Browns Optimistic about Tight Ends

With pre-season optimism coming out of Berea, Lane Adkins takes a look at a position sometimes assumed to be a Cleveland Browns weakness. Are the current group of Cleveland Browns tight ends enough for Bruce Arians offense?

Many questions have surrounded the Browns plan at the tight-end position heading into the off-season. Rumors and speculation have suggested that the Browns were looking for a top-notch pass receiving player at the position or seeking help at the position in free agency. Whether the speculation was correct or not, it is clear that there was concern about the TE position from Cleveland Browns fans and the media.

With the off-season resigning of both Aaron Shea and Steve Heiden, the Browns will have the look of the old, but the results could be something new. The hope coming from the organization is that the Browns will become a threat from the position.

"If you look at what Bruce Arians would like to do with the tight-ends, it is similar to that of what Indianapolis did when he was the quarterbacks coach there. They had Marcus Pollard and Ken Dilger. Both players were threats in the passing game. From lining up on the weakside, strongside, or as an H-back/fullback slot, they were extremely important to the explosiveness of the Colts offense," a team source told, "With the development and improvement of our offense, the tight-ends could play a critical role in taking the offense to the next level."

Heading into the first mini-camp of the season, all eyes have been on the quarterback derby in Cleveland. While the focus hasn't been on the tight-ends, the serious competition and competitive nature of the players (Darnell Sanders, Shea, and Heiden) at the position has brought some excitement to the coaching staff as they get prepared for the season.

"Looking at where we are as a unit, we will all have the opportunity to play and each of us brings something different to the table. The coaches want to get us more involved in the game, which should make us a better team," one of the tight-ends said. "Competition brings out the best in a player, also knowing that the team has confidence in you and intends on utilizing you always lights a player up."

We'll soon see if the Browns are the tight-end candidates are ready to take the next step in their progression. If the game was played solely on confidence, the Browns would see many good things from their group of tight-ends.

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