, Davis thought it was pretty incredible
mistero the kick off depth is still a killer
David Carducci Supposedly Buddy Morris had Dawson on a program to improve his leg speed this year. Rosburg said today that he is anxious to see how that helps him on kickoffs
NOTE: Part where Dave confessed his musical tastes omitted
David Carducci Anyway, time for me to roll.
artbtz See ya Dave... thanks!
ramllov Thanks again Dave
MadDawgJimmymac Later Dave. Have a great time.
David Carducci Hope you all have a great week
Joe Brownlee Bye all
David Carducci Talk to you all during minicamp.

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