Browns Tidbits; Vinny the Fly Style

The off-season is going to be a test for the Browns front office to secure talent to further develop and fortify the roster. Despite a 4-12 record in the 2011 season, there is potential for the Browns to significantly upgrade the team over the next 90-days.

- As previously noted on theOBR and in the ‘Ask the Insiders' forum, the Browns search for an offensive coordinator contains the names of Mike Sherman and Brad Childress.

Sherman is in negotiations to become the offensive coordinator of the Miami Dolphins, under long-time friend and recently named Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin.

The Browns interest in Sherman is/was sincere, as is the interest in Childress.

Childress coached with Browns head coach Pat Shurmur in Philadelphia under Andy Reid and has been in communication with the Browns regarding their vacant offensive coordinator position.

Presently, the Browns and Childress have not entered into an agreement which would provide Shurmur with his first offensive coordinator since being named head coach of the Browns.

With their past working relationship and Childress' tie to team president Mike Holmgren, general manager Tom Heckert along with Shurmur, the likelihood of a deal getting done is strong.

The basis for the Browns lengthy wait in hiring an offensive coordinator is due to the lengthy head coaching search by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which commenced on Thursday with the hiring of Rutgers University head coach Greg Schiano.

Prior to the Schiano hire, the Browns were fully prepared to move forward with the process of hiring an offensive coordinator. Based on the belief Sherman was going to either gain the head coach role in Tampa, or land in Miami with Philbin, the Browns intensified the drive to Childress, a man and coach well respected and known by the organization heads.

Unless the unexpected is to occur, Childress will be named offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns by early next week.

- As the Browns are in full off-season mode, the process of evaluating talent in the NFL and from the collegiate level is moving forward. At the first major off-season scouting assembly, the Browns have been represented by as large a group of staff as any at the practice sessions.

With numerous areas of interest to upgrade, the Browns team of scouts, coaches and personnel department representatives have been intensely watching the prospects in positional and team drills.

Proving extensive information would prove to be counter-productive, but theOBR has gained a basic evaluation of QB Brandon Weeden from OSU at the Senior Bowl this week.

The Browns have been present for each of his practice sessions this week according to an NFL scout close to the Cleveland Browns scouting the event in Mobile, Alabama:

QB Brandon Weeden – The athletic build of Weeden cannot be ignored, nor can his command of the field in sessions. Weeden possesses very strong arm strength and throws a very catchable ball. His ability to make all the throws goes without question, though he has had some minor issue with the ball sailing inaccurately on deep out routes at times.

Outside of this correctable issue (footwork), Weeden has demonstrated the ability to drive through the ball with a tight spin and excellent velocity. Weeden shows excellent athleticism, solid pocket awareness and throws the ball very well rolling left and shows better than average accuracy, velocity and touch when moving against his body.

Weeden's touch comes as somewhat of a surprise to having such an active arm. Throughout practice sessions, Weeden has displayed good timing, consistently hits receivers in stride. Shows ability to make throws into tight coverage, displays no hesitation in the pocket.

If age (28) isn't an issue and medically clears, Weeden is a solid second-round talent – pre- Combine, with potential to improve.

Prior to Senior Bowl practice sessions, Weeden faced loose coverage majority of the time while at the collegiate level and was accurate in space. Against tight press at the next level, Weeden will need time to adjust to the variance of scheme, speed and talent level. He performed well in Mobile practice sessions when engaged against man press and basic zone.

The week at the Senior Bowl has proven very beneficial to the Oklahoma State QB.

- As the Browns put together their off-season strategic plan to address free agency and the college player draft, early speculation has reared its head.

TheOBR has learned the following in the early days of the off-season. With any off-season, the final body of work generally doesn't match the early speculation, but speculation and misdirection is what the off-season is about:

There is a belief the Browns will look to trade down slightly in the draft to secure an additional early draft pick. The speculation basis comes from a perspective which the Browns will not have an opportunity to select either of the two top-rated QB's, Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.

Early indications are the Browns have the following players within the top of their preliminary draft board:

- QB Andrew Luck
- QB Robert Griffin III
- CB Morris Claiborne
- OT Matt Kalil
- RB Trent Richardson

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